What it’s like to be Transgender and “Catholic”

What it’s like to be Transgender and “Catholic”


Tara Hewitt, NHS equality and diversity advisor, doesn’t believe in abortion or IVF but [is “pansexual,” supports sodomarriage and same-sex adoption, and practices BDSM (bondage, discipline and sadomasochism), “swinging” and “pet play” (dressing up as an animal for sex) and] says it doesn’t affect her job [or her faith, which is “love, mercy and forgiveness”]

30 JAN 2016

Tara Hewitt 30,from Wallasey,Wirral, talks about what it’s like to be Transgender & Catholic.

A transgender woman who converted to Catholicism speaks out about her beliefs and how it doesn’t affect her role in the NHS.

Tara Hewitt, 30, who works in the Wirral as the boroughs’s equality and diversity advisor said she is pro-life but ‘doesn’t force those views on others.’

She said:“I don’t believe in terminating life… Life starts at conception and then if you terminate life after that then you’re ending a life.

“That’s my view, I can’t have children, I don’t judge people for making their decisions – I have friends who have had abortions.”

After transitioning at the University of Liverpool, at the age of 21, Tara struggled and attempted suicide before turning to the church.

She said her attempted overdose does not affect her Catholicism.

“I do loads of things that would be classed as a sin, I live my life as me, I believe in God, I believe in the teaching.

Tara, who attends the Crypt in the Metropolitan Cathedral, described a low point in her life, turning to the church last Easter.

“I went to church as Catholics were supporting me, I felt a blanket of love, that was where I needed to be.

Tara Hewitt converting to Catholicism in Easter last year – her confirmation and reception into the church [by Liverpool FrankenBishop Malcolm McMahon]

“The distress went as I attended mass, I felt really safe and really loved so I kept going back.”

She says her church is diverse and welcoming, encouraging love and acceptance.

And, although experiencing negativity from some Catholics, Tara claims this is society’s problem.

“In religion one of the biggest challenges is people perceive the church as being separate from society, but most would say their faith is made by the people in it.

“People don’t know about trans issues, it’s not that catholics are discriminating against trans people, its just that society is discriminating against transpeople.”

She also claims the bible doesn’t focus on gender.

“With the bible there is more of a discussion on sexuality but God doesn’t have a gender – God isn’t male or female, they are both.

“When we talk about God, he’s above that.”

Tara, who lives in New Brighton, is also a pansexual, which means she is attracted to any gender.

But, although she supports gay marriage and same-sex adoption, she doesn’t believe in IVF.

“None of my views are based on sexual orientation I support love.

“Millions of people share my view but, because they aren’t trans, they aren’t targetted.

“It’s hard being right wing and trans, I get attacked from both sides.”

Tara was on the Conservative Party candidate list in the last election and came under fire when a Sun report ‘revealed’ her sexual fetishes.

Hewitt reportedly described herself as an “advocate of the BDSM (bondage, discipline and sadomasochism) community”, and into “swinging” and “pet play”, which is dressing up as an animal for sex.

She says the relationship between the individual and the church is private, so her understanding of her faith shouldn’t impact anybody else.

“The church is only focussed on you and God, we are there to talk about love mercy and forgiveness not my image.

“The church I have had and experienced isnt what people believe it to be but it still has a long way to go.”

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5 comments on “What it’s like to be Transgender and “Catholic”

  1. Next: What it’s like to be a cis-heteronormative abortionist and Catholic.

  2. Well, I’ve got bad news for Tara, she may think she is pansexual – even though such a state does not actually exist – but she sure isn’t Catholic.

    • What floors me is that there are people who think they can do any kind of immoral act and bizarre acts and yet still call themselves “catholic!” These people are mentally ill and are addicted to the church in a bizarre way. Somehow, instead of finding a group that will accept them, they feel addicted like a drug to sort of “stay” recognized as a catholic no matter whether they believe in it or not. What a decrepit bunch of weirdos!

  3. In addition, trans people and gays can be in the church if they go by the teachings of the church. also, the faith has been set up by Christ and the apostles, not by just anybody that slinks along. The thing is that no one keeps anything private. You are publicizing your acts now. That is not being a real catholic so you can do what you want but you are not following the church’s teachings so you are not in sinc with the truth about being catholic. I know trans and gays who are trying to live up to the morals of the church and as long as they do that, they are OK. If they have had surgery, they cannot reverse it but they can work around it and not engage in acts that are against church teachings. I know people who are doing the right thing,
    so they do not cause scandal and are accepted.

  4. I believe the proper way of dealing with this insanity is to first convince the deluded pervert that he (or whatever) is a very sick person and needs 100% solid Catholic psychiatric help. To prevent scandal, the individual may never appear publicly in anything other than garb appropriate to their God-given sex and may certainly NOT converse about the matter with anyone except a priest in the confessional. I would be exceedingly reserved about providing Communion until the priest is absolutely certain that the individual is sincerely doing all in his (or whatever’s) power to hate his sin and repent. But all of this should be done very quietly and with NO publicity.

    If and when the delusion is cured and perversion is fully repented of, then, quietly the soul may take his place in the pews.

    Until then, “special” handling is absolutely required.

    That some hierarchs have “gone public” in endorsing and “supporting” these pawns of satan has made this infestation an epidemic.

    Naturally, NONE of what I just wrote will ever be implemented in the Nervous Ordeal.

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