Hideous, glowing WaPo report on “homosexual” priests

Hideous, glowing WaPo report on “homosexual” priests

February 1, 2016
Posted by Tantumblogo in veneremurcernui.wordpress.com/2016/02/01/hideous-glowing-wapo-report-on-homosexual-priests/

They may be right that half or more of current clergy are inclined to same-sex attraction, but that only indicts the horrific dereliction that has afflicted seminaries and dioceses going back decades, to before the Council. Suffice it to say, a cadre of ideologically motivated and perversely inclined men started entering the priesthood in deliberate, focused fashion in the mid-20th century, rose to occupy many levers of power in the Church, and remade the institutions they controlled into something radically different from what they were intended to be. Their presence was a key element in the revolution within the Church. The continuing influence of avowedly “gay” priests is a cancer eating away at the heart of the Church, as these men are ultimately living a lie and are, on some fundamental level, gravely handicapped, if not totally unsuited, for the sacred office they hold (happily celibate men who eschew their disordered inclination are a special case I won’t get into in this post. I’m speaking of the unapologetic types identified below).

The source is the Washington Post, so you can expect these men – who entered the priesthood knowing the Church’s clear Doctrine on the disordered nature of same-sex attraction and the manifest evil of sodomy – receive a sympathetic ear. This is in fact a push piece intended to stir up sodomitical radicalism in the Church, but it’s important to know what we’re up against (my [Tantumblogo’s] comments [in brackets]):

At a time when the phrase “coming out” is starting to sound almost quaint, the Catholic priesthood may be one of the last remaining closets — and it’s a crowded one. People who study gay clergy believe gay men make up a significant percentage of the 40,000 ordained priests in the United States, including some who believe they may even be the majority…….[Maybe. Which doesn’t make it OK, it just shows the depths of the crisis and the derangement that has afflicted the Church in the past few decades]

The Catholic Church is in the throes of a historic period of debate about homosexuality. Between Pope Francis’s now-famous “Who am I to judge?” line and two high-profile, global meetings he called in the past year to open up discussion about sex and family, there has perhaps never been as much dialogue among Catholics about how far to extend the welcome mat to gay people. [We shall never be rid of that damnable statement. It will continue to scandalize and serve as justification for noxious sin and revolution in the Church for decades to come]

……..Gay priests are invisible in this debate; the church does not research the topic. However, interviews with a dozen priests and former seminarians who are gay, and experts on gay priests, reveal a group of men mostly comfortable with their sexuality. Many express no urgency for the church to accept it. Some, however, say the priesthood remains sexually repressive; one said there is an “invisible wall” around the topic among priests. [Chastity is not repression. Sheesh the worldliness, the hedonism of these guys. I’ll just add that some of the worst child abusers in the priesthood – like those at St. John’s Abbey in Minnesota – were those who “embraced” their sexuality and had no shame whatsoever about it.]

……..The Rev. Warren Hall decided to join the tiny number of out priests after he was removed as campus minister of Seton Hall University last May. Officials noted he had supported a group on Facebook that advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and racial justice……..

…….“Priests want to be good priests, they want to do their job,” said Hall, who was reassigned to a Hoboken, N.J., parish. [So he’s still in service. C’MON!]

………Priests who have come out — in some cases citing the need to confront anti-LGBT discrimination — say they have found scant support among other priests.

“Parishioners were very supportive. [Gee, a priest with a huge skeleton, something that he knows is not rightly ordered to the priesthood, raises up morally indifferent people. Color me shocked!] Religious women were very supportive. [The most disordered cohort in the Church. Shocked!] One group that was silent were my brother priests. Gay as well as straight,” said the Rev. Fred Daley, a Syracuse, N.Y., priest who came out in 2004 after he was angered by people blaming gay priests for the global clergy sex abuse crisis…….[Please. Nearly 90% of the victims were boys. Give me a break. And yet another open priest still in service. Is he celibate? Note that Syracuse in the disastrously liberal upstate NY dioceses]

The mixture of fealty to God and the church and concern about harming parishioners or their standing in the priesthood has led some gay priests to gauge each situation before opening up. [So then on some level they are fundamentally dishonest. Is that a desirable characteristic in a priest? Notice how all this revolves around THEM. More below]

A New York priest says he comes out only in rare private circumstances, when counseling someone struggling to accept their homosexuality. “I’ve been in multiple situations where someone will say: ‘I’m a piece of s—.’ I’ll say: ‘Do I look like a piece of s— to you? God made me this way.’ ”[I am so tired of hearing this. This priest is destroying who knows how many souls, as an authority figure who invincibly convinces them that their sins are No. Big. Deal. Most will never overcome that tragic experience]

A Pennsylvania priest says he’s “quietly subversive,” speaking acceptingly of gay people but not to just anyone. Even the confessional is not a truly safe place for him to tell someone who is gay that it’s not a bad thing. “We have too much to lose. I’ve invested my life in this business.”

