‘Sacrilege’: Catholic leaders react to Vatican’s ‘climate change’ light show

‘Sacrilege’: Catholic leaders react to Vatican’s ‘climate change’ light show

Pete Baklinski

Note: Sign the petition to the Vatican expressing your concerns about the ‘climate change’ light show here.

ROME, December 8, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Howling, grunting, and roaring animals, along with images of overcrowded city centers, depictions of pollution, and negative portrayals of industrialization, appeared on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica this evening during a much hyped “climate change” light show.

The show was the finale of the opening celebration for the Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis. The event was watched by tens of thousands in St. Peter’s Square along with estimated millions worldwide through online streaming.

The multi-million dollar show titled “Fiat Lux: Illuminating Our Common Home” was created and funded by climate-change partisans and population-control advocates with the goal to “educate and inspire change around the climate crisis across generations, cultures, languages, religions and class.” Along with images of the world and its endangered animals, including lions, birds, apes, and whales, appeared New Age symbolism associated with ancient pagan deities.

The show also took place on the most important Marian feast day for Catholics, the Immaculate Conception, where Catholics celebrate Mary being conceived in the womb of her mother Anne without the stain of original sin.

Many pro-family leaders from around the world say they are flabbergasted that the pope would allow St. Peter’s to be used as a backdrop for promoting the controversial and contentious “climate change” agenda.

“I am sorry that the facade of St. Peter’s has been turned into a propaganda stage for the scientific fraud known as ‘Catastrophic Man-Caused Global Warming,’” Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, told LifeSiteNews.

“I am sick at the thought that this most sacred space — St. Peter’s Basilica — will be the backdrop for the further dissemination of this fraud, whose ultimate goal is to impose a ‘Carbon Tax’ on the developed countries. This tax will not only cripple global economic growth and undermine democracy, its proceeds will be used to fund even more population control programs in the developing world,” he said.

The Vatican’s spokesperson for the event, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, the president of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, called the event “unique…for its genre and for the fact that it is being displayed for the first time on such a significant backdrop.”

“These illuminations will present images inspired of Mercy, of humanity, of the natural world, and of climate changes,” he said.

Fisichella said that the light show on the Vatican is meant to link Pope Francis’ environment encyclical Laudato si’ with the United Nations Climate Change Conference (Cop21) currently underway in Paris. The Vatican has shown strong support for the conference. Having the show conclude the opening Year of Mercy celebrations also links the pope’s message about “mercy” to fighting “climate change.”

Robert Royal, president of the Washington-based Faith and Reason Institute and a prominent Catholic commentator, called it “seriously wrong” to have a “radical environmental message” projected onto St. Peter’s.

“This is the kind of thing ideological politicians do, like President Obama’s rainbow projection onto the White House after the Supreme Court approved gay ‘marriage.’ The White House is the people’s house, all the American people’s. St. Peter’s is even far more universal than that.”

“Projecting onto it a radical environmental message — and one that has no chance of actually resulting in an international agreement, given the unreality of the approach — seems to make the Church just one more international NGO, something Pope Francis has explicitly warned it should not be,” he told LifeSiteNews.

Voice of the Family co-founder John Smeaton said that contrary to popular perception, the “environmental agenda” is tied to an anti-human agenda.

“The environmental movement commonly regards population growth as a threat. Developing nations are being flooded with contraceptives and subjected to pressure to legalise abortion. Given that contraception and environmentalism so often go hand-in-hand, it is deeply troubling that current Vatican authorities have so strongly endorsed the environmental agenda without taking an equally strong stance on the abortion and contraception agenda which lies behind it.”

“If the Vatican issued similarly strong and high-profile calls to world governments to end abortion, many lives could be saved. The St. Peter’s light show is a clear demonstration of the tragic truth that this papacy has the wrong priorities,” he told LifeSiteNews.


