Church for Muslims — Parish Hall for Holy Mass

Church for Muslims — Parish Hall for Holy Mass

[Allahu akbar! Will AmChurch follow suit with its empty churches?]

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred
Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bremen-Wotlmerschausen: Catholic Parish Church Transformed as Refugee Center for Muslims

(Berlin) The Church as a multifunctional hall. Some churches serve as exhibition halls, others as dining rooms for Christmas dinner, feeding the poor or charity galas, and still others as a cultural centers for lectures and discussions, and more recently some are used even for refugee accommodations. This is also the case in Bremen-Woltmershausen. The Catholic Church of St. Benedict was rebuilt at public expense into a refugee camp for Muslims.

From the 330 square meter church “small residential units with around 20 square meters” were built, reported the Weser Kurier .

In the former Catholic church some 40 Muslim refugees are to be moved. The Bremen Senator for Social Affairs, Anja Stahmann inspected the renovated and repurposed church today with some Muslim refugees and considered the effort to be extremely successful. A Catholic church which has been rebuilt for Muslims, it is at last a sensible use. Green Party politician said, “which is lived charity”. Surely, you must know, yes.

For now, the Catholic parish has made the church available for a year. “Worship should be celebrated in this period in the parish hall,” said the Weser Kurier. Why the Muslims themselves shouldn’t move into the community hall so that the liturgy, the nature of the parish community, can be celebrated in the purpose-built church, was not a quetion asked by the newspaper.

Church made available for a year as a refugee accommodation

“Sacred objects like the altar and the wall Cross remain in the Church”, because, according to the newspaper, after one year the church is expected to “be used again for worship”. Whether the church was profaned liturgically, Pastor Johannes Sczyrba would not say. He and his parish are rather proud to be the first Catholic community, “which has made their church available, only for a certain time as a refugee accommodation.”
The church was built after the Second World War, as 15 million Germans were brutally driven from East Germany and linguistic enclaves in eastern Europe, which increased the number of Catholics in Bremen. The church was built in 1966 and established as a parish in 1993. Today St. Benedict’s is only a

The church was built in 1966 and built in 1993 as a parish. Today St. Benedict is only a filial church of a larger regional parish.

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One comment on “Church for Muslims — Parish Hall for Holy Mass

  1. Our State Dep’t is “absolutely very comfortable” with Christian genocide in Syria.

    State Department Official: Few Syrian Christian Refugees Entering U.S. Because They Feel Safe in Syria

    A State Department official testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Thursday that there are very few Syrian Christian refugees entering the United States because they feel safe in their own country and are not fleeing.

    Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) responded to Anne Richard, assistant secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, “You said they’re not fleeing, because they feel safe, Ms. Richard, how many Christians have we brought in, in the last five years?”

    “Four percent of all the Syrians we have brought have been Christian or other minorities,” Richard replied.

    “You’ve brought in 53,” Walker continued. “You tell me that’s four percent? Because according to the numbers that aren’t hard to find – you can look this up on CNN, Wikipedia, or any place else – there are two million Christians decimated, okay? Two million Christians. According to Pope Francis, he calls it genocide.

    … Richard stressed the State Department would not alter the refugee program to “bring more of one particular religion than another,” agreeing further with Connolly that the State Department looks primarily at the “nature of the refugee status,” regardless of religion.

    “Yes, I’m absolutely very comfortable with that,” Richard said.

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