The “Commemoration” of the “Reformation”: Lies, Nonsense, and the Surrender of the Catholic Church

The “Commemoration” of the “Reformation”: Lies, Nonsense, and the Surrender of the Catholic Church

by Christopher A. Ferrara
January 28, 2016

For nearly 50 years the novelty of “ecumenism” has reduced the Catholic Church to a “dialogue partner” with assorted heretics in the mainstream Protestant denominations, foremost among them the Anglicans and the Lutherans. The Protestant parties to “ecumenical dialogue” not only have no intention of abandoning their innumerable errors against the true religion, which is found uncorrupted only in the Catholic Church, but on the contrary have added many new errors to their repertoire. Yet Catholic churchmen, including the conciliar Popes, blindly proclaim a “growing unity” that is in reality an ever-widening, unbridgeable chasm.

It is not too much to say that “ecumenism” is a symptom of ecclesial insanity afflicting the human element of the Church, which Sister Lucy aptly termed “diabolical disorientation” among the upper hierarchy. And now Pope Francis, following the line established by his post-Vatican II predecessors, is taking the insanity to a new level by appearing at “a joint ecumenical commemoration of the start of the Reformation…” The event will include “a common worship based on the recently published Catholic-Lutheran ‘Common Prayer’ liturgical guide.” This “common worship,” to be conducted by Francis and two Lutheran laymen dressed up as bishops, will take place in a cathedral in Lund, Sweden which the Lutherans stole from the Catholic Church in the 16th century.

Of course, this is utter and complete madness. It makes a mockery of the Church’s infallible condemnation of Luther’s heresies in Pope Leo X’s Bull Exsurge Domine (1520) and by the Council of Trent (1545-1563). It betrays the memory of countless Catholic martyrs who gave their lives to oppose the floodtide of error that Luther unleashed, which destroyed the unity of Christendom and with it both public and private morality throughout the once Catholic west. It involves communicatio in sacris [common worship] with non-Catholics, strictly forbidden by the 1917 Code of Canon Law (Canon 1258), which deemed such conduct grounds for being “suspect of heresy” (Canon 2316) — although the 1983 Code abolishes these traditional precepts. And, finally, it validates today’s Protestant sects in all their moral and doctrinal corruption, which is but the inevitable result of Luther’s own principle of “private judgment” in matters of faith and morals.

The beginning of the “Reformation,” which is actually the Deformation, should be a day of mourning in the Catholic Church, not the occasion for a papal trip to Sweden to celebrate the disaster in “common worship” with fake bishops who condone divorce, contraception, abortion, sodomy, “gay marriage,” and the “ordination” of women and sodomites, including sodomites who purport to be “married.”

All of this is perfectly obvious, and others have already remarked about it at length in the blogosphere and elsewhere. Here I would provide only the following comments on the “Common Prayer” that will be the basis for the upcoming travesty in Sweden, where moral degeneracy always has a head start:

“For over 50 years Lutherans and Catholics have been on a journey from conflict to communion.”

Delusional rubbish. The Lutherans with whom Francis is endlessly “dialoguing” are so far removed from communion with the Catholic Church and authentic Christianity that even Luther would demand that they be burned at the stake.

“With joy, we have come to recognize that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. On this journey, mutual understanding and trust have grown.”

Surely this is a joke. It implies that the infallible Magisterium anathematized errors that really never existed, that the Catholic martyrs who opposed those errors died for nothing, and that the past 500 years have been one big misunderstanding over what Luther was trying to say.

“The church is the body of Christ. As there is only one Christ, so also he has only one body…. Catholics and Lutherans are bound to one another in the body of Christ as members of it…”

A blatant lie that deliberately ignores the infallible teaching of the Church that non-Catholics cannot be members of the Mystical Body of Christ because, despite their baptism, they do not profess the Catholic Faith or recognize the authority of the Pope and the bishops in union with him. As Pius XII declared in Mystici Corporis, echoing every Pope and Council before Him: “Actually only those are to be included as members of the Church who have been baptized and profess the true faith, and who have not been so unfortunate as to separate themselves from the unity of the Body, or been excluded by legitimate authority for grave faults committed…. And therefore, if a man refuse to hear the Church, let him be considered — so the Lord commands — as a heathen and a publican. It follows that those who are divided in faith or government cannot be living in the unity of such a Body, nor can they be living the life of its one Divine Spirit.”

