Who should get the Novus Ordo Watch “Novus Ogre 2015” Award?

Who should get the Novus Ordo Watch “Novus Ogre 2015” Award?

Our Online Poll has begun!

[N.B. The poll and its posting on AQ are not scientific or serious but for entertainment purposes only]

Welcome to our annual “Novus Ogre” Award contest. While the False Church of Vatican II has been attacking true Catholicism since its inception in October of 1958 (with the election of “Pope” John XXIII), every year there are a few Novus Ordo characters that particularly stand out in their contributions to the propagation of heresy, apostasy, impiety, or immorality — whether they do so directly (by promoting it outright) or indirectly (by downplaying, defending, or excusing it). Novus Ordo Watch has decided that it is only fitting to give them a “cyber award” for this so that people may become even more aware of the dangers these Modernists and their enablers present to the True Faith, genuine piety, and right morals, all under the guise of authentic Catholicism. The Novus Ogre Award also serves to underscore that the Vatican II Church is really a laughing stock and does not deserve to be taken seriously. In fact, the Novus Ordo Church is dangerous to souls only to the extent that people take it seriously, that people actually fall for its claim to being the Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ.

The following poll consists of choices based on nominations submitted to Novus Ordo Watch. Please choose the person you think has done the most damage to souls in 2015. The winner will be announced on this page in early 2016. Voting is restricted by IP address, so each IP address can vote only once. Please do not attempt to find a way to vote more than once, as the idea is not to make a certain person win at all costs but to poll visitors to see who they believe has inflicted the most damage to the Catholic Faith in the past year. (Besides, duplicate votes will be identified, and all the offender’s votes will be scrapped after the poll ends — you are only wasting your time if you try to vote more than once and you will invalidate even your first vote.)

Before making your choice, please be sure first to review the detail provided for each candidate further down below; this way you are informed about why each person was nominated and what damage he has done.

It may come as a shock to you, but we are deliberately excluding Jorge Bergoglio — “Pope Francis” — from the list of nominees. The reason is that we have a policy of excluding the currently-reigning papal pretender for the simple reason that he is obviously the most influential threat to Catholicism and so would naturally win the poll every year, and this would make the entire Novus Ogre Award contest pointless.

Please share this Novus Ogre 2015 poll with friends and family — and your local Novus Ordo clergymen.

May the worst candidate win!

Who is your choice for “Novus Ogre” of 2015?

Markus Buchel
Blase Cupich
Francis Lallemand
Gianfranco Ravasi
Thomas Rosica
Michael Voris
Richard Williamson


Poll closes December 31, 2015

About the Nominated Candidates

Markus Buchel (Switzerland)
Appointed by “Pope” Benedict XVI in 2006, the Modernist “bishop” of Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, is a fine example of the moral and doctrinal decay of the Vatican II Church. On August 7 of this year, he claimed that sodomy and other perverted sexual practices are not that big of a deal as long as the partners-in-vice are “attentive”,”loyal”, “careful”, and “respectful” towards each other. He added: “Let us be happy about every kind of relationship in which the partners accept each other as equal, valuable, beloved children of God, who respect the dignity of the other and advance the well-being of the person!” Buchel has furthermore implied that Holy Scripture is not the inerrant Word of God dictated by the Holy Ghost but simply a historical narration subject to the conditions of the times in which it was written. Clearly, Buchel is a man after Francis’ own heart, and that is why he might be your choice for Novus Ogre of the year.

Blase Cupich (United States)
Few people are a greater disgrace to the hijacked label “Catholic” than Mr. Blase Cupich, the current pretend-Archbishop of Chicago, Illinois, appointed to this post by none other than Chaos Frank. Also known as “The Dirtbag”, Mr. Cupich made headlines in 2015 when, commenting on the baby-parts-selling scandal of Planned Parenthood, he acknowledged it as “repulsive” but said we should be “no less appalled [!] by the indifference toward the thousands of people … who are denied rights by a broken immigration system and by racism” and other things he identified as social ills. Cupich has praised Obama’s refusal to deport illegal “immigrants”, has left a trail of liturgical destruction, is happy to give “Communion” to people who favor the dismemberment of unborn children, and is the overall epitome of everything that is wrong with the Novus Ordo religion. So bad, even Mark Shea can’t stand him! Surely he is your choice for Novus Ogre 2015!

