FrankenPope’s “foreign minister” warns against Islamophobia

FrankenPope’s “foreign minister” warns against Islamophobia

[Only English-language source currently available; difficult or impossible to copy all of the French or Italian versions for a Google translation; will update if more information becomes available – Tom the Moderator]

Catholic World News – January 27, 2016

The Holy See’s Secretary for Relations with States has told Le Figaro that the Holy See “does not wish in any way to nourish Islamophobia.”

“We believe in dialogue with Islam,” said Archbishop Paul Gallagher. “This dialogue is sometimes difficult.”

Archbishop Gallagher said that the Holy See’s position on the Islamic State is that it is morally legitimate to disarm the aggressor using proportionate means and that states have the right to protect their citizens. At the same time, a military solution alone is “not sufficient.”

“Countries have the right to regulate immigration,” he continued, as he discussed Europe’s refugee crisis, though nations with a “very low birth rate” should remember that “they need immigrants for their future.”

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2 comments on “FrankenPope’s “foreign minister” warns against Islamophobia

  1. Um, ah, er, is that related to traditionophobia or, perhaps, bergogliomania? Just asking.

  2. We have had 1400 years of “dialogue” with these worshipers of the devil. This “dialogue” has always ended in bloodshed and slavery unless it was reinforced with fervent prayer and superior military force. If Pope Francis were a Catholic, he would be organizing Catholics to say as many Rosaries as possible, and organizing a well armed military crusade. Thinking that simply talking to them will turn them to God will get a lot more people killed and/or enslaved.

    Pray for a Catholic Pope.

    in XTO,

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