“O Holy Spirit: help us to rejoice in the gifts that have come to the Church through the Reformation… Catholics and Lutherans… rejoice in the truly Christian gifts that they both have received and rediscovered in various ways through the renewal and impulses of the Reformation…. Thanks be to you O God for the many guiding theological and spiritual insights that we have all received through the Reformation…. Thanks be to you for the good transformations and reforms that were set in motion by the Reformation or by struggling with its challenges. Thanks be to you for the proclamation of the gospel that occurred during the Reformation and that since then has strengthened countless people to live lives of faith in Jesus Christ.

If Francis consents to participate in a ceremony in which God is thanked for, and the participants rejoice over, a “Reformation” that destroyed Catholic unity, Christendom and the morality of an entire civilization, as any fool can see today, every Catholic worthy of the name will have a duty to protest this public betrayal of the Church by the very Vicar of Christ.

The deluded leaders of the Catholic Church, including the Pope himself, are now quickly setting the stage for the final act of the drama that must be the subject of the Third Secret of Fatima. If we are not witnessing an apostasy that “begins at the top,” then words have lost their meaning.

May Our Lady of Fatima rescue us from the incredible catastrophe now unfolding so rapidly before our eyes.

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13 comments on “The “Commemoration” of the “Reformation”: Lies, Nonsense, and the Surrender of the Catholic Church

  1. Here’s the “Common Prayer” for the “Lutheran-Catholic Commemoration of the Reformation”

    Posted by St. Corbinian’s Bear at
    Thursday, January 28, 2016

    “Sorry, I forgot who you are, but whoever you are, you don’t need the Catholic Church.”

    We’ve seen the photo op with Cardinal Koch and Rabbi — oh, wait that was the last photo op. Cardinal Koch loves nothing better to get his picture taken with people who aren’t Catholic.

    Anyway, the Bear thought you might want to read the document jointly held by Cardinal Koch and some Lutheran guy.

    Its name is “Common Prayer, From Conflict to Communion, Lutheran-Catholic Common Commemoration of the Reformation in 2017.”

    It was written by the “Liturgical Task Force on Lutheran-Roman Catholic Commission on Unity.”

    The Bear has not thoroughly read it yet [NOTE: see below] but thought he would get it out there. It is available at Lutheran World. Download link to get the PDF. If it is posted on the Vatican website, the Bear missed it, but everybody knows how slipshod the Bear’s research is.

    It’s actually the whole thing, with the rubrics and text, so you can gather your Lutheran friends and hold your own commemoration. Just like the Pope in Sweden.

    So until the Bear has the time to study it, you are welcome to draw your own conclusions.

    UPDATE: The Bear is going through this and cannot believe that the Roman Catholic Church is trying to foist this miserable deception off on the long suffering faithful. No Catholic could possibly participate in this abomination. The Bear won’t rant, though, because it speaks for itself.

    “Help us to rejoice in the gifts that have come to the church through the Reformation.”

    “Martin Luther and the other reformers only sought to be “witnesses for Christ.”

    “Lutherans are thankful in their hearts for what Luther and the other reformers made accessible to them: the understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and faith in Him.”

    “The ecumenical journey enables Lutherans and Catholics to appreciate Martin Luther’s insight into and spiritual experience of the Gospel.”

    “Thanks be to you O God for the many guiding theological and spiritual insights that we have all received through the Reformation. Thanks be to you for the good transformations and reforms that were set in motion by the Reformation or by struggling with its challenges. Thanks be to you for the proclamation of the gospel that occurred during the Reformation and that since then has strengthened countless people to live lives of faith in Jesus Christ.”

    “We confess our own ways of thinking and acting that perpetuate the divisions of the past. As communities and as individuals, we build many walls around us: mental, spiritual, physical, political walls that result in discrimination and violence. Forgive us, Lord.” (There are multiple confessions of guilt and mutual abuse through history.)

    [Sharing the sign of peace while “Ubi Caritas” is sung.]

    The Five Commitments

    1. Our first commitment: Catholics and Lutherans should always begin from the perspective of unity and not from the point of view of division in order to strengthen what is held in common even though the differences are more easily seen and experienced.

    2. Our second commitment: Lutherans and Catholics must let themselves continuously be transformed by the encounter with the other and by the mutual witness of faith.

    3. Our third commitment: Catholics and Lutherans should again commit themselves to seek visible unity, to elaborate together what this means in concrete steps, and to strive repeatedly toward this goal.

    4. Our fourth commitment: Lutherans and Catholics should jointly rediscover the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ for our time.

    5. Our fifth commitment: Catholics and Lutherans should witness together to the mercy of God in proclamation and service to the world.

    (During the Five Commitments, children, especially from “ecumenical marriages” between Lutherans and Catholics, light candles.)

