Spinning the Vatican’s LGBTQ “Christmas” Tree

Ex-Maciel-cult ex-priest, Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., helps us understand FrankenPope’s “Non-Gay” LGBT tree. THIS IS NOT A PARODY.

Vatican ‘Takes Back the Rainbow’ with Non-Gay, Multi-Color Christmas Tree

This year the Vatican is reclaiming the traditional Judeo-Christian symbol of the rainbow, decorating the enormous Christmas tree in Saint Peter’s Square in rainbow colors as a presage of the coming of the Messiah rather than a symbol of the LGBT movement.

This year’s Vatican Christmas Tree has been adorned with rows of ceramic spheres in the colors of the rainbow, recalling God’s promise of peace with the world after the great flood described in the book of Genesis.

… “As a celestial sign of God’s love for mankind,” [Father John Paul] Wauck said, “the rainbow is a forerunner of the Star of Bethlehem, which announces the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who came to bring peace on earth.”

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2 comments on “Spinning the Vatican’s LGBTQ “Christmas” Tree

  1. If I truly thought that these people were truly trying to reclaim the Christian meaning of the rainbow colors that have been hijacked by the homos I’d be all for it.

    Yet I don’t don’t trust these people. Especially the guy residing in the Vatican guesthouse to reclaim anything traditional.

    In my humble opinion, this has more to do with appeasing the velvet mafia than it does reclaiming the true meaning of the rainbow.

  2. [Not the first time]


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