Cardinal Merry del Val on the Authority of the Pope!

“The Truth of Papal Claims, by Raphael Cardinal Merry del Val, which Preserving Christian Publications has recently reprinted . . . is a worthy edition of an important Catholic work.”- Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

“Hence Dr. Oxenham may learn, that by Infallibility we do not mean ‘impeccability’ or sinlessness in the person of S. Peter or of his successors, who are accountable to God for their own consciences and their own lives like every other human being; … we do not mean that the Roman Pontiff receives special revelations from heaYen. or that by a revelation of the Holy Spirit he may invent or teach new doctrines not contained in the deposit of Faith, though, when occasion offers, and especially in times of conflict, he may define a point ,vhich all have not clearly recognized in that Faith, or which some may be striving to put out of view. Nor do we mean that every utterance that proceeds from the Pope’s mouth, or from the Pope’s pen, is infallible because it is his. Great as our filial duty of reverence is towards whatever he may say, great as our duty of obedience must be to the guidance of the Chief Shepherd, we do not hold that every word of his is infallible. or that he must always be right. Much less do we dream of teaching that he is infallible, or in any degree superior to other men, when he speaks on matters that are scientific, or historical, or political, or that he may not make mistakes of judgment in dealing with contemporary events, with men and things” [pp. 18-19].

So, you see, Jorge, that your authority is NOT unlimited and you cannot just do as you please in the papacy.. Please God you will learn this lesson before it’s too late.

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5 comments on “NO, NO JORGE!

  1. This echoes Cd. Manning’s own precise, limiting warning about over-interpreting “papal infallibility,” per se. The definition has its rightful place and uses. But ONLY those.

    A French seminary professor in the 1920s complained, and most rightly so, that the next great heresy that would overwhelm the Church was that the pope could “never” be wrong.

    The Modernists, having secured their hijacking of the levers of Vatican power in 1962, have beaten Catholics about the head with that heresy ever since.

    There were many abuses of authority, and not just those involving popes, ever since the early days of the Church. What immediately comes to mind is one Bp Pierre Cauchon, the man who handed St Jeanne d’Arc over to be burned alive.

    One much more comical incident was a pope who had excommunicated an entire fortress city for disagreeing with him about something or other. Not long after, he found himself and his traveling party right in the vicinity, with night falling.

    Seeking refuge, the pope “lifted” his excommunication on the spot, was welcomed by rejoicing crowds and, upon leaving the next morning, “re-excommunicated” them.

    Thus, Bergoglioism is not nearly as new as some think.

    For most of Church history, MOST Catholics only learned “who” was pope long after one had been elected, if they ever learned it at all. And, not infrequently, the latest “news” of the next successor arrived only after he was already dead.

  2. Fr. Hesse cited the story of St. Gregory the Great, who was nearly run out of Rome for adding to the words of the Canon…

    • Yep. I’ve never run into such a traditional force of nature like the late, great Canon Hesse – ever!

      He was impeccable in his theological precision and had a tremendous sense of humor.

      Santo subito!

      • I find his arguments on the non-liceity of the Novus Ordo irrefutable. He also compellingly makes the case that the validity of Novus Ordo Holy Orders depends on their non-liceity.
        I wish I could find any of his talks on the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. The only reference I recall is that he alluded to the fact that if a Catholic couple were deprived of access to a priest for marriage, they could still contract marriage validly.

        • In Japan, for centuries, all that descendants of Catholics had WAS marriage and baptism, as well as the Rosary when they ran into missionaries many centuries later, who were shocked to find that these fine people had KEPT the Faith despite horrific persecution, The same is true, believe it or not, even in North Korea to this minute.

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