    The Take Away

    Catholics must acknowledge their debt to Luther for his spiritual insights, and recognize the gifts the Reformation brought to the Church. It isn’t clear what Lutherans are giving up in return, other than saying that some of the rhetoric during the 16th century went too far. The Church and Lutherans are both branches on the one Vine, Christ. The goal is “visible unity,” whatever form that might take.

    Need the Bear point out the disastrous implications for the Church’s coherent understanding of just what the Church is? If it was never clear before, it is now clear that for our sorry collection of leaders, the Church came into being in 1965. Anything before that has only slight, provisional value, if it is remembered at all.

  2. “Catholics must acknowledge their debt to Luther for his spiritual insights, and recognize the gifts the Reformation brought to the Church. It isn’t clear what Lutherans are giving up in return, other than saying that some of the rhetoric during the 16th century went too far.”

    The whole point of this fiasco is that the Lutherans give up NOTHING, ZILCH, ZIPPO.

    Instead they gain worldwide recognition of the legitimacy of their corrupt, distorted, feminist, new age Church. They – with womyn “bishops”, who profess total support for abortion, divorce, homosexual unions and no belief in any of the truths of Scripture (such as the Virgin Birth or Resurrection) – are now officially recognised by the Head of Christ’s One Apostolic and Catholic Church as being virtually equal partners and members of the true Church.

    What a coup.
    By enlisting the aid of an idiot (forgive me Lord, forgive me Church Militant TV etc), the heretics have scored a massive publicity coup, that makes them look legitimate.
    This is a disgrace.
    The Catholic martyrs will be weeping again.

  3. Taking odds on these:
    1) Francis canonizes Luther
    2) Lifts excommunications for Lutherans
    3) Breaks diplomatic relations with US / President Trump

  4. Progressive modernist ecumenism has led to a lot of confusion. We can agree to disagree on theology, but Protestants should apologize for creating the relativism of every man his own pope and for the disgrace of modern culture. Especially the implosion of Christian culture in places like Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands where the remaining Christians will be lucky if they can escape alive or without being raped by anti-Christian barbarians. They need to rethink this whole multiculturalism thing which owes not just a little to the Enlightenment and the relativism and fideism of Protestantism.

    It is a terrible mistake when Pope Francis follows mainstream Protestants in liberalizing and relativizing Christianity with modernist theology and Situation Ethics, as if these issues have no substantial relationship to reason, objective ontological nature, and natural law well within the Church’s authority to proclaim as objectively and certainly true without the denials of liberal Protestants. Francis is well on his way of turning the Catholic Church into just another trendy neo-Arian Episcopalian cult, stripped of Catholic tradition, in order to appeal to secular liberals and Protestants.

    Luther was a nutjob.

  5. I am not going to follow this modernist heretical “church” that is cropping up. When I came into the church, it was totally different. I would never have been attracted to the modernism of today. So I do not feel obligated to accept things that I was not taught before as the faith was understood differently from what it is today in most parishes. Therefore, I will stay with the trad groups regardless of what this pope does. He is getting so liberal that he is making his own position meaningless and soon, most people will just follow their own consciences and not him anyway. I see a split coming and it will be the modernists own doing and Francis will go along with it. I will ignore him and wait for a better pope in the future if there is one.

  6. A person called Mark Brumbey from Ignatius Insight has posted an article by ex Lutheran, now Catholic priest, Fr Louis Bouyer, called Why Catholicism Makes Protestantism Tick.

    This is the link to the article. I am no good at making a direct link so you will have to cut and paste this in your browser:

    Fr Bouyer appears to hold a very senior advisory position in the Catholic Church.
    In this article Fr Bouyer says that Martin Luther believed in Sola Gratia, Sola Fidei and Sola Scriptura. Then Fr Bouyer argues that the Catholic Church believes the same three doctrines and he gives quotes to back up his claim.
    Fr Bouyer does concede that Luther made a mistake in his teaching about Sola Gratia because he believed God imputed righteousness to the person without them actually becoming righteous. Whereas, he said, the Catholic view is that God actually makes the person righteous.
    Nevertheless Fr Bouyer’s main point is that both Protestants and Catholics believe these three doctrines and that therefore Protestantism is perfected in the Catholic faith.
    I have problems with this whole view.

    Can someone out there help me?

    Am I not correct in saying that the Catholic Church does not actually believe any of these three doctrines?

    Certainly it is true that elements of these three doctrines are part of Catholic Faith. The Church most certainly teaches that God’s grace prevents (i.e. the old understanding of the word “prevent” as “goes before”) all our actions and is the source of all good actions and thoughts, nevertheless I don’t see where Fr Bouyer leaves any room for free will and our own choice.

