‘I pray sitting down, it hurts to kneel, ‘ pope says

Source: Gazzetta Del Sud

Vatican City, December 3 – Pope Francis prays sitting down “because it hurts to kneel” and sometimes he falls asleep, “but it doesn’t matter”, according to the preface to a new young people’s version of the bible published Thursday. “I’m like a son close to his father, and this is what counts,” the pope wrote. “I want to tell you how I read my old bible: often I take it and read it for a bit, then I put it to one side and let the Lord look at me … and I listen at the deepest level to what he is saying,” Francis continued. “Sometimes he doesn’t say anything: and so I don’t hear anything, just emptiness, emptiness, emptiness, but I remain there patiently and wait for him like that, reading and praying.

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  1. Another thing: yesterday, before sleeping—although not in order to go to sleep! – I read and reread Cardinal Walter Kasper’s document,” the Pope said at the start of the second day of the Consistory. Francis meant the talk by Cardinal Kasper. “And I would like to thank him, as I found it to be a work of profound theology, and also a serene theological reflection. It is pleasant to read serene theology. Papa Tango.

  2. Old Jorge just needs a buddy to coach him up:

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