USCCCP files brief in HHS Obamandate case, warns against ‘unimpeded’ government power

USCCCP files brief in HHS Obamandate case, warns against ‘unimpeded’ government power

[Nonetheless, they have no problems with ‘unimpeded’ Obamandates concerning immigration and gun-control]

Catholic World News – January 13, 2016

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCCP) has filed a friend-of-the-court brief in several HHS Obamandates that are before the Supreme Court.

“These cases involve a government mandate that faith-based organizations, over their religious objections, take actions to ensure that their employees can obtain payments for contraceptives and sterilization,” the brief stated. “If the petitioners abide by their religious beliefs, they face the loss of the ability to sponsor health coverage for their employees and millions of dollars in fines, threatening financial ruin. No one benefits from such an outcome—not the organizations, their donors, their clients, or their employees.”

“To accept the principle advanced by the government in these cases is to hold that government has virtually unimpeded power to force faith-based organizations to violate their conscience as a condition for performing their charitable work,” the brief continued. “To deter or prevent such work by attaching conditions of the sort the government has imposed in these cases would seriously harm the public good.”

The USCCCP general counsel added:

Finally, this Court should reject the mischaracterization that petitioners have been required to sign “just a form.” History is replete with instances in which an individual went to his or her death to avoid committing an act objectionable to the individual on religious grounds, though thought by others to be innocuous. The petitioners object not to what the government does, but to what they themselves have been required to do by the government.

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