Good News from Rome–Lipstick on the Pig!

Good News from Rome–Lipstick on the Pig!

Posted by TTC (The Tenth Crusade)
Tuesday, December 22, 2015

There was finally a bit of good news from Rome.

They put some lipstick on the pig with the appointment of Greg Burke in Communications. While this is a very sound appointment, I am reserving any hope that his faithfulness to Church teaching will have any meaningful effect.

Anything is an improvement over the Fr. Lombardi/Federico circus, but as I understand it, Fr. Lombardi will continue to remain in his role and until we hear otherwise,there is no change in the employment status of Fr. Rosica.

There is also a peculiar appointment of Monsignor Tighe from the screwball Pontifical Council for the Culture. I know nothing about the monsignor but what i do know is, the ideas coming out of that Council have been the worst of the worst-sissified, effeminate, sexually exploitative of women, etc. This disastrous inculturation is being brought to the forefront of communications.

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