Cardinal Bertone Returns $200,000 to the Bambino Gesù — Baby Jesus — Children’s Hospital

Cardinal Bertone Returns $200,000 to the Bambino Gesù — Baby Jesus — Children’s Hospital

by Christopher A. Ferrara
Fatima Perspectives
December 23, 2013

Cardinal Bertone, the former Vatican Secretary of State, was the Vatican’s go-to man for managing the Third Secret cover-up, as I document at great length in my book on the subject [see comment below] (the proceeds of all purchases go to The Fatima Center).

Well, it seems Bertone has been involved in another cover-up — not that I am surprised. La Stampa reports that he has just made a $200,000 “gift” (€150,000) to the Bambino Gesù — Baby Jesus — Children’s Hospital. Why? Because that sum was paid out by the hospital foundation for the renovation of the lavish penthouse apartment, a combination of two smaller apartments, in which Bertone resides.

That’s right: the coffers of a children’s hospital were raided to pay for Bertone’s penthouse, which he insists is not “his,” technically, because he only lives there.

This outrageous misuse of charitable funds was revealed, says La Stampa, in the course of “Vatileaks 2 and the publication of Gialuigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fittipaldi’s books ‘Merchants in the Temple’ and ‘Avarice.’” Caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Bertone has now replaced the cookies in a big hurry — or rather, will put them back a few cookies at a time, with installment payments, as BBC reports. Think of it as a kind of mortgage on Chez Bertone!

The hospital’s statement on this scandal is a classic of artful Vaticanese: “Cardinal Bertone did not receive any money directly, however, he acknowledged that all that which happened damaged our hospital and our foundation … and thus he is making amends to us with a donation.”

Translation: The hospital’s money went into Bertone’s penthouse, not literally into his pocket. In other words, the money was effectively stolen from ailing children — indirectly, of course. Which is why Bertone is “making amends” for “damage to the hospital” — that is, making restitution of what was misappropriated to his benefit.

To quote the BBC story: “Cardinal Bertone said he had paid for the work on his residence himself. However, documents leaked to reporters earlier this year allege the €200,000 came from the Bambino Gesu Foundation.” The BBC story notes that, even as he returns the money, Bertone has the audacity to insist that he didn’t take it: “It’s not reimbursement, because I personally haven’t done any damage…” That’s like a child telling his parents he didn’t steal from the cookie jar, his hand did.

Back in May 2014, I reported here that Bertone was under investigation “‘for a discrepancy of around 20 million (€15 million) that somehow made it from the Vatican Bank (known as the Institute for the Works of Religion) to a private television company called Lux Vide,’ which is operated by one of Bertone’s (i.e., ‘the Fatima oracle’s’) friends.” It would seem the penthouse affair is the tip of a very large iceberg.

But let us not forget Bertone’s co-conspirator in the Third Secret cover-up: his predecessor, Cardinal Sodano, who “interpreted” the execution of “the Bishop dressed in White” outside a devastated city filled with the dead, as seen in the visional aspect of the Secret, to signify John Paul II not being executed in 1981, so that the Secret “belongs to the past.” Right. This is the same corrupt prelate who “was instrumental in covering up for decades the immense scandal involving Father Marcial Maciel Degollado.”

How fitting it is that the two foremost promoters of a corrupted Message of Fatima in the hierarchy today are also involved in the corruption that Pope Francis vowed he would expunge from the Vatican. But, nearly three years into this “hope and change” pontificate, it appears to be business as usual, as Bertone escapes punishment by giving back what he took a little at a time — and then only after the incriminating documents appeared in a book. This too is no surprise.

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4 comments on “Cardinal Bertone Returns $200,000 to the Bambino Gesù — Baby Jesus — Children’s Hospital

  1. The Secret Still Hidden

    by Christopher A. Ferrara

    On June 26, 2000 the Vatican published the enigmatic vision of “the Bishop dressed in white” and claimed it was the entirety of the Third Secret of Fatima. Since then, a growing number of Catholics have become convinced that something is missing. What is missing are the words of the Virgin Mary which would explain how the Pope in the vision comes to be executed by soldiers outside a ruined city filled with corpses.
    In this book, attorney and Catholic commentator Christopher A. Ferrara conducts a meticulous examination of a mass of evidence–including many recent admissions, inadvertent disclosures, inconsistencies and sudden about-faces on the part of the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone–to arrive at the inescapable conclusion that a text of the Virgin’s words in the Third Secret has yet to be revealed.
    This book is the first full-length examination of the grounds for rejecting Cardinal Bertone’s version of the facts in the Third Secret controversy. The Cardinal’s own statements, including his book and radio and television broadcasts in 2007, are shown to demonstrate beyond any doubt that a text of the Secret has been suppressed, evidently under an unjustifiable mental reservation that the text is not “authentic.”

