Luther’s Revenge: The Surrender of Pope Francis

Luther’s Revenge: The Surrender of Pope Francis

Published on Feb 2, 2016

The Mike ‘n’ Chris Show delves into the latest scandal out of Rome — Lutherans receiving Holy Communion in St. Peter’s, coupled with a Vatican announcement that Pope Francis himself will travel to Sweden in October to commemorate the Protestant Revolt. The Holy Father has already apologized for 16th Century Catholic “intransigence” where Luther was concerned and now he intends to lead a Catholic-Lutheran joint prayer service of thanksgiving for the “many graces” that came to us through the anathematized Protestant Revolt and the excommunicated Martin Luther. Plus, a direct question for Jimmy Akin. Also, Matt and Ferrara reach out in true ecumenism to their Protestant friends.

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2 comments on “Luther’s Revenge: The Surrender of Pope Francis

  1. That was an excellent presentation. I was hoping when the Pope went to Sweden , he would ask the fake bishops up there to give us our Cathederal back. And since Luther had his greatest ” Devine Reverlations ” in the out house or wherever they sat in those days. I see why their ” Clergy ” wears strips of toilet paper hanging from their collar !

  2. 747pilot
    Thank you. At last someone has explained to me why Lutheran clergy have those strange rings around their necks.
    If you really want to get an idea of what our Pope is getting himself mixed up with just do a bit of research on what the Lutheran female “bishop”, the head of the sect (in Sweden I think), actually believes. It will make your Catholic hair stand on end. She is for homo “marriage”, divorce, abortion, evolution and does NOT believe in the Virgin Birth etc.
    Perhaps, at the risk of sounding too non-papalist, we might all be better off if our current Pope simply threw in his lot with his Lutheran pals, joined his hero Martin Luther, left the Catholic Church and became a Lutheran pastor.
    This would solve several problems:
    1. The Pope would finally find a home where he could be happy.
    2. The rest of us Catholics could then set about having an election for a Pope who was Catholic.
    3. Church Militant TV, Mark Shea, Jimmy Atkins etc , could stop lying to us about how everything Francis says and does is actually Catholic – even though it appears like complete heresy.

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