0.0% of Icelanders 25 years or younger believe God created the world, new poll reveals

Source: Iceland Magazine

0.0% of Icelanders 25 years or younger believe God created the world, new poll reveals


FEWER AND FEWER ICELANDERS IDENTIFY AS CHRISTIAN While the poll found 61.1% of Icelanders say they believe in God, the share is significantly lower in younger age groups than the older age groups, indicating a continued secularization of Icelandic society. Photo/GVA.

Iceland seems to be on its way to becoming an even more secular nation, according to a new poll. Less than half of Icelanders claim they are religious and more than 40% of young Icelanders identify as atheist. Remarkably the poll failed to find young Icelanders who accept the creation story of the Bible. 93.9% of Icelanders younger than 25 believed the world was created in the big bang, 6.1% either had no opinion or thought it had come into existence through some other means and 0.0% believed it had been created by God.

The poll, which was conducted by the polling firm Maskína on behalf of Siðmennt, The Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association, an association of Icelandic atheists, found that 46.4% of Icelanders identify as religious, which is the lowest figure to date.

Younger people and inhabitants of Reykjavík are least religious
Older people are far more likely to profess religious beliefs and to identify as Christian than those who are younger. 80.6% of those older than 55 identified as Christian and only 11.8% said they were atheists. At the same time 40.5% of people who were 25 years or younger said they were atheists, and only 42% said they were Christian. Traditional Christian beliefs also seem more common outside of Reykjavík, where 77-90% of people identified as Christian and 7.1-18 were atheists, compared to 56.2% of people in Reykjavík who identified as Christian and 31.4% as atheist.

0.0% of people younger than 25 believe God created the world
The poll found an even more dramatic difference between different generations when it probed how people believed the world had been created. Of those younger than 25 93.9% said the world had been created in the big bang and 0.0% believed God had created the world. 77.7% of those between 25 and 44 years old believed the world had been created in the big bang and 10.1% believed God had created the world. In all but the oldest age category a majority accepted the big-bang theory. Only 46.1% of those older than 55 believed in the big bang, and nearly a fourth, 24.5% believed God had created the world.

People in the oldest category were also most unsure about the origins of existence, as 16.6% of those older than 55 saying they either didn’t know or had no opinion on the origin of the world.

Growing support for separation of Church and State
The poll also found a growing percentage of Icelanders support the full separation of church and state. Out of those who expressed an opinion on the subject 72% supported the full separation of church and state and 28% oppose the separation of church and state. Currently the Icelandic constitution stipulates that the state church of Iceland is the Icelandic Evangelical Lutheran Church.

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3 comments on “0.0% of Icelanders 25 years or younger believe God created the world, new poll reveals

  1. Communism spreading its errors throughout the world through godless schools who are taught that the theory of evolution is fact while no other alternative is allowed yet many believe the consecration of Russia was done.
    They want children from six weeks until they finish school so they can be mindless useful idiots spouting whatever the government wants.
    Yet another reason for the current churchmen to praise Luther.
    How long On Lord?

  2. All that Ice tends to freeze ones brain !

  3. Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! Decline in belief in theistic creation by those 25 years or younger in Iceland…analyze using your usual superior Vulcan logic!

    Spock: Fascinating, Captain. Obviously, this is caused by climate change and global warming.

    Captain Kirk: Global warming? Are you sure that you’re not overextending the climatological paradigm, Mister Spock? Isn’t it possible that Lutheran fideism has left some of the young people without an intellectual foundation for considering cosmological design?

    Spock: I was just kidding, Jim. Naturally, there are other possible causes.

    Captain Kirk: Well, perhaps you would like to outline some of them.

    Spock: That may take some time, Jim. Have you read much Peter Berger?

    Father Mulcahy, S.J.: Father Miceli has a fine book on the subject – The Gods of Atheism.

    Father O’Malley: Maybe someone could translate the Five Ways of St. Thomas Aquinas into Icelandic for them?

    Spock: I am programming the computer to do that now…

    Professor Sartre: It gets very cold in Iceland…But this only distracts attention from the Cartesian dualism, alienation, and self-estrangement of modernity….

    Walker Percy: That rules out global warming. I don’t suppose they read much Kierkegaard on cold winter nights?

    Father Copleston, S.J.: If you set your mind to the problem and apply reason, the Quinque viæ line up rather easily in ōrdine ratiōnis et sapientiae

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