The event, billed as “contemporary public art,” was sponsored by organizations named after Greek and Roman pagan gods that push the climate change agenda and by an organization that directly funds abortions in developing countries.

The main financial backer behind the event is the US-led World Bank Group via its Connect4Climate initiative. The World Bank, created in 1945 to rebuild a war-torn Europe, has a long history (here, here, or here) of relentlessly funding abortion and contraception programs in developing nations under the banner of “ending extreme poverty” and “boosting shared prosperity.” Pro-life leaders have denounced the programs time and again as thinly veiled population control programs aimed at reducing populations considered by Western elites to be undesirable.

Other partners include Vulcan Inc., a private company based out of Seattle, Washington, that “strives to create a new kind of future” by “upend[ing] conventional thinking.” The company was deliberately named after the Roman god Vulcan, the deity of destructive fire, whose earliest known shrine existed in Rome at the foot of the Capitoline Hill, close by the Vatican.

Another partner is Okeanos, an environmentalist foundation with the purpose of raising awareness “concerning the various threats our oceans are facing.” The foundation rails against what it calls the “sins against climate.” The foundation is named after the Greek and Roman Titan god “Okeanos” who was held to be the divine personification of the sea whose fish in one hand and serpent in the other signify bounty and prophecy.

Obscura Digital, the San Francisco-based organization putting on the actual show, has its name derived from the Latin root meaning “dark.” The company specializes in creating “immersive experiences that will change the way you think about the world around you” using holographic projections, 3D animation, and dynamic visualization.

The organization has in the past (here and here) worked on climate change projects with the UN to show the “effect of human enterprise on the environment” and to issue a “call for global solutions.”

Pagan occultism

St. Peter’s ‘climate change’ light show and its prototype held in New York last August are bizarrely connected to pagan occultism.

The shows director Travis Threlkel, founder and creative director of Obscura, said in an August interview when discussing the New York version of the show that was projected onto the Empire State Building, that pagan deities were specifically incorporated into the presentation. He said the show included the greek pagan goddess Gaia, a Greek Mother Earth who has been appropriated by worshipers of nature, along with Aya, a Babylonian mother goddess associated with the rising sun and with sexual love.

It was at the New York show’s end that startling images of the faces of various pagan goddesses were projected onto the building. Predominantly displayed was an image of Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction. Kali, who was depicted with a long blood red tongue and whose name means “the black one,” promised wealth to those who satiated her lust for blood by human sacrifice. Daily human sacrifices of young children were offered on her altars in India until 200 years ago. She has since been culturally appropriated by New Age spirituality as a kind of Mother Earth goddess.

“Android” Andrew Jones, the artist behind the image, said at that time that he wanted to depict Mother Earth in her “fiercest form” to draw attention to what might happen if people ignored the implications of climate change.

The Vatican show included artwork and computer-generated designs by Jones, but it is unknown at this time what artwork was featured.

Jones, one of the world’s foremost digital painters and projection artists, specializes in portraying terrifying images of Greek, Roman and Eastern pagan deities. He said in an interview last month that he turns to these gods and goddesses by means of “psychedelic substances” (mind altering drugs) so that he can portray them accurately. He said the “deities” are “actively involved” in guiding his hand as he makes the work.

“These [drugs] are tools that grant portals and access into different realms that I still haven’t fully been able to grasp or say that I have uncovered all of their meanings. … They have evolved my ability to … discover new and interesting combinations of energy and matter. Some have … shown me greater nightmares than I could ever depict or wish to imagine ever again.”

“These spirits and the deities that [the images] represent [in India, Greece, etc.] are actively involved, enrolled, and contributing to humans reinventing the visual vernacular of these beings as time and technology evolves,” he said.

Jones said that good art connects the viewer to something “mystical.” He said in a 2010 video interview that a good reaction to his art happens when people “throw up, or urinate themselves, or [release] any sort of bodily excrement.”