That last bit really encapsulates the, I would say diabolical, nature of these men. First, it’s all about him, again. Second, we see the self-serving revolutionary mentality, “quietly subversive.” Thirdly, we see his incredibly disordered approach to the priesthood – “this business.” Fourth, we see a mentality that defines self around one’s sexual predilections to a disconcerting degree, which weighs heavily against the right conduct of a priestly office. But that’s what many priests have been formed to be, mid-level managers in Amchurchcorp and occasional “sacramental administrators,” whose personal life is held to be as inconsequential as that of a McDonald’s manager.

A self-identified “gay” priest argues towards the end of the article that the newer generation of priests is more conservative but just as “gay” as the preceding generations. Which, I pray is not true, but I would not be shocked to know that the lavender mafia controlling the vast majority of seminaries continues to weed out non-disordered men. I really do tend to think this kind of thing is much less prevalent in the few traditional seminaries, but I’m sure the crisis extends even there but to a dramatically lesser degree. We should bear in mind, however, the self-serving nature of the priest’s claim – he has an obvious ax to grind, his conduct of the priesthood is bolstered if he feels like it’s inevitable, “everyone is doing it,” and even the more conservative priests are “just as bad.” It could be BS.

BUT…….reports like this do highlight the grave crisis afflicting the priesthood. It’s going to take a long time for this consuming illness afflicting the priesthood to recede to more historic norms, if not be excised almost entirely. Unfortunately, with the culture losing its mind and all but trumpeting this inclination as not just equivalent to, but in many ways superior to a well-ordered, moral life, it may well get still worse. That seems incredible, but we live in unprecedented times.

On the bright side, we will never run out of things to pray for.

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6 comments on “Hideous, glowing WaPo report on “homosexual” priests

  1. Yesterday on the news , Homeland Security arrested a seminarian from Columbus , Ohio in San Diego on his way to join a tour to go to Mexico , to have sex with infants . According to the story, 3 year old female children would be brought to a hotel for sex in Tiujuana . I am old and had never heard of anything like this. How many more of these clowns are out there ? Lucky that Homeland Security intercepted this guys e – mails and was communicating with him as part of a sting operation , and arrested him when he landed in San Diego to start his tour. Apparently he was advertising for this type of activity on line and the authorities caught it and were able to arrest him. In Denver, it was reported on 7 News and on the Drudge report on their web sights.

  2. Updated version : left out he was a seminarian at the Pontifical Seminary in Ohio and also there was some connection with Steubenville ,Ohio in the original report !

    Officials: Man sought sex with infants in Mexico
    10News Digital Team
    Updated Mon Feb 01, 2016 12:53 MST

    An Ohio man was taken into custody at Lindbergh Field on suspicion of traveling to San Diego to have sex with infants in Mexico.

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said Joel A. Wright, 23, of Columbus, Ohio was arrested and “charged in a criminal complaint with two felony counts, including traveling with the intent to engage in a sexual act with a minor; and attempting to engage in illicit sexual conduct in a foreign country within the Southern District of California.”

    Dave Shaw, special agent in charge for Homeland Security Investigations in San Diego, said, “This investigation opens a window into a secret world where sexual predators prey on young children around the globe. Pedophiles who mistakenly believe they can escape justice by committing child sex crimes outside the U.S. should be on notice that HSI will seek to vindicate the rights of those victims regardless where they live. Fortunately, in this instance, our perseverance and diligence prevented the sexual exploitation of yet another innocent victim.”

    ICE officials said: “According to the criminal complaint, after receiving a tip, an undercover HSI special agent took over an email account and began chatting with Wright. Wright believed he was still communicating with a Mexico-based male tour guide he met after placing an online ad. During the email chats with the undercover investigator, Wright allegedly stated he wanted to travel to Tijuana to adopt or own a child under 3 years old and have intercourse with the child.”

