Is there one bishop in the novus ordo church with the guts to mandate a return to the traditional Latin Mass on all the altars of his diocese, as well as a return to the sacramental rites for all sacraments according to the liturgical books in effect in 1962? Is there one bishop who is so fed-up, so disgusted with what is happening in the Church, so fearful of the eternal welfare of the Catholics in his diocese as well as his own, that he will act before it is too late and offer sacrifice and reparation for all the blasphemies and outright sacrileges taking place in our churches today? Is there one bishop who will ‘walk the walk” as well as talk the talk? Is there one bishop who takes the supreme law of the Church, the salvation of souls, seriously enough to defy the criticism that will inevitably occur should he act as an “alter Christus” would act? , Unfortunately, IMO the answer is NO! I would be happy, however, to be proven wrong.

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5 comments on “IS THERE ONE BISHOP?

  1. Ain’t gonna happen. The bishops will say that they need to be obedient to Rome. The parishioners will say that they don’t want that old-time religion. It will have to come from the top, and a lot will have to change before that happens.

    • You’re right, of course. The one bishop who could have done this when he was Cardinal Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith and later principal go-between in the negotiations with Archbishop Lefebvre and the Qu’ran-Kisser, JP II, Joseph Ratzinger, who ascended to the papacy himself, left the battle and “retired,” leaving the Church in such disarray that only Our Lord Himself can set things right. Even today he is present in Rome as a reminder of what the Devil can do.

  2. Well, when Cardinal Ratzinger was the prefect for the Congregation for the Defense of the Faith, SiSiNoNo, ran a series of articles on the various heretics in the Vatican; the one dealing with Cardinal Ratzinger was entitled: “CARDINAL RATZINGER: A PREFECT WITHOUT FAITH
    AT THE CONGREGATION FOR THE FAITH”. The tittle tells the whole story.
    the article is here on the SSPX Asian website:

  3. Of course, if there is a bishop who would mandate a return to the traditional Latin Mass on all the altars of his diocese, the question would the arise of whether or not he would have enough priests in his diocese who actually knew the traditional Latin Mass in order to fulfill the mandate. I think we all know the answer to that one. :(

  4. I posted this nearly two years ago and since that time things have gotten progressively worse in the Church. It’s time to ask the question, again, in the hope that there will be one bishop who will answer the call. And, if the bishop knows enough about the liturgy to issue this mandate, he should be able to teach his priests how to celebrate the Mass of All Time.

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