    Similarly with Sola Fidei.
    While it is true that we must approach God with faith, and that without faith our salvation is not possible, where do our actions and choices fit into our salvation? Didn’t Luther’s logical reasoning about Sola Fidei lead him to conclude that “though I commit adultery 1000 times a day I am saved by faith”? Didn’t Luther conclude that no sin, nor any amount of sinning, lost us salvation once it was gained by Faith Alone?

    Regarding Sola Scriptura, it is true that the Scriptures are paramount as sources of God’s revelation, are inerrant and form the basis for all the Church’s doctrines, however surely Sola Scriptura is not official Catholic doctrine? Fr Bouyer does briefly attempt to justify Sola Scriptura as being compatible with Catholic doctrine but his arguments seem to in fact prove that Sola Scriptura is impossible, that the Scriptures need a divinely appointed interpreter and guide.

    Can someone enlighten me about this particular view of Fr Bouyer, because it seems to fit in with the current idea of celebrating the Reformation and treating Martin Luther as some sort of misunderstood saint?

    • Catholic position on “Sola Gratia, Sola Fidei and Sola Scriptura”:

      Grace AND nature

      Depending on the meaning of “faith”: Faith AND works, or faith AND reason

      Scripture AND Tradition

    • The Catholic teaching is that justification cannot be earned, but is entirely by the grace of God. This does not mean that there is no act on our part. We must respond in faith, we must present ourselves to receive the sacrament of Baptism. Once justified, however, our good works are meritorious.

      As far as I know re Luther, his heresy does not allow freedom of the will to either accept or reject, e.g., we can be saved while yet slaves of Satan, and we can’t undo this by our will. That is hideous.

  7. By definition and by direct observation: Jews, heretics and schismatics are ENEMIES of Christ.

    True 2,000 years ago. True, today.

    Even if conciliarist hierarchs say otherwise. Their despicable, blasphemous acts of “hospitality run amok” are even more improbable than had Ike and Monty decided to send Christmas cards to Hitler or were FDR or Winnie to have put Goering’s portrait on US or British postage stamps.

  8. Luther was as crazy as his idiotic theology ! In other words he is and was a complete Wacko, along with his so called religion ! This clown pope and the idiots who voted him are to stupid to be believed .

  9. Luther was an overly scrupulous monk who felt so guilt ridden that he would go to confession seven times a day sometimes. The priests almost hated to see him come. He felt bogged down with devotions and decided on his own he would reject and change things. Instead of just going on his own, he took thousands with him. St. Francis remained in the church and lived the gospel and reformed things for the good within the church. Luther did the opposite and drew people out of the church and he was rebellious. I have no sympathy for Luther and I believe that people have to come into the true catholic faith for unity, not forming a one world religion which would be a satanic church or a communist type setup, NOT the true Bride of Christ.

  10. Precisely on the pathological and morbid scrupulosity for Martin Luther. The solution offered was to do away with the Catholic economy of grace and sacramental penitential practices (i.e., justification without holiness was the heretical answer). Hence, few Protestants show signs of holiness and modern culture is quite morbid without the benefit of Catholic sacraments. Apparently, Luther had some sort of peculiar, neurotic, psychological and moral dilemma or conflict which he could not resolve through Catholic sacramental Confession to his own satisfaction and peace of mind. Use your imagination. Most likely sexual in nature.

    The Reformation was largely the product of a morbid monk’s neurosis and the marital problems of the King of England (Henry VIII), then combined with the iconoclasm and fideism of the uneducated lower classes which fueled anti-Catholic bigotry and vandalism. The results have proven to be a disaster for civilization and culture. It’s not that far a stretch from the Disputation Against Scholastic Theology to the crackpot anti-intellectualism of modern televangelists who set up the Straw Man for anti-Christian secular humanists like Bill Maher and the cruder Darwinist advocates of scientific materialism running public schools and turning modern culture into the amoral wasteland that it has become. The Reformation performed a lobotomy on Christianity that continues to the present day in the anti-Christian arguments presented by American liberals and in public debates on values and morality hardly ever addressed by educated Christians rationally or logically since the media never interview educated or orthodox Catholic theologians on such matters. In Europe that lobotomy is presently wiping out what’s left of civilization with the demographic shifts riding the stand-down on Christianity absurdly celebrated by the Angela Merkel clowns of the postmodern wasteland even as women are being raped in the streets of post-Christian Europe. Will the Pope address that problem during his visit to Sweden to “celebrate” the Reformation? No, probably not. More likely, he will touch on climate change and global warming.

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