    Wright traveled to San Diego and was set to meet the friend of a tour guide at Lindbergh Field, ICE officials said. Wright and the tour guide were allegedly planning to travel to a Tijuana hotel where female infants would be brought in, according to ICE officials.

    Wright was taken into custody by HSI special agents after his plane landed at Lindbergh Field on Friday morning.

    ICE officials said Wright is expected to be arraigned in federal court on Monday.


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  3. Chicago Priest Comes Out

    Claims his sexuality is a gift to his ministry

    by Rodney Pelletier • ChurchMilitant.com • February 1, 2016


    CHICAGO (ChurchMilitant.com) – The Washington Post is reporting a priest of the Chicago archdiocese has “come out” as a homosexual.

    Father Michael Shanahan, pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Chicago, was “outed” on Sunday’s edition of the Washington Post. The article described a priest who struggled for 23 years with hiding his homosexuality.

    It speaks of Fr. Shanahan as thinking of clerical celibacy as a “romanticized view of the priesthood. … This would mean falling from that pedestal.” He considered he could have a more profound effect on young gay people suffering from addiction or suicidal thoughts, and ultimately concluded that “knowing their priest is gay — and at peace with it — could be healing,” claiming his sexuality is a “gift” to his ministry.

    Father Shanahan claims he prefers to emphasize that sexuality is an “expression of the divine” over any discussion of morality — that people pray and discern on their own what is right for them.

    He has also included his name with other pro-homosexual priests in the archdiocese of Chicago in an “Open Letter” objecting to the tone and content of the Church’s teaching on homosexuality, calling it “violent and abusive.” It maintains Church teaching “is always in dialogue with the broader lived experience of Her members, which shapes and re-articulates the ancient Deposit of Faith” [see comment below].

    The parish of Our Lady of Lourdes is listed by the dissident organization New Ways Ministry as a “gay-friendly” parish, although there aren’t any parish ministries that deal directly with LGBT people as others do in the Chicago area.

    Although the WaPo article states there is a conspiracy of silence among homosexual priests in the American Church, many of the priests who have “come out” in recent years have faced few repercussions for their actions.

    The head of the Church in Chicago, Abp. Blase Cupich, is also controversial for his seemingly permissive stance towards homosexual unions. ChurchMilitant.com reported last October that, during the Synod on the Family, Abp. Cupich seemed to hint at opening up Holy Communion to various irregular unions, including those between active homosexuals.

    Other bishops like Bp. Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee, who is openly gay, or auxiliary bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit, who advocates homosexuality both among the laity and the priesthood, have been acting with free rein with little to no censure from fellow prelates.

    The estimated number of homosexual Catholic priests in the United States ranges between nine to 58 percent in different studies. But if even the nine percent number is true, it’s far higher than the U.S. average of two percent, leading some to consider the Catholic priesthood a “gay” profession.

    ChurchMilitant.com contacted the arcdiocese of Chicago and Fr. Shanahan for comment, but as of press time there has been no response.

      As Catholic pastors, we have become increasingly disturbed by the tone and, in some cases, content of documents and statements from the Vatican, bishops’ conferences and individual bishops on issues categorized under the heading of “homosexual” or “gay/lesbian.” We respect the teaching authority of the Church. Because of this, we find particularly troubling the increase in the use of violent and abusive language directed at any human person. Such language is inappropriate. This is especially so when addressing members of the community of the faithful. These divisive and exclusionary statements from the Church are contrary to sound pastoral practice.

      The life journey in faith is unique and sacred, including the personal integration of sexuality and spirituality. Condemnations leveled at sincere Catholics attempting to make sense out of their journey are inappropriate and pastorally destructive.

      As priests and pastors we are speaking out to make clear that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters are all members of God’s family, brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus and deserving of the same dignity and respect owed any human being. Recognition of the inalienable dignity of the human person is the only path toward justice and reconciliation. We affirm the goodness of all homosexual persons. We root ourselves in the U.S. Bishops’ statement “Always Our Children.” Additionally, we re-affirm the understanding of the goodness of the human person as put forth throughout the papacy of Pope John Paul II. Further, we want to state clearly that ministering to and with our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters is mutually beneficial, as is all ministerial activity. Pre-judging where any believer’s journey will take them is inappropriate. Walking with them, as we do with our heterosexual brothers and sisters, is the appropriate Christian response.

