“And now, the rest of the story” (
Allow me to say that I’m not necessarily a fan of Paul Harvey(RIP) but I use this phrase only as an introduction to the topic I’ll be discussing which is: Why the Modernist Church continues to deny faculties and jurisdiction to groups of Traditional Catholics, including the SSPX (“Year of Mercy” notwithstanding) and a number of independents such as the Servants of the Holy Family ( Since I’ve spoken of this issue before in the initial section of my website at, I’ll not bore you with details again. If you want to know my personal story, please refer to the website – specifically the highlighted word, “DECLARATION” and the other highlighted words in that section.

Now, a well-meaning Catholic who attends the novus ordo may be dismayed by what appears to be confusion in the Church regarding why some groups like the FSSP and the ICK are favored with faculties and jurisdiction by the local bishop while others are denied these privileges and even anathematized. Well, here it is, folks, the rest of the story.

The Church, you see, depends on contributions from the laity for its earthly existence. The day-to-day expenses involved for church construction and maintenance (not to mention wreckovations and clergy-abuse settlements), stipends or salary for the clergy, travel, etc, must be enormous. So, a bishop faced with increasing demands for scarce resources would necessarily gravitate to those who do not object to novelties in liturgy and practice implemented since the Second Vatican Council in 1962 and succeeding years. He would most likely welcome into his diocese those with considerable resources and, in return for faculties and jurisdiction, require that title to any properties and control of any finances be transferred to him.

But, there are some who would see this as an attempt by the modernists to impose control in matters directly related to what are the core beliefs of members of the Church, including at least tacit acceptance of novelties in doctrine and dogma and, implicit rejection of the time-honored doctrines and dogmas of the Church over the course of some two thousand years. Allow me to say with fervor: “That just ain’t going to happen, folks.”

One could easily envision a situation where a bishop would say: “Now that I’ve given you faculties and jurisdiction, you must, out of obedience to me and the “Magisterium,” implement the “reforms” of the Second Vatican Council. And, one can also imagine what the response would be from those committed to Tradition in liturgy, practice and belief. Is this situation analogous to what the Holy See expects of the SSPX? I cannot say but I don’t doubt it for a minute. ‘Nuff said on that.

Let me add, however, to those who believe in the One, Holy, Catholic Church outside of which there is neither salvation nor remission of sins (papal bull, Unam Sanctam, Pope Boniface VIII, 18 November 1302), the loyal laity in the pews, that my quarrel is not with them but with their shepherds who act like “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” I ask them to consider seriously who it is that is concerned about the salvation of their immortal souls and those dear to them.

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