Clerical Silence Kills Infants

Clerical Silence Kills Infants

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., MA.Th. • • December 29, 2015

70 percent of women having abortions in America are churchgoing Christians
Current research shows 70 percent of women having abortions in the United States are Christian, and most claim their church had no influence on their decision to abort.

A Monday report in highlights a study relating religious practice to abortion, and reveals surprising statistics. The poll was conducted in May by the Christian non-profit LifeWay Research and sponsored by Care Net, a pro-life non-profit. Lifeway’s study, polling 1,038 women, is titled, “Study of Women Who Have Had an Abortion and Their Views on Church.”

The survey found that not only were the majority of women who’ve had abortions Christian, but that more than one third of those who’ve had abortions were churchgoers at the time.

Results further showed that more than three fourths of those polled believe their church had no influence on their decision to abort their infant. In fact, close to 50 percent of churchgoers expected to receive no response or only one of indifference from their churches.

The study also determined that more than one fourth of these Christians choosing abortions were Catholic.

These findings point to a silent clergy that leaves such decisions to mothers without guidance from the pulpit. Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade ruling that abortion is a fundamental right under the U.S. Constitution, the topic of abortion has become less and less politically correct.

The emphasis by bishops today on social justice issues such as immigration and poverty is no secret. Catholics have been conditioned by their pastors to support politically correct efforts such as immigration, eradicating poverty and other like causes while ignoring issues like abortion and contraception.

A study in 2012 found that almost two thirds of U.S. Catholics believe the Catholic Church should focus more on social justice with such obligations like alleviating poverty, even if it means focusing less on issues like abortion and the right to life.

The same study found that only about one third of U.S. Catholics believe the Catholic Church should focus more on abortion and the right to life in its public policy, even if means focusing less on issues like social justice and the obligation to help the poor.

These sentiments are instilled in the flock by shepherds like Abp. Blase Cupich of Chicago, who earlier this year put eradicating joblessness on the same level as the horror of trafficking in aborted baby parts. Responding to the widely reported release of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s gruesome industry, Cupich said,

While commerce in the remains of defenseless children is particularly repulsive, we should be no less appalled by the indifference toward the thousands of people who die daily for lack of decent medical care; who are denied rights by a broken immigration system and by racism; who suffer in hunger, joblessness and want; who pay the price of violence in gun-saturated neighborhoods; or who are executed by the state in the name of justice.

There was a mild correction of Cupich’s statement by Abp. Charles Chaput of Philadephia, but otherwise silence by prelates. has reported multiple times on the overemphasis of social justice issues by the clergy, who often neglect pro-life efforts such as fighting abortion. Until life issues again take precedence over those concerning other social justice issues of lesser gravity, it’s likely that abortion rates among Christians will continue to rise.

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4 comments on “Clerical Silence Kills Infants

  1. Good news:
    Survey: 82 Abortion Clinics Closed or Reduced Abortion Services in 2015

    An annual survey of abortion clinics in the United States finds a total of 82 abortion clinics either closed down or reduced abortion services during 2015.

    According to Operation Rescue — which conducted a survey of all abortion facilities in the United States from December 1-15, 2015 — specifically 43 surgical abortion clinics had stopped all abortion services and 11 medical abortion clinics had done the same during the past year.

    … Live Action News observes:

    In 2010, 18% of pregnancies ended in abortion compared to live birth. In 2013, this figure had dropped to 16.4%. This decline in abortion rate accounts for 62,755 fewer abortions. Out of a total abortion decline of 86,529, this mean that 72.5% of the decline was driven by a lower percentage of pregnant women choosing abortion.

  2. Bad news: Our Republican majority in Congress forces you to compensate PP’s losses:

    Gov’t Payments Rise During Planned Parenthood’s No Good, Very Bad, Year

    Planned Parenthood’s new annual report is full of bad news for the group. Services fell. The total number of patients fell. Private donations fell.

    But, somehow, overall revenue grew.

    According to the report, “services” fell from 10.5 million to 9.5 million, a drop of 11 percent. “Services” for Planned Parenthood includes everything from handing over a single aspirin to aborting a viable baby for hundreds of dollars. This is the way Planned Parenthood is able to say that abortions — 323,999 on the year — accounts for only 3 percent of their overall business even though that 3 percent represents the lion’s share of their non-government revenue.

    The new report also shows the group served 2.5 million patients, which is the lowest number of patients since 1998.

    Even abortions fell for Planned Parenthood in the just-concluded fiscal year. Abortions dropped from 327,653 to 323,999, which, according to Jim Sedlak, who follows Planned Parenthood for the pro-life American Life League, is the lowest number of abortions since 2007. “Although this may seem to be a small drop, it continues a trend of Planned Parenthood’s decreasing abortion business,” said Sedlak.

    Private donations also dropped, according to the annual report, by $38.3 million. Sedlak says, “Apparently, private individuals are more aware of the horrors perpetrated by Planned Parenthood and are taking action to reduce their gifts to the organization.”

    What did not drop; in fact, what grew fairly well was government grants to the abortion giant. Planned Parenthood received a whopping $528.4 million from the taxpayers in the previous year but got a 4.8% bump to $553.7 million in the fiscal year just concluded, even though a number of states moved to halt Planed Parenthood funding because of the baby-parts scandal that riveted the nation over the summer.

    “It is absolutely incredible that Planned Parenthood continues to get more and more taxpayer dollars whiles it customer base and services provided plummets,” said Sedlak who runs American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood program. “An 11 percent decrease in services and a record-low number of clients are significant, yet Congress recently passed a budget for 2016 keeping Planned Parenthood fully funded. It is time this stopped.”

  3. In summary of all the evidence above, it’s abundantly clear that Catholic bishops and DC Republicans are to abortion what the Obama Administration is to ISIS: vocal opposition but tacit support. To seriously impact the child murder industry, all that is needed now is some actual opposition, for fewer women are inclined to abort. For shame, bishops.

  4. There is absolutely no reason why PP should receive federal funding except that nominally-Catholic politicians continue to vote for it That’s the plain and unvarnished truth. The same could be said concerning the “Baby-Killer-in-Chief” who continues to reside in the WH because Congress fails to impeach him. Instead, the nominally-Catholic politicians continue to support him and the rest of the Democrat-turncoats. Look for them to rally behind Hillary in the campaign. Meanwhile the RINOs will continue to sell out on principle. Lies and moral turpitude mean nothing to these creeps. But the overriding issue IMO is the complete and utter failure of the hierarchy of the Church to excommunicate them.

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