While it remains unclear at this point if any of Jones’ pagan images whole or in part made their way onto St. Peter’s, various symbols belonging to deities mentioned by the show’s director Threlkel did. For instance, Aya’s symbol of the rising sun appeared at least on three occasions throughout the show, most prominently at the beginning when a giant sun was depicted rising upon St. Peter’s.

Catholic commentator Fr. John Zuhlsdorf wrote on his blog that the event was “irreverent” and even a form of “sacrilege.”

“St. Peter’s is, without question, a sacred place and object (a very large one, too!). It is, without question, dedicated by the Church to sacred purposes. The use of this sacred building and place (where St. Peter was martyred and buried, a pilgrimage place, etc. etc. etc.) as a projection screen for mere secular purposes is irreverent treatment,” he wrote.

Fr. Zuhlsdorf quoted the Catholic Dictionary which defines sacrilege as the “irreverent treatment of sacred things, persons or places, i.e., those dedicated by God or the Church to sacred purposes. It is a sin against the virtue of religion, of its nature grave, but admitting smallness of matter.”

“This has gone beyond ridiculous,” he said.

The priest said the image of the lion projected on to St. Peter’s made him think of a passage from St. Peter’s first letter: “Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour. Whom resist ye, strong in faith: knowing that the same affliction befalls, your brethren who are in the world” (1 Peter 5:8).

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13 comments on “‘Sacrilege’: Catholic leaders react to Vatican’s ‘climate change’ light show

  1. Fr. Z? Sacrilege? Must be near the end of the world.

    Paging Michael Voris … hello … hello?

  2. I really like the “Mercy Monkey” God’s sake they should have at least played a little Simon & Garfunkel “At The Zoo”…

    “The monkey stands for honesty!” “And the zoo keeper is very fond of Rum.”

  3. “Fiat Lux”

    Not just sacrilege. Add mockery of Holy Scripture (Genesis). Add insulting the Immaculate Virgin, for Her fiat brought us the lux of the world, and this insult is especially notorious on the great feast of Her Immaculate Conception.

  4. “Paging Michael Voris … hello … hello?”

    Remember, Mr Voris will criticize any layman, priest, bishop or cardinal without fear if they betray the Catholic Faith…..unless it is the Bishop of Rome. This particular bishop gets a free pass from Mr Voris to say and do whatever he likes.

    • [The Vatican light (or lite?) show – A non-event at Mikey Voris’ Church Militant CORRECTION: See comment below. Nonetheless, will this be the followup?]

      Jihadist: There Will Be Mass Beheadings in St. Peter’s Square

      by Joseph Gonzalez • ChurchMilitant.com • December 7, 2015
      Mic’d Up guest discusses ISIS and its political conquest of Europe

      DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) – ISIS is hoping to “hold mass beheadings in St. Peter’s square.” That’s the recent boast of one jihadist, according to Islamic terrorist expert Robert Spencer.

      In an interview last week on “Mic’d Up—Isis Crisis,” Spencer said the beheading threat comes from a jihadist who is a Polish Catholic converted to Islam. Spencer, a veteran jihad consultant for U.S. Intelligence, is the director of Jihadwatch.org, an investigative website “dedicated to bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology and ideology play in the modern world and to correcting popular misconceptions about the role of jihad and religion in modern-day conflicts.”

      [See one-minute excerpt at www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/jihad-expert-islam ; complete program as other Mic’d episodes is now a subscription “premium” item]

      Despite these recent threats and the ongoing terrorist attacks in Europe, liberal politicians refuse to link Islam in any way to ISIS. Sunday, President Obama insisted that “ISIL doesn’t represent Islam,” while secretary of state Hillary Clinton said she won’t use the phrase “radical Islam” because she doesn’t want to “declare war on a religion.”

      Even Catholic bishops in the Middle East, says Spencer, are telling Catholics they “can’t talk about Muslim persecution of Christians in Iraq because it would harm the dialogue … with Muslim leaders in the West.”

