The Pope, the Video and [again] the Concealed Crucifix

The Pope, the Video and [again*] the Concealed Crucifix

Written by The White Rose
Monday, January 11, 2016

Where’s the crucifix?



Israeli President Reuven Rivlin paid a visit to Pope Francis in Rome, accompanied by his personal secretary Rivkah – an Orthodox-Jewish woman. The Pope bowed to her, covering his pectoral cross.

During Francis’ brief visit to the Holy Land was a meeting with the two Chief Rabbis of Israel, tucking his pectoral into the sash of his cassock.

As many observed, Pope Francis’ January intention video does not include a crucifix, as the most sacred symbol of Christianity.

But it is much worse, than a missing crucifix. The Pope’s very own crucifix is obscured and hidden. We see the chain around his neck, but the crucifix is invisible in the video.

The Pope’s cross, which he always wears is concealed and obscured during the 1 1/2 minute “we are all one faith” video.

The strategic placement of the Pope’s handheld script, in front of his crucifix hanging from his neck. Significantly, his script is held to block the crucifix throughout the video. As all Catholics know, the white papal cassock is prominently adorned with a crucifix worn at the end of the chain.

The Vatican rolled out the video with much fanfare, calling it “innovative.” “The aim is to increase Francis’ outreach in a more modern and powerful way.” Yet, outreach to other faiths which do not believe in the crucified Jesus Christ can be a….stumbling block.

The media masters at the Vatican know that visual entertainment wins hearts and minds much faster than debate and dialogue. This papacy follows the modernist media hype of the climate change movement which conveniently hides the truth with slick graphics, alluring slogans, videos and images by propagandizing the unenlightened. Just ask Al Gore.

This highly produced January Papal Intention video scrubbed the intrinsic symbol of Christianity, the crucifix. The Pope’s desk is scoured of any crucifix, holy statues of Mary, the Holy Family or even, a rosary. The backdrop setting at the Pope’s desk is swept clean of any sacramental object of the faith. Even, the barely visible tapestry behind the Pope’s desk has no visible Catholic symbol whatsoever.

Slick videos, such as this one, always use a teleprompter. Where was the Pope’s teleprompter or even cue cards? Surely, reading from a sheet of paper was not consistent with all the other modern and slick video gimmicks present in this video. But it did assist in blocking his crucifix. When the Pope finished his talk, he carefully folded his hands so that his crucifix was yet again, obscured.

Perhaps this was just happenstance, or an oversight. Perhaps not.

Jesuits are keenly aware of controversial Catholic symbols, such as the cross, which might enrage the Left and other religions. The Jesuits at Georgetown University dutifully covered the crucifixes in Gaston Hall when President Obama gave an address there. Jesuits didn’t want to upset the leftist president by the symbol of crucified Jesus Christ at a Catholic university!

During his Bolivian trip, to the horror of many, Francis accepted and wore a crucifix emblazoned with a hammer and sickle, the symbol of godless communism. The hand carved crucifix was made by the liberation theologian Spanish Jesuit priest Luis Espinal. The Pope said he was not offended by this profanation of the cross and accepted it simply as, protest art.

It’s time to read the latest signals from papal media minders. The Vatican’s laser show held on the most holy feast of the Immaculate Conception set the bar for a new low for crass exploitation. After all, using the sacred facade of St. Peter’s Basilica to display what was arguably, a Nat Geo Wild documentary, devoid of any Catholic imagery, and funded by the population control adherents at the World Bank exposed the modernist agenda of this papacy.

Why would the Francis permit such a crass profanation of the Holy See’s flagship church?

Was this political payola for the environmental encyclical and the Vatican support of the UN COP 21?

During the glitzy hour long laser show on December 8th, no Catholic images and symbols appeared on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica on one of the holiest of Catholic feast days. Apparently, ecological ecumenism trumps the Catholic faith. Francis permitted animals and burka’d women to adorn the most sacred basilica of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, rather than the Holy Mother of God.

The Vatican now hides the crucifix and is dazzled by ‘lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my.’


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4 comments on “The Pope, the Video and [again] the Concealed Crucifix

  1. Perhaps Jorge Bergoglio (and his audience at these meetings) might want to think about his (and their) immortal soul and remember what Our Lord taught:
    “But he that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven.”
    (Matthew 10:33)

    And St. Paul guided by the Holy Ghost:
    “For the word of the cross, to them indeed that perish, is foolishness; but to them that are saved, that is, to us, it is the power of God.”
    (1 Corinthians 1:18)

    Sadly, in my opinion, I don’t think Bergoglio believes in Heaven, Hell or a judgement upon death.
    He is a worldly secular relativist if there ever was one.
    Continued prayers for his conversion (and all non-Catholics) to the Catholic faith.

  2. Oh please stop showing me these things! I hadn’t noticed that when I first saw the video. It just seems there is no limit to the deceptions this Pope is playing with our Faith.
    As I said once before, I keep wanting to give this Pope the benefit of the doubt and note his positive contribution to the Faith – trouble is, I can’t find it!!!!

  3. Photo number 2, the Jewess, was debunked earlier, but I can’t seem to find the article.

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