The Catholic “Manly Men Movement”

The Catholic “Manly Men Movement”

Louie Verrecchio
January 16, 2016

The Catholic “Manly Men Movement” may well be a good faith attempt to remedy a real problem, but it’s as much a symptom of the feminist infiltration of the Church than it is a solution.


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3 comments on “The Catholic “Manly Men Movement”

  1. Louie absolutely nails this topic. The lack of manliness starts with the men charged by Christ with the care of His flock. I guess I’m as “jaded” as Louie in that manliness movements leave me flat and make me suspicious. Again, stellar analysis, Louie.

  2. In 1967 the first Synod of bishops got a preview of the feminized, infantilized Novus Ordo. They rejected it. One commented that if it were ever adopted, only women and children would come to Church. (Never occurred to him that at least some men would become so feminized and infantilized that they preferred it.) So the Sodomite, Paul VI, had to cram it down our throats against the bishops wishes. Why are there so few manly men at Church? It’s the liturgy, stupid.

  3. Bp. Olmsted’s letter fails, as Louie points out, to get at the issue of manly priests. However, the biggest failure of Olmsted’s letter is it’s omission of the essential prerequisite for becoming a holy man formed in the image if Christ: devotion to the Blessed Virgin. In the letter, Our Lady gets only passing mention. Worse, the Rosary is not mentioned at all. Louie didn’t pick up on this. Maybe he can do a part II: what Olmsted should have said.

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