Say Goodbye to Your Daughters: The Goddess of War Wants to Eat Them

Say Goodbye to Your Daughters: The Goddess of War Wants to Eat Them

Even the Nazis never sent their girls into combat

Written by Michael Matt | Editor

This just in from the Washington Post: “The top officers in the Army and Marine Corps testified on Tuesday that they believe it is time for women to register for future military drafts, following the Pentagon’s recent decision to open all jobs in combat units to female service members.

Gen. Mark A. Milley, chief of staff of the Army, and Gen. Robert B. Neller, the Marine Corps commandant, both said they were in favor of the change during an occasionally contentious Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the full integration of women in the military. The generals, both infantry officers, offered their opinions in response to a question from Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who said that she also is in favor of the change.

“Senator, I think that all eligible and qualified men and women should register for the draft,” said Milley, echoing the remarks of Neller.

After the hearing, Neller added in a short interview that any young American as a rite of passage should have to register for Selective Service….

“Carter’s action allows women for the first time to apply for a variety of physically punishing positions, including Army and Marine Corps infantryman, as well as Special Operations jobs, including Navy SEAL and Green Beret. The Defense Department plans to begin implementing associated changes in training and evaluation by April 1.”

REMNANT COMMENT: I have five daughters, and the day that this increasingly demonic government attempts to drag them into combat is the day I take my family and leave this country. I don’t care what they do to me, but I fear the sick tortures of mind and body these globalist Christophobes have in store for my children and grandchildren.

My mother died last month, and so death came knocking in a close and personal way for our family. But, you know what? Here was a woman of the old world who could still remember horse-drawn carts, for example, on the streets of St. Paul when she was a little girl. She never let go of the old Catholic Faith in which she came of age long before the Hiroshima event of Vatican II. She was open to life—no, I mean REALLY open to life—having given birth to nine children and 105 practicing Catholic grandchildren.

But by 2016 I think my mother had grown so tired of this psychotic brave new world of ours, where men marry men, women murder their babies and now girls will be sent onto battlefields not as nurses, like my mother had been, but as bloody combatants.

God help us, what a monster this evil Goddess Liberty has turned out to be. Mothers, sisters and daughters in combat—how liberating! Here’s where their precious ‘pill’ has taken them, to a world robbed of the civilizing leaven of femininity, with no maternal heart, no womanly gentleness, no queenly grace, no beauty, no life.

Just an ugly, sterile, globalist prison filled with testosterone, crime, drugs and brutal sex. Not only is chivalry dead but its point and purpose no longer exists.

The Godless ones are clearly transforming our world into a place where the sting of death may soon seem a small price to pay to get out, and where the living may well come to envy the dead.

This is the New World Order…and it will be no place to live. Everything true, good and beautiful is being systematically eradicated before our eyes, and now this modern Moloch wants to devour our little girls on the altar of Liberty.

They’ve taken God’s greatest gifts and urinated all over them all—from life, to love, to family, to innocence, to grace, to true liberty. I know I’m not the only one who’s grown supremely weary of the whole bloody reign of spiritual and moral terror. I cling to my faith, my rosary, my family—but I know the mob is coming to take them all away in due time.

Lord bring on thy wrath for it can be no worse than the hell on earth that is rising up before us now. Only Christ can deliver us from this beast, which is why I swear allegiance to Him and to Him alone as though my life and soul depended on it, which, of course, they do.

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3 comments on “Say Goodbye to Your Daughters: The Goddess of War Wants to Eat Them

  1. Obama’s daughters and Valarie Jarrett go first. Any idiot who voted for these clowns should spend Lent in Sack Cloth and Ashes ! Or have to go with the Pope when he reads the common prayer with Luther and his flock. That would be like listening to chalk or nails scratch on the blackboard.

  2. This is a result of Roe v. Wade, the Protestant birth control movement, and the gender-bending feminist movement. In previous eras, it was understood as a natural function of nature that women of this age got married and had and raised children. Now that that has been eliminated as part of the social order, along with any other sense of gender differences, the Orwellian totalitarian Alinskyite State can claim a right to use women as cogs in the military machine of a godless, secularist Empire. Catholics and other Christians will have to plead with the State that they have a religious-based right for women to be wives and mothers exempt from this, just as they did with the Obamacare birth control mandates. So you will have drafted women on Obamacare birth control in combat in the Middle East relatively shortly facing rape and decapitation by barbarians. “Why not?” Hillary might say. “What difference does it make?”

    Meanwhile, the genetically-modified mosquitos carrying the population control Zika virus make their way through Florida and Texas….War on women? Just ask the Illuminati and liberal Malthusian population controllers. They have a witches’ cauldron of neurotoxins loose to attack men and women with crippling autoimmune diseases. Women in combat obviously will need mandatory Gardasil vaccine shots laced with hormones to trigger spontaneous miscarriages and infertility. Heck, give them all the testosterone patch to turn them into Super-soldiers, right?

    And who will stop them? Rubio or Cruz? Isn’t this electoral roulette of modern democracy fun?
    Did anyone really expect the Illuminati freemasons lobbying for this before congressional committees, staffed with gender-bending liberal feminists, to articulate a natural law perspective on differences between men and women? It’s from an old Aristophanes satire and these white trash Fabian Socialist Statists are too stupid and illiterate to know who Aristophanes was, as they replay this scenario for the dumbed-down wasteland of postmodern America.

    “Horace Mann, Paul Blanshard, James Blaine, and John Dewey, call your office…” Gloria Steinem and Helen Gurley Brown are on line one.

    • A sobering comment indeed, especially when you consider that most conservative Novus Ordo Catholics tend to view pregnancy as a form of slavery, while racing to have their daughters and granddaughters excel in athletics, STEM studies, and in every kind of profession other than being a full-time wife and mother.

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