Christianity running on fumes

Christianity running on fumes


Bishop Baron tells Eucharistic congress in Philippines that Catholics have become blasé about the Blessed Sacrament

[Not only “blase” (an understatement; more like “in a state of mortal sin) in 70% (again an understatement; more like 80-85%) not fulfilling their Sunday/holyday-of-obligation Mass attendance duty but also in how many of the almost 100% who receive not being properly prepared and disposed for a worthy reception of Communion, and … (see comment below)]

JANUARY 30, 2016

The following comes from a January 26 OC Catholic article by Simone Brendan:

Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron said popular culture’s message of individuals being “infinitely right” is “repugnant to (Catholics’) eucharistic faith.” But he also said Christianity is “running on fumes” as it tries to counter the trend of people leaving the church or staying away from the Eucharist.

“To stretch out like someone dying of hunger is the right attitude toward the Eucharist,” Bishop Barron said at the 51st International Eucharistic Congress. “What’s sad today is so many in the Catholic world have become blase about the Eucharist.”
The bishop said only 30 percent of Catholics in the United States actually receive Communion, calling this a “disaster.”

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Comment: Kristin, January 31, 2016, says:

The very same Bishop Barron who says that most people have “a reasonable expectation of that all are saved”. Not so Bishop – this kind of wrong teaching leads people to think they don’t need a Redeemer at all, so it’s only logical that they would stay away from all the sacraments, why would they need them?

Less than 30% of US Catholics go to Sunday Mass anyway, that’s the disaster! Do 100% of these receive Holy Communion? If so, another disaster.

People not in a state of grace should NOT be presenting themselves for Holy Communion anyway, why not mention that, Bishop? Receiving worthily – on the tongue while on the knees – builds reverence.

Lots of communicants does not equal lots of souls saved.

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