‘Babies’ lives matter’: Thousands converge in Chicago for pro-life march; Kudos to Abp. Cupich

[Yes, +Cupich did something good.]

CHICAGO, Ilinois, January 18, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Over five thousand people braved the bitter cold to gather in the largest pro-life demonstration in the history of the Midwest Sunday afternoon.

With the temperature close to zero, diverse faiths, cultures, and generations united to proclaim the sanctity of innocent human life as they rallied at Federal Plaza, then marched past City Hall and the Illinois State Building.

… Catholic Archbishop Blase Cupich told demonstrators, “This isn’t just about Chicago. This is about our nation and the soul of our nation.” Archbishop Cupich continued, “What we do here today has a message beyond the borders of the state, beyond the borders of the city and speaks to the world about the importance of protecting life.”

“The womb should not be their tomb,” Archbishop Cupich said. “Their lives matter. We should make room at the table for them, each and every child.”

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3 comments on “‘Babies’ lives matter’: Thousands converge in Chicago for pro-life march; Kudos to Abp. Cupich

  1. Better late than never, I guess, that one should come to the Truth. A simple prayer: “O Lord, we beseech thee. give us back the preternatural gifts stolen by Lucifer, that we may more easily discern thy Divine Will and conform our lives to it, through Jesus Christ thy Son, Amen.”

  2. It is encouraging. Yet it seems incongruous that the Archbishop decries abortion, while warming up to the homosexualists. As the pro-life abortion survivor declared: “We are pro-life, we are pro-baby, we are pro-woman, and we are pro-love.” How can the Archbishop, who happens to be from a large family himself, claim to be pro-baby, while at the same time, giving quarter to the homosexalist mentality?

  3. Local TV news did not mention this. However, they do find time to cover night after night the same 5 or 6 demonstrators complaining about the size of their high school gym, and the 3 or 4 protesters demanding the resignation of the mayor. Priorities.

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