Succinct Explanation of the Current Pontificate

Succinct Explanation of the Current Pontificate

Published Friday, December 4, A.D. 2015 | By Donald R. McClarey |


Commenter Phillip gives the best description of Pope Francis and his papacy that I have seen anywhere:

“Humanitarian leftism is his engine…”

I agree. As is with many clerics, I believe Francis to be, what I call, a Christian materialist. All efforts are directed at the perfection of this world (which of course means a socialist – even neo-Marxist world.) All is directed to material well-being with no effort directed towards the redemption of souls or consideration of our eternal end. For those somewhat spiritually minded, there is the hope for the “just society” they create leading to a morally good people. But most don’t even pay lip service to this. For them, only material goods matter.

As for Jesus, he may be the Son of God for some. Or maybe a good human that has been elevated to the Divine by his “social justice.” Or perhaps he is merely some preacher of Roman Palestine who gives us one example among many of how to act justly. No matter however, there is almost never the desire to bring others to a relationship with him, acknowledge him as savior of the World through his atoning sacrifice (they in fact deny that) nor any recognition that his words mean more than a drive to social equality. In the end, he merely provides a veneer for their materialism.

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3 comments on “Succinct Explanation of the Current Pontificate

  1. Ballad for Bergoglio

    Louie December 4, 2015

    Liberal / Conservative lie #473: So-called “traditionalists” (akaCatholics) take themselves too seriously and need to lighten up a little.

  2. Too bad we don’t have Cardinal Rodriguez sitting on the Throne of Peter.

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