Is the Pope Anti-Catholic? or The Pope Who Didn’t Like Catholicism (h/t 1P5)

PopeWatch: Is the Pope Anti-Catholic? [or The Pope Who Didn’t Like Catholicism (h/t 1P5)]

Published Thursday, December 3, A.D. 2015 | By Donald R. McClarey |

Dale Price has an intriguing post over at One Peter Five ( ):

If you are a typical observant Catholic who has struggled with this papacy, dealt with distress caused by his words and actions, and generally struggled with dislike for the pontifex, it’s OK. Well, all right, it’s not: honestly, it is both strange and painful for a Catholic to be at odds with the Successor of Peter.

It is, however, completely understandable.

Why? Because, in this case, he gives every indication of not liking you first.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that we are dealing with the fascinating–and unique–spectacle. Namely, a Bishop of Rome who truly dislikes the Church.

Except as cautionary tales, he has no apparent use for Catholics who risk all to be faithful to unpopular teachings, who find value in allegedly outdated forms and supposedly archaic and incomprehensible language, who propose solutions grounded in past experience or the fundamentals of the Church, who practice traditional devotions, who defend the words (as opposed to the “spirit”) of Catholic doctrine…the list could be multiplied. Consider the first major writing of the pontificate which was purely his, with its exhortation to boldly rethink the goals of evangelization, amongst other modest suggestions. Though that same document does wisely point us to the need of focusing more on the Word of God and not the Pope (see paragraph 38).

Go here to read the rest. Imagine, just imagine, the reaction if the Pope bashed other religions as monotonously as he has bashed traditional Catholics. The news would be filled with charges that the Pope is a bigot. The Pope famously observed that he wanted priests to have the smell of their flock. Well, the evidence is clear that the Pope thinks a lot of Catholics stink, and would be quite happy if they would simply run off.

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