Pope Decries “Humanitarian Tragedy” of Cuban Dissidents Migrants

[Dec. 27 Angelus address: It’s our problem. Again.]

“My thoughts at this time to the numerous Cuban migrants who find themselves in difficulties in Central America, many of whom are victims of human trafficking. I invite the countries of the region to renew generously all necessary efforts to find a timely solution to this humanitarian tragedy.”

He was there. He celebrated under Che.

He met with Fidel.

Why do people leave Cuba, and why is that our problem, Holiness?

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One comment on “Pope Decries “Humanitarian Tragedy” of Cuban Dissidents Migrants

  1. I don’t read the nonsense about immigration, but I know that many bring up the Holy Family’s exile to Egypt. Have any of them ever finished that story? They do realize that the Holy Family only went to Egypt temporarily until the danger had passed, and then they returned home to live their lives, don’t they? That is not the same situation all these groups of “migrants” and “refugees” from here, there, and everywhere are living.

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