What The Matter Is

What is wrong with the human brain? This is a complicated question and is most difficult to answer. The world, as we know it, teeters precariously between self-annihilation and safety. The concept of an All-Powerful, All-Knowing Creator is both advanced and denied. Various nations have the capability to completely destroy the way of life that exists on planet Earth. Political leaders seem content to argue relatively non-essential points of conflict among us and some are seemingly content to resolve the matter with a “coin-toss.” Life itself is treated with disdain and babies are denied that precious right by the highest Judicial authorities in the land.

Now, Our Lord has given us the rules by which we must live in order to live eternally with Him in glory. Are we too stupid to accept these rules and convince our adversaries of the truth behind them? Or, are we going to laugh and dance our way to oblivion, all the while paying little notice to the inadequacy of our own intellects? Every day, unfortunately, with all that is happening in our beloved Church, the answer appears tilted towards oblivion. May Almighty God have Mercy on us.

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