Pope Francis to participate in ceremony commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis to participate in ceremony commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

Posted by Augustinus at 1/25/2016 @ Rorate-Caeli.blogspot.com/2016/01/breaking-news-pope-francis-to.html

There have been rumors and speculations about this for some time, but now the news has been officially confirmed.

From today’s Vatican Bollettino:

The Holy Father Francis in Lund, Sweden, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

His Holiness Francis intends to participate in a joint ceremony of the Catholic Church and the World Lutheran Federation to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, scheduled to take place in Lund, Sweden on Monday 31 October 2016.

The actual 500th anniversary will be on October 31, 2017, but this year’s event apparently will mark the beginning of a year of celebrations and commemorations towards that fateful anniversary.

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3 comments on “Pope Francis to participate in ceremony commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

  1. Celebrating Heresy??? What in the world is wrong with these people? Do they not know that outside the Church there is neither salvation nor the remission of sins as proclaimed in the papal bull, Unam Sanctam, of Pope Boniface VIII on 18 November 1302? Has the Vatican II Church gone totally off the rails?

  2. Unfortunately they’re following Teilhard de Chardin’s (and communism’s, freemasonry’s,…Satan’s) plan rather than God’s so that’s not how they see it.

    We need to do a better job of explaining to people that even those in the Church are not necessarily saved or at least end up in purgatory for long periods of time before they do get to heaven. We’ve got to meet God’s perfect standards as that’s the yardstick by which God will judge each of us. Perhaps that would get through to some people.

  3. “The Pope will lead the “common worship service” along with two Lutheran leaders: Lutheran World Federation (LWF) President Bishop Dr Munib A. Younan and LWF General Secretary Rev. Dr Martin Junge. It will be held in Lund cathedral, a medieval cathedral held by the Lutherans from the 1530’s to the present day.”

    What a disgusting heretical abomination it is for a pope to celebrate the protestant revolt with heretics in a Catholic cathedral stolen by the heretics!
    What he’s doing (and the conciliar hierarchy as a whole) is officially affirming and legitimizing the protestant revolt, Luther and the heresy he and his followers have perpetuated for five hundred years.
    I know Bergoglio isn’t the first conciliar bishop of Rome to have joint services with heretics and schismatics, and I would bet JPII and even Benedict would be “commemorating” this satanic anniversary too if they were on the chair of Peter, but Bergoglio takes it to the limit doesn’t he?!
    I’m no fan of BLEEPISM.
    But the majority of the people running the Catholic Church for the last fifty years, even if they are legitimate are not Catholics!
    We can honestly say now that the Vatican II church, and its leaders, are now officially saying that we are all protestants!
    How much longer Lord?

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