LEPANTO INSTITUTE: National un-Catholic Reporter MUST be Banned by ALL (not one or two) of the US Bishops

LEPANTO INSTITUTE: National un-Catholic Reporter MUST be Banned by [ALL (not one or two*) of the] US Bishops

[* In 1968 the rag was officially condemned by the local ordinary, Bishop Charles Helmsing of Kansas City; his successor in 2013, Bishop Robert Finn, affirmed the condemnation]

Posted on 7 January 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

At Lepanto Institute there is a call to the US bishops to “ban” the National Schismatic [or un-Catholic] Reporter (aka Fishwrap). In the post there a good summary of the sort of dreck that flows from that open pipe. They make a good case.

I’ve have called on the bishops again and again to strip the Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitical [or un-Catholic] Reporter) of the use of the word “Catholic” in their (official) title.

And there is this prayer, as well. Let them convert, please God, or let them fail and close their shop of horrors forever.

Prayer for the Conversion or Downfall of the National un-Catholic Reporter


St. Joseph, Terror of Demons and Protector of Holy Church, Chaste Guardian of Our Lord and His Mother, hear our urgent prayer and swiftly intercede with our Savior, whom as a loving father you defended so diligently, that He will pour abundant graces upon the staff of that organ of dissent the National un-Catholic Reporter so that they will either embrace orthodox doctrine concerning faith and morals or that all their efforts will promptly fail and come to their just end. Amen.

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2 comments on “LEPANTO INSTITUTE: National un-Catholic Reporter MUST be Banned by ALL (not one or two) of the US Bishops

  1. I put very little hope in the success of the Lepanto Institute’s request because of the likes of the following AmChurch bishops who have legitimized the rag by providing it with interviews:

    Cardinal Donald Wuerl
    Archbishop Blase Cupich
    Archbishop John Wester, former head of the USCCCP Communications Committee
    Cardinal Sean O’Malley
    Bishop Robert McElroy
    Cardinal Francis George
    Cardinal Timothy Dolan
    Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, current “president” of the USCCCP

    Source: www.lepantoinstitute.org/population-control/national-catholic-reporter-should-be-banned-by-us-bishops/

  2. It’s a dirty little secret (or maybe not so secret) that the NCR is the “newspaper of record” for the Catholic Church in the U.S. Every single chancery and seminary I have ever visited has prominently displayed it. Ditto for a vast majority of religious houses and parishes! Contrast this to trying to find a copy of the Wanderer – let alone the Remnant. I worked for a summer at a diocesan chancery and some valiant soul (perhaps the publisher) sent the bishop, his auxiliaries, and every priest working there a free copy (the Wanderer) – they were immediately throw in the trash. I received the stink eye for retrieving one to read during my coffee break. I’ve often fantasized what would become of the NCR if every official church outlet simply cancelled their subscriptions. I’m sure they wouldn’t be able to recover financially.

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