      In the recent past, individual bishops, bishops’ conferences and the Vatican have assumed a tone of such violence and abusiveness toward these sons and daughters of the Church, we can no longer remain silent. Has any other group of people within the Body of Christ been so assaulted and violated by such mean-spirited language? Examples from the most recent Vatican document show all too clearly the demonization of these children of God, referring to homosexuality as a “troubling moral and social phenomenon,” “a serious depravity,” “the spread of the phenomenon,” “approval or legalization of evil,” “grave detriment to the common good,” “harmful to the proper development of human society,” “intrinsically disordered.” Does anyone consider this vile and toxic language invitational?

      For many gay and lesbian Catholics, this most recent series of attacks has forced them, out of self-respect and self-love, to withdraw from active participation in the Church and question how they can remain members of a Church they experience as abusive. It is not possible to minister to and with the needs of our homosexual brothers and sisters with language of this tone as a foundation.

      The Catholic Church is most catholic when it is inclusive and embracing, and least reflective of the gospel of Jesus when it is exclusive and rigid. For this reason, we also want to affirm the many pastoral and positive statements by certain bishops and bishops’ conferences (e.g. “Always Our Children”).

      The Church’s theology, including her moral teaching, is always in dialogue with the broader lived experience of her members, which shapes and rearticulates the ancient deposit of faith. We encourage a new atmosphere of openness to dialogue which includes the lived experience of many Catholic members. We recognize the blessings of countless homosexuals in a variety of relationships. We believe their experiences must be listened to respectfully.

      While we do not know the reasons for the increasingly violent and abusive language, we deplore it as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ and ask that it stop immediately. Furthermore, we request that all those in official positions of teaching authority in the Church refrain from any more statements directed AT the gay and lesbian members of the Body of Christ, and instead begin an earnest dialogue WITH those same members of the Body of Christ.

      For our part, we pledge to treat all who seek to continue their faith journey with us with respect and dignity, regardless of their sexual orientation.

      We join the countless men and women, heterosexual and homosexual, who seek justice, mercy and compassion in and through the Catholic Church.

      We extend an invitation all who share our concern to duplicate this letter, sign it, and send it to their pastor, local bishop, National Bishop’s Conference or the Vatican.

      (Parish names are listed for identification purposes only.)

      Rev. David Baldwin
      St. Benedict the African-East
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. Daniel Cassidy
      St. Mark
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. Dennis Condon
      St. Marcelline
      Schaumburg, IL

      Rev. Lloyd Cunningham, S.V.D.
      Catholic Theological Union
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. Nicholas Desmond
      St. Aloysius
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. Brian Fischer
      St. Gregory the Great
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. Donald Headley
      St. Mary of the Woods
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. Robert P. Heinz
      St. Alphonsus Liguori
      Prospect Heights, IL

      Rev. Michael Herman
      St. Sylvester
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. Thomas Hickey
      St. Clement
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. John Hoffman
      St. Teresa of Avila
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. Richard Homa
      Sacred Heart
      Palos Hills, IL

      Rev. Terry Johnson
      St. Francis Xavier
      LaGrange, IL

      Rev. Patrick Lee
      Immaculate Conception
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. Robert McLaughlin
      Mary Seat of Wisdom
      Park Ridge, IL

      Rev. Dennis O’Neill
      St. Martha
      Morton Grove, IL

      Rev. Thomas Pelton
      Maternity BVM
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. Richard Prendergast
      St. Mary of Celle
      Berwyn, IL

      Rev. Michael Shanahan
      St. Mark
      Chicago, IL

      Rev. William J. Stenzel
      St. Francis Xavier
      LaGrange, IL

      Rev. Patrick Tucker
      St. Bernardine
      Forest Park, IL

      Rev. Daniel Whiteside
      St. Catherine of Siena/St. Lucy
      Oak Park, IL

      Rev. Bart Winters
      St. Gregory the Great
      Chicago, IL

      • This letter seems to be a few years old, as some of the pastors now have different assignments. Nevertheless, it is still indicative a grave problem in the Church. How can the Catholic clergy give any quarter whatsoever to such a lifestyle that is totally sterile, deadly, and completely opposed to the generous parenthood needed on the part of potential and current Catholic married persons?

  4. It’s been no secret that the homos have been infesting the seminaries, and the Church as a whole for decades.
    IMO, I believe the velvet mafia forced Benedict to abdicate.
    The conciliar church is a sewer, infested with liberal, modernist and perverted rats running wild.
    Is it any wonder to anyone how someone like Jorge Bergoglio ascended to the Throne of Peter with these people running the show, or at least wielding tremendous power behind the scenes? I think not.

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