The Inevitable: Pope Francis decrees that Maundy Thursday foot-washing can include women

UPDATE: Regina-Caeli commentary and Latin Mass Society press release added

New Catholic: Two comments on historical matters. (1) This is one of the signs of irreformable acts by Francis. Since the beginning of his pontificate, his main supporters, including Cardinal Maradiaga, have insisted that the Pope wanted his reforms to be so great and symbolic no successor of his could ever overturn them. This is surely one example. (2) What is most tragic is to see the very same impulses that imploded Anglicanism imposed on Latin Church decades later. These impulses are not only untraditional — which may be an advantageous characteristic in the Pope’s mind — but counterproductive. Unless the intention is to destroy the soul and strength of the Church, weaken Her even more, and to sow doubts on the immutability of symbolic explanations for the Male Priesthood in the Catholic Church. Surely that is not what was intended and what was sought. Surely not!

Latin Mass Society Chairman Joseph Shaw’s statement on allowing the washing of the feet of women at the OF mandatum:

I’ve been asked for a statement on the decree of the Congregation for Divine Worship allowing the washing of the feet of women as well as men in the ‘mandatum’ of Maundy Thursday.

I feel very sorry for priests who have been trying to obey liturgical law on this issue, as on other issues in the Ordinary Form. They may well feel betrayed. Equally, I can see that from the Roman perspective, the rule has become meaningless – and did so even before the Holy Father broke it himself. This has happened again and again since Vatican II. The traditions of the Roman liturgy, as preserved in the Ordinary Form, are being stripped away one by one.

An important aspect, which is generally neglected is the question of the etiquette of men washing the feet of women. This would have been considered inappropriate only a few decades ago in the West, and such a view persists in many cultures. In many developing countries there is serious conflict between people trying to be as progressive as possible on such matters, and others reasserting traditional sexual constraints and gender roles. This decree is not going to help priests in those places.

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11 comments on “The Inevitable: Pope Francis decrees that Maundy Thursday foot-washing can include women

  1. Franken-pope strikes again…
    God help us…

  2. As I said in another comment on this page, he has truly “lost his marbles”. He is mistaken when he says the actions of Our Lord must be updated. What sort of hubris motivates this man?

  3. So much for Cardinal Sarah as a “conservative” liturgist.

    Or was he only “following orders”? – as Archbishop Bugnini did when he had to draft and co-sign the 1971 “Agatha Christie” indult that Pope Paul VI granted at Cardinal Heenan’s request for the occasional use (usually at funerals) of the Tridentine Mass in England and Wales.

    Leo Darroch, then Deputy Chairman of the Latin Mass Society, said

    “The story is that Pope Paul read through the letter [from many British literati including non-Catholics such as Dorothy Sayers] in silence then suddenly exclaimed, “Ah, Agatha Christie!” and then signed it. Though not a Catholic at the time, Christie rejected the 20th century rite as the desecration of the historic church that it was. The indult was granted in 1971. Ever since it has been known informally as the Agatha Christie indult”.

  4. Some might think that from its title, “Lavanda dei Piedi,” the decree has something to do with the lavander mafia in the Vatican.

  5. Does the decree include infidels?


  6. This is only the beginning folks, or more accurately the continuation of the spirit of Vatican II.
    Barring Bergoglio’s conversion, removal by the bishops, abdication, or death, his attack on the teachings of Christ and the traditions of His Catholic Church will continue.
    We’re all aware that Bergoglio is going to release his post-synodal exhortations in March.
    Which many believe will include the “right” of adulterers to receive Holy Communion, among other heresies and abominations. While all of the conciliar popes were/are modernists, this Jesuit and South American creature is by far the worst.
    Let’s not forget that the abomination of washing women’s feet on Maundy Thursday has been going on in the Novus Ordo churches for some time, at the behest and blessing of modernist and liberal bishops, around the world, including Bergoglio when he was Bishop of Buenos Aires.
    I’ve said on AQ many times that I think Bergoglio is possessed, Chris Ferrara wrote an article yesterday for the Remnant asking if Bergoglio is insane.
    Whether Bergoglio is insane or possessed really doesn’t matter at this point.
    He is an enemy of Jesus Christ, His Church, and a danger to the souls of the faithful (and to non-Catholics as well).
    Lord help us!

  7. Is this worse than Wojtyla’s approval of girl altar boys? And he’s supposedly a saint.

    It will be interesting to see if The Wanderer will chime in on foot washing. They really had to eat a lot of crow when KW blessed girl servers.

  8. Look on the bright side. There will be a real uptick in business for podiatrists and nail treatment outfits. As supporters of small business, we need to get behind this trend!

  9. The two faced nonsense from Church Militant has reached new levels of absurdity. Instead of stating with horror the fact that the Pope is now officially allowing the washing of women’s feet on Maundy Thursday, Church Militant instead has the ridiculous headline “Vatican Congregation: Pastors Free to Avoid Foot Washing”, which basically says the only way to avoid getting caught up in the feminist takeover is for a priest to drop completely one of the ancient and traditional ceremonies of Maundy Thursday.
    And Church Militant can’t see that the one responsible for this is their beloved Pope.

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