UN rights chief tells Catholic countries to legalize abortion over Zika virus: bishops and cardinal react

UN rights chief tells Catholic countries to legalize abortion over Zika virus: bishops and cardinal react

Jordanian Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein, the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights

His Royal Highness calls same-sex partnerships a human right which countries should legalize:

States should address discrimination by providing legal recognition to same-sex couples and their children, ensuring that benefits traditionally accorded married partners are accorded on a non-discriminatory basis – www.buzzfeed.com/lesterfeder/top-un-official-calls-same-sex-partnership-protections-a-hum

He also agrees with FrankenPope’s call in Laudato Si for an elite of international technocrats governing the world to protect the environment:

To rescue this blue, marble-looking sphere, our planet, we need – and here we must agree with His Holiness Pope Francis — we need more compassionate, profoundly considerate and wise people piloting our collective fate – Opening Statement at the UN Human Rights Council 2014 Session

Pete Baklinski

GENEVA, February 5, 2016 ( LifeSiteNews.com/news/united-nations-highjacks-zika-virus-to-push-abortion-in-catholic-countries ) — The United Nations, following the lead of international abortion activists, is now urging Latin American countries hit by the mosquito-borne Zika virus to lift restrictions on abortion for pregnant women who have contacted the virus and whose pre-born children may be at risk for birth defects, including having smaller than normal heads.

The UN human rights office said today that it is not enough for South American countries to urge women to postpone pregnancy without also offering them abortion as a final solution.

“How can they ask these women not to become pregnant, but not offer… the possibility to stop their pregnancies?” UN spokeswoman Cecile Pouilly told reporters.

UN human rights chief Jordanian Prince Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein said that governments should make available contraception and abortion services.

“Laws and policies that restrict (women’s) access to these services must be urgently reviewed in line with human rights obligations in order to ensure the right to health for all in practice,” he said.

But Brazil’s bishops strongly asserted yesterday that efforts should be made to eradicate the virus, not the people who may be infected by it.

The disease is “no justification whatsoever to promote abortion,” they said in a statement, adding that it is not morally acceptable to promote abortion “in the cases of microcephaly, as, unfortunately, some groups are proposing to the Supreme Federal Court, in a total lack of respect for the gift of life.”

Honduras Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga has also come out strongly against the notion of “therapeutic abortions” as a response to the problem. Unlike Brazil where abortion is legal in the case of rape or health of the mother, abortion remains entirely illegal in Honduras.

“We should never talk about ‘therapeutic’ abortion,” the cardinal said in a homily at a February 3 Mass in Suyap. “Therapeutic abortion doesn’t exist. Therapeutic means curing, and abortion cures nothing. It takes innocent lives,” he said.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an international public health emergency February 1 on account of concerns over the virus, critics have pointed out, however, that not one death as resulted from the virus. Even on WHO’s own website the virus is described in mild terms.

“It causes mild fever and rash. Other symptoms include muscle pain, joint pain, headache, pain behind the eyes and conjunctivitis. Zika virus disease is usually mild, with symptoms lasting only a few days,” the website states. “To date, there have been no reported deaths associated with Zika virus,” it added.

Critics suspect that the crisis is being manipulated to advance an anti-human agenda on the pre-born.

“Is Zika, actually, a hideous virus that threatens to spread uncontrollably across the world creating an army of disabled children with tiny heads and low IQ’s? Or might this be a willful misinterpretation of the scarce data to manipulate public opinion and legislatures?” wrote pro-life critic Mei-Li Garcia earlier this week.

“It becomes very clear that the publicity surrounding this story has a very little to do with medicine and a lot to do with a convenient crisis that is being used by those pushing for the legalization of abortion around the world,” she wrote.

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8 comments on “UN rights chief tells Catholic countries to legalize abortion over Zika virus: bishops and cardinal react

  1. The buzz on this is that this is an orchestrated and deliberate population control experiment using genetically-modified mosquitos to create a panic which Malthusian population control freaks will use to market a vaccine, almost certainly to contain sterilizing toxins. Whilstleblowers are claiming the Bill Gates Foundation experiments with genetically-modified FrankenMosquitos are involved. They released mosquitos with the virus, ostensibly claiming to combat dengue fever, but carrying this Zika virus. The next phase of the Hegelian dialectic is to hype the epidemic to sell the vaccine. Any vaccine should be tested and analyzed by an independent lab to see what toxins or hormones it contains. Don’t get sterilized by the Illuminati.

  2. You’re probably right, Howl. Gates got caught with his anti-hCG tetanus vaccine in Kenya a year ago, but they quickly quieted that. But that’s not news, as WHO got caught 20 years ago in the Philippines doing the same. The bastards! And they’re more powerful than ever now having pushed so many countries into socialism effectively defunding any opposition. But they haven’t met the Mother of God yet.

    While IG Farben Bayer, Merck, Pfizer, et al produce a plethora of specialized toxins, contraceptives, and aborto-vaccines, which of these products do we hear recommended for Zika? Kill the mosquitos? No way! That’s why I suspect you’re right, Howl. We can’t go killing their precious disease carrier “drone,” now, can we?

    It’s more of the same ol’ “keepin’ the niggers down” eugenic program of UNFPA, PP, Gates,and more. We could have helped eradicate mosquito populations decades ago, bringing relief to the third world from hideous diseases like malaria, dengue fever, etc. But no! Maybe FrankenPope might want to apologize for that?

  3. Kind of related topic, but I saw this on LV’s blog:
    Perhaps this is why the Archdiocese of Boston has been so ridden with scandal since then.