      Spencer warned that the threat of ISIS is not merely one of violence and terrorism. That’s just what you hear about in the news. He says the other line of attack comes from major Islamic immigration into the United States and Europe. By overpopulating Europe, ISIS hopes to weaken Western countries while the terrorists wreak havoc.

      [L]ast February, the Islamic State threatened to flood Europe with 500,000 refugees. They said they were going to be doing it in the near future. Then a refugee influx begins and you’re a racist, bigoted Islamiphobe if you note that there might be jihadis among the refugees. But they said they were going to do this, and then it began.

      One would be naïve to think ISIS isn’t trying to conquer Rome, says Spencer. This is a very real threat that should be “taken seriously,” he insists. They “can and will” do this:

      People think “Well, they can never conquer Rome. How could they possibly do that?” But they’re not talking about a conventional conquest with armies rolling in and taking control of the city. They’re talking about destroying the governing apparatus that controls the city now.

      Spencer said the notion that Muslims should be allowed easy immigration access into the United States and Europe is “misguided to1 the point of suicidal.” He quoted the Lebanese Education Minister, who said that among the Syrian refugees in his country who are on their way to Europe, there were at least 20,000 active jihadists.

      Spencer concluded by saying that there is often a “willful ignorance” on the part of both the Church and secular society to “face the reality about Islam” because they insist on promoting the idea that Islam is really a peaceful religion. “There is no good result that can come from this massive denial of realilty.”

      • Vatican ‘Light Show’ Pushes Climate Change Agenda

        Event meant to “celebrate a global movement to protect our Common Home”

        [Nonetheless, in Church Militant’s mind, FrankenPope had nothing to do with it]

        by Joseph Pelletier • ChurchMilitant.com • December 9, 2015

        VATICAN CITY (ChurchMilitant.com) – A controversial light show at St. Peter’s Basilica was intended to “inspire change around the climate crisis,” according to organizers of the event.

        The show, titled “Fiat Lux,” or “Let there be light,” was an unprecedented event during which images of “the earth and all of its living creatures” were projected on the main façade of St. Peter’s Basilica.

        Tuesday night’s three-hour show was scheduled to coincide with the opening of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, which is to run until the Feast of Christ the King on November 20, 2016.

        Fiat Lux is the brainchild of several activist organizations, including Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Inc., charity organization Li Ka Shing Foundation, digital projection group Obscura, and environmentalist tech company Okeanos. The project was spearheaded by Connect4Climate, an activist campaign founded by World Bank Group — a conglomerate of social justice organizations — and the Italian Ministry of Environment.

        Organizers cite “the messages on climate and species in the encyclical ‘Laudato Sí'” as the inspiration for Fiat Lux, which was intended to “call on all citizens of the world to join and celebrate a global movement to protect Our Common Home, the Earth, and all of its living creatures.”

        “We are honored to be working with the Vatican to raise awareness of an issue so critical to our shared goal of ending extreme poverty,” said president of the World Bank Group, Jim Yong Kim.

        According to Abp. Rino Fisichella, secretary for the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, the presentation showed images “inspired of mercy, of humanity, of the natural world, and of climate changes.” The event, the archbishop claimed, is “intended to present the beauty of creation, especially on the occasion of the twenty-first United Nations Climate Change Conference.” The Paris conference, with many world leaders in attendance, began November 30 and will last until December 11.

        The event, which claims to have drawn approximately 1.5 million people to St. Peter’s Square, featured larger-than-life photographs and footage of a variety of animals, wildlife and humans from across the globe. It marked the first time images have been projected onto the papal basilica.

        While some praised the “historic moment” for telling a “powerful visual story,” many criticized the event for its lack of Catholicity, noting its location and occurrence on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, one of the most important celebrations in the liturgical year.

        Vatican journalist Edward Pentin tweeted that while the photographs were impressive, there were no explicit references to the Faith, other than doves and candles.

