Martyrology-December 14th
Roman Martyrology-December 14th-on this date in various years-

At Ubeda in Spain, the birthday of St. John of the Cross, priest and confessor, and the companion of St. Teresa in the reform of the Carmelites. Pope Benedict XIII placed him on the list of the saints, and Pope Pius XI declared him a doctor of the universal Church. His feast, however, is observed on the 24th of November.

At Rheims in France, holy Bishop Nicasius, his sister, the virgin Eutropia, and their companions, martyrs, who were put to death by barbarians hostile to the Church.

At Alexandria, the holy martyrs Heron, Arsenius, Isidore, and the boy Dioscorus. In the persecution of Decius, the first three were subjected to all the refinements of cruelty by the judge, who, seeing them displaying the same constancy, ordered that they should be cast into the fire. But Dioscorus, after repeated scourgings, was set free by the intervention of Providence to the great consolation of the faithful.

At Antioch, the birthday of the holy martyrs Drusus, Zosimus, and Theodore.

On the same day, the martyrdom of Saints Justus and Abundius, who were cast into the flames in the time of Emperor Numerian and the governor Olybrius, but escaping all injury, they were smitten with the sword.

In the island of Cyprus, the birthday of blessed Spiridion, bishop. He was one of those confessors who were condemned by Galerius Maximian to labour in the mines, after suffering the loss of his right eye and cutting of the sinews of his left knee. This prelate was renowned for the gift of prophecy and glorious miracles, and in the Council of Nicea he confounded a heathen philosopher, who had insulted the Christian religion, and brought him to the faith.

At Bergamo, St. Viator, bishop and confessor.

At Pavia, St. Pompey, bishop.

At Naples in Campania, St. Agnellus, abbot. Illustrious for the gift of miracles, he was often seen with the standard of the Cross, delivering the city besieged by enemies.

At Milan, St. Matronian, hermit.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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