    • Yeah, Anthony, that’s just yuk. And it’s no coincidence that the pill was invented here (I’m near Boston) [by John Rock, a “practicing Catholic” doctor – Tom the AQ Moderator], as well as the first human-fetal vaccine, polio.

      On a philosophical note, might it be permissible to tolerate birth control among the pagans, as long as it isn’t abortifacient, i.e., excluding the current abortifacient pill? If so, how should the Church address it? For example, Cushing’s devious dodge, “not imposing my beliefs” isn’t the right reasoning.

      • Cardinal Cushing used the same “devious dodge” when a bill to liberalize abortion came before the Massachusetts General Court (state legislature). Enough Catholic legislators did not heed His Eminence’s advice, and the bill failed to pass. Abortion did not become legal in Massachusetts until the 1972 Supreme Court decisions striking down all state laws prohibiting abortions in one form or another.

        Nonetheless, the Massachusetts Catholic Conference in the name of the state’s bishops used the same wrong-headed reasoning when a bill to legalize no-fault divorce was considered and passed.

    • On second thought re tolerance of birth control, we’d have to identify the evil that would be mitigated and say how toleration would be better. In the case of contraceptives, it would be, potentially, helping couples who in poverty and weakness are resorting to separation or abortion. The obvious drawback of legalization is that it would soon be available to unmarried, in which case, it would bring a heavy toll on marital fidelity. With 50 years hindsight on the devastation, I’ll withdraw my idea and put my mind to more fruitful thoughts.

      • I think your secondary thoughts on this proposal are correct. Namely, artificial contraception is a violation of the natural law. Therefore, it never can be lawful in a rightly ordered society. This implies that procreation even among pagans is always an ontological good. The threat of hell cannot be a justification for preventing the existence of children (assuming they are conceived naturally within the bond of monogamous marriage). We Catholics just have to work harder to get them to the grace of baptism. Yes, let’s all try to promote fruitfulness in marriage, especially among the baptized!

  4. Indeed, it is estimated that in little more than two decades, DDT has prevented 500 million deaths due to malaria that would otherwise have been inevitable.

    And that, folks is why DDT was banned.

    Another fact: Zika doesn’t cause birth defects.


    Physician: Lifting DDT Ban Could Stop Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus

    The executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) asserts that a lifting of the ban on DDT could prevent the spread of the Zika virus, just as it could have wiped out malaria.

    Dr. Jane Orient tells Breitbart News the major public health measure required to combat the Zika virus pandemic is mosquito control and says, “DDT was the most effective public health weapon of all time.”

    Orient continues:

    The ban on DDT was basically the decision of one man, William Ruckelshaus, going against a mountain of evidence on safety and enormous health benefits. It was said that, “If they can ban DDT, they can ban anything.” And that’s how the EPA power grab started. Millions of African babies have died and are still dying of malaria because if it.

    “Substitute pesticides are far more toxic and expensive,” she adds. “People are advised to use insect repellents such as DEET — which is absorbed through the skin, and safety in pregnancy is not established.”

    Orient’s view is shared by president of Pioneer Energy Dr. Robert Zubrin, who recently wrote at National Review, “The most effective pesticide is DDT. If the Zika catastrophe is to be prevented in time, we need to use it.”

    Zubrin observes the pesticide’s history:

    DDT was first employed by the U.S. Army to stop a typhus epidemic in Naples that had been created by the retreating Germans through their destruction of that city’s sanitation system. Subsequently, Allied forces used it in all theaters to save millions of disease-ravaged victims of Axis tyranny, and after the war employed it to wipe out malaria in the American south, southern Europe, and much of south Asia and Latin America. The benefits of these campaigns were unprecedented. As the National Academy of Sciences put it in a 1970 report: To only a few chemicals does man owe as great a debt as to DDT. It has contributed to the great increase of agricultural productivity, while sparing countless humanity from a host of diseases, most notably perhaps, scrub typhus and malaria. Indeed, it is estimated that in little more than two decades, DDT has prevented 500 million deaths due to malaria that would otherwise have been inevitable.

    Zubrin asserts that environmentalists such as Rachel Carson, author of the 1962 book Silent Spring, propagated the notion that DDT was harmful to bird populations.

    “This was false,” he writes. “In fact, by eliminating their insect parasites and infection agents, DDT was helping bird numbers to grow significantly.”

    Nevertheless, Zubrin notes environmentalists launched an aggressive “massive propaganda campaign” that would ultimately ban the use of DDT.

    According to Orient, Zika is not a new virus, having been first identified in humans in 1947 in Uganda’s Zika Forest. Nevertheless, CDC director Thomas Frieden observes the virus’s association with microcephaly and other fetal harm.

    “There is no definitive proof that ZVD has caused birth defects,” Orient notes. “In fact, the evidence is against it. In Colombia, 3000 pregnant women had ZVD — with no microcephaly. In Brazil, only 17 of 404 cases of confirmed microcephaly were positive for ZVD. ZVD has been known since the 1940s as a benign disease, with no reported birth defects.”

    Orient also advises against exposing women who may be pregnant to drugs or vaccines that have not been through thorough safety testing. She notes that, last year, Brazil mandated the pertussis vaccine for all pregnant women — without proof of safety during pregnancy.

    Regarding the fear that Zika could spread through the United States via illegal immigrants, Orient believes that ZVD is perhaps one of the least important of the kinds of diseases that could be transmitted in that way. A concern she has is that President Obama proposes to spend $1.8 billion on the ZVD threat — which is now being used politically to promote abortion in countries where it is currently illegal — while “other genuine threats proliferate.”

    “We could stop transmission now with effective mosquito control in affected areas,” Orient says.

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