    Among other things, the evidence presented here demonstrates that– The Secret has two parts, as Pope Pius XII’s own investigator revealed, one of which contains words of the Virgin that are not found in the published vision.
    There are two different Third Secret envelopes, each bearing its own warning, in Sister Lucia’s handwriting, that by “express order of Our Lady” the envelope is not to be opened before 1960.
    There are two different locations for these envelopes: the Holy Office archives for one, the papal apartment for the other.
    A text of the Secret was inside an outer envelope bearing dictation by Pope John XXIII and kept in the papal apartment–an envelope the Secretary of State has never produced even though he now concedes that the envelope exists.
    There are two different Third Secret translations in Italian, neither of which has been made public by the Vatican.
    Three different Popes since 1959 read texts of the Secret on two different dates–years apart–even though the Vatican’s official explanation claims there was only a single reading by each Pope.

    And yet the Catholic faithful are still being asked to believe that there is only one text of the Third Secret, and that the Virgin had nothing to say about the meaning of the ominous vision she herself confided to the Fatima seers. Whoever still believes this will have no good reason to continue believing it after reading this book. And, given the absolute urgency of the Secret for every inhabitant of the planet, the case presented here should motivate Catholics and non-Catholics alike to demand that the Vatican reveal the hidden words of the Virgin to the whole world—before it is too late.

  2. I keep hearing that the Third Secret has not really been revealed.
    While I have no difficulty at all in accepting that certain Cardinals might be corrupt enough to withhold the Secret yet claim to reveal it, my real issue with this theory is that Sr Lucy said the Secret had been revealed. If Sr Lucy, the principal seer of Fatima tells us the Third Secret has been revealed by Rome then why would we dare question that?

  3. I think it’s a matter of “who do you trust?” With all the controversy surrounding the release of the third secret including the claim that there were “two Sr. Lucys” and the fact that Bertone was involved, who knows what to believe? From the Remnant Newspaper we have this statement: ” Let’s consider the testimony of Cardinal Ciappi who read the Third Secret. Cardinal Ciappi was a distinguished theologian from the pontifical household from 1955 to 1989. In a letter to Professor Baumgartner, the Cardinal made an astonishing admission about the Third Secret. He wrote: “In the Third Secret it is predicted, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.” (6) Notice, he didn’t say it would begin “near the top”, but “at the top” ( If the apostasy begins at the top, can we really believe anything they say? All I can say is that Sr. Lucy appeared to be under extreme pressure” from the top” during her later years.

  4. Why the Third Secret of Fatima would be suppressed by clerical modernists might not be hard to understand if the prophecy describes effects of the apostasy of progressive modernism within the Church and the modernist hierarchy which has been abandoning the supernatural Catholic faith of salvation of souls in favor of climate change hysteria and the this-worldly economics of social justice. Some puzzled over the Fatima vision of dead priests and nuns in a city filled with corpses which the Holy Father dressed in white walks through. Recent events in France might make that seem less implausible than it might have been in 1960. It certainly raises doubts about attempts to pass that off as referring only to events of the past in the 20th century. If Russia has been “converted” and an “era of peace” has been granted, why is the Ukraine in trouble? The prophecies of Fatima, it seems, have yet to be fulfilled. A Vatican dominated by crazy progressive modernism and climate change hysteria while Europe suffers from anti-Christian chastisements hardly seems like the “triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” and the “era of peace” following the conversion of Russia of the Fatima prophecies that are part of the public record. The Third Secret then does not seem like something about the 1981 attack on Pope John Paul II and past martyrdoms of the 20th century, however serious those events were in the life of the Church.

    Does anyone know what the source was for the alleged comments by Pope John Paul II on Fatima in which the “seas rising” were mentioned? That seemed a little outlandish in the 1980s, as it might have in 1960, but now most climate change and global warming alarmists discuss this. That also would be a future event, if there were any authenticity to such a prophecy.

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