        Apart from the various animals and wildlife, among the featured images were fans of German soccer club Borussia Dortmund (BVB), rows of aircraft, a mound of cell phones and burning oil platforms. Buddhist monks were also shown toward the end of the show.

        Preceding the event was an announcement from Cdl. Peter Turkson that if the international talks on climate change in Paris come to a standstill, Pope Francis may intervene. Turkson, who helped write the papal encyclical on global warming, affirmed that the pope has a “deep trust” in the Paris negotiators to successfully work together, but if need be, the Pope may step in to send a message of encouragement and move things along. The Vatican has pledged to reduce emissions in Vatican City, and also supports limiting global warming by two degrees Celsius.

  5. I talked to some Novus ordo people today about this sacrilege and basically they either blew it off as no big deal or they defended Bergoglio.

    So, the conciliar rot goes right into the pews.

    As their money keeps going in the collection basket to fund these apostates.

  6. I talked to some Novus ordo people about this today.
    They either blew it off as no big deal, or they defended it and Bergoglio.
    So the conciliar rot runs deep into the pews.
    And their money keeps going into the collection basket every Sunday to keep these modernists funded.

  7. I had to check to make sure this wasn’t from The Onion.

    Quote: “I am sorry that the facade of St. Peter’s has been turned into a propaganda stage for the scientific fraud known as ‘Catastrophic Man-Caused Global Warming,’” Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, told LifeSiteNews.”

    Climate change gnosticism is perhaps the most absurd stage of Spirit of Vatican II progressive modernism. It is sad to see Catholic clergymen playing the role of useful idiots for Malthusian population control freaks. Who among the clergy will speak out against this?

    • [While the above did not come from The Onion, the following comes from EyeOfTheTiber.com ]

      Vatican To Project Microsoft Bubbles Screensaver Onto St. Peter’s Whenever Basilica Not In Use

      DECEMBER 10, 2015 BY ADMIN


      An illuminated projection of the Microsoft Office Bubbles theme onto the facade of St. Peter’s on Tuesday evening drew large crowds as the new basilica screen saver appeared, notifying the faithful that the basilica had not been in use for 10 minutes.

      The decision to use the new screensaver was made by Senior Vatican Security official Claudio Aquila who said that it was the Vatican’s duty to protect St. Peter’s from terrorists attempting to infiltrate the basilica.

      “We can no longer trust that simple security measure such as more guards will keep the basilica safe,” Aquila told EOTT this morning. “Now, even if a terrorist somehow gets through security, they will not be able to enter the church without first entering a password.”

      Critics say that the new measures are bothersome, especially since security officials are mandating that all employees of the Vatican change their password every first Friday of the month.

      “Just this morning I left work for just fifteen to get an espresso, and when I got back, it was locked,” said one opponent of the new screensaver. “I had forgotten the password, so I was forced to sit there for ten minutes guessing it. In the end, I had to call technical support to help me reset my personal passcode. I changed it to Screw_the///environment79. Please don’t publish that.”

      At press time, Vatican officials are toying with changing the bubbles screensaver with that cool one with the bungalow on the water somewhere in Bali where you wish you were, but can’t because your job pays you crap.

  8. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, or bizarre, a sacrilege like this happens.

    I stopped being surprised at what happens at the Vatican long ago.

  9. No,wait I sort of believe this one- there ‘s so much on the Internet now, the Vatican and it’s crew have become such bad jokes that I no longer know what the truth is regarding their actions. I actually thought the climate change animals were a bad joke by Catholic haters, had to look at several sites to see it was the truth. So this about the bubbles I guess is a “joke” or maybe I could do another search about it. However I think the password thing is an excellent idea. I have a great fear that Vatican City is a major target for Isis bombing and terrorism. I mean, of course we all do. Why nothing has happened so far is amazing. Or nothing big enough to not hide from international news.

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