Pope Celebrates New Jew View in Synagogue

Pope Celebrates New Jew View in Synagogue

Posted by St. Corbinian’s Bear at Sunday, January 17, 2016

A New Day Dawns in Jewish-Catholic Relations.

As you will recall, the Catholic Church recently released a document, “The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable,” that explicitly says Jews are free to blow off Jesus and still be saved in some “mysterious” way the drafters didn’t even try to justify. (Everybody else is only implicitly free to blow off Jesus and still be saved.) But they did get a really cool photo op.

“It was a tough negotiation. In the end we had to give up Jesus. But isn’t this picture awesome?”

If you ever read that Jesus came first to the Jews, that the Church replaced Judaism in any way, or that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, or that Jews needed to convert and be baptized, or that the Twelve Apostles’ tireless efforts to proselytize Jews (only St. Paul was fishing for Gentiles) was carrying out Christ’s intention for his people… how shall the Bear put this?

Well, the Bear, being faithful to the Church, says, “Bunk!” You hallucinated it. Jews have always been on their own track to salvation and need nothing from the Church, thank you very much. Do not raise contradictions like: “If Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah, then who was he?” Or, “Why did Jesus come to the Jews in the first place if he had nothing to do with them? Why not start big with the Romans?” Or, “Why was St. Paul so absolutely desperate that his people accept Christ?” Or, “Why was Jesus crucified under a sign that read ‘King of the Jews’ for the crime of claiming to be that?”

The Bear doesn’t want to hear any whining about doctrine being changed before our eyes, or impossible to reconcile theological contradictions. Suck it up, Catholic! Beside’s it’s a non-magisterial document, so only the Church’s teaching and practice will change, not its, er, doctrine.

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Pope Francis visited the Great Synagogue of Rome Sunday, the third Pope to have done so. He said we must exercise “maximum vigilance” and early intervention to prevent something like another Holocaust. He laid a wreath to mark where Jews in Rome were rounded up by Nazis, while Pope Pius XII did nothing to help, as the Bear has heard from some quarters. Which is probably why his sainthood has been vetoed. (But, as a loyal son of the Church, the Bear is satisfied with V2 giants like St. Pope Paul VI, and you should be, too.)

Pope Francis said, “The Church, while professing salvation through faith in Christ, recognizes the irrevocability of the Covenant.” He also called them “Our elder brothers and sisters.” At least he didn’t play peek-a-boo pectoral.

A good time was had by all.

The Bear admires Pope Francis for adopting a brave stand against future Holocausts and taking the gutsy move of ignoring the impossibility of reconciling his own Church’s faith with what he is willing say to sell his new pan-religious love cult. With any luck, by the time he’s made concessions to satisfy the Zoroastrians, there will still be something recognizable left of Catholicism. The Church has way too many beliefs as it is. Paring them down to a few simple phrases we can actually remember would be a good thing. Like, “Mercy.” And, “I believe in love.”

The Bear held his nails and his hammer in his paws for a long time tonight. He thought about the Orthodox mission a mile away from his home. Sure, the Ecumenical Patriarch and Pope Francis enjoy slobbering over each other, but that’s going nowhere. Orthodox are never going to change their faith to be relevant, or politically correct, or ecumenical or to satisfy some group. They’re never going to deny Christ.

The Bear just can’t afford to think about this too much.

The hammer and nails are meant for moments like these, when they’re the only thing keeping the Bear in a Church which holds the titles to all the buildings, but little else. What other beliefs is Pope Francis willing to sell out while everyone pretends beliefs don’t change? God help us, we’re going to find out.

But for one more Sunday, the Bear will use that hammer to nail his foot to the floor in front of his favorite pew in a Catholic church. Whatever that means.

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