Francis Lallemand (Belgium)
Only one word: Dog Funeral. On April 22 of this year, “Fr.” Lallemand conducted a “bereavement service” for people who were grieving at the death of an 11-year-old Chihuahua, “Miss Chiwa”, who had become famous for having appeared in various television shows. The atrocity, popularly dubbed the “dog funeral”, took place inside a “Catholic” parish church, and was attended by about 70 people. The “priest” in question did not, of course, get rebuked by his local “bishop”, who instead approved of the circus. Enough said. It will be hard to beat this contender in the 2015 Novus Ogre contest.

Gianfranco Ravasi (Italy)
The head of the Vatican’s so-called “Pontifical Council for Culture”, first appointed to this post by “Pope” Benedict XVI in 2007. In late 2014, “Cardinal” Ravasi participated in the public worship of an Andean pagan deity known as Pachamama, a “Mother Earth” goddess. Although taking place in 2014, news about this act of idolatry did not become public until this year, and it has remained, of course, without any consequences for him. It’s not like Ravasi spoke out in favor of the Traditional Latin Mass or anything. By the way, this is the same Vatican “cardinal” who, in 2013, sent out a tweet honoring the passing of Lou Reed, a scandalous and lewd American rock singer whose 1972 hit Walk on the Wild Side contained lyrics that included “taboo topics such as transsexuality, drugs, male prostitution and oral sex”. No wonder Ravasi is in good standing with Francis, and no wonder he is on our list of nominees for Novus Ogre 2015.

Thomas Roscia (Canada)
A Basilian “priest”, he is currently the Vatican’s rising media star, sitting next to “Fr.” Federico Lombardi at Vatican press conferences during the infamous Synod on the Family 2015. Mr. Rosica is also the CEO of Salt + Light TV, a Canadian Novus Ordo television station. Early in 2015, the Basilian layman threatened the conservative Novus Ordo blogger Vox Cantoris with a lawsuit for, essentially, exposing his Modernist agenda. Rosica has publicly denied the dogma of papal primacy by calling the Pope a “first among equals”, which is heresy, and as far back as 1986 he openly advocated for “shared Communion” between Novus Ordos and Protestants. In 2014, he sent out a tweet calling the Holy Family “irregular”, in the context of the synod that dealt with “irregular” situations such as fornication, adultery, and sodomy. Clearly, Mr. Rosica makes an excellent choice for Novus Ogre this year.

Michael Voris (United States)
President and founder of St. Michael’s Media and Sr. Executive Producer at ChurchMilitant.com; host of The Vortex, a “conservative” Novus Ordo news & commentary program that blasts everyone except Francis for doing what Francis does. Voris is a regular nominee for the Novus Ogre contest, and it is clear why. Under a mask of “real” Catholicism, he preaches the smells-and-bells version of the Novus Ordo religion and promotes the Modernist magisterium and its leaders as legitimate Catholic authorities. Attempting to make himself stand out as virtually the only “real” Catholic journalist left, he has tried to convince people to stay away from other “Catholic” bloggers, on the grounds that ChurchMilitant has the theological credentials needed to know what’s really going on. If you’ve had enough of the phoney “journalism”, perhaps Mr. Voris is your no. 1 choice for Novus Ogre 2015.

Richard Williamson (England)
Since his dismissal in 2012, the former Society of St. Pius X bishop Richard Williamson, consecrated by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1988, has been a wandering cleric who usually makes headlines only on occasion. In 2015, there were two such headlines: First, he consecrated a successor in the episcopacy, Bp. Jean-Michel Faure, who is only two years his junior; and second, he manifested that he has absolutely no genuine grasp of Catholic theology when he gave an answer to a lady who had asked whether it was ever permissible to assist at the Modernist Novus Ordo “Mass” of Paul VI. His response — which should have been succinct and clear — was as lengthy as it was mystifying, and Williamson managed to say everything from “yes” to “no” to “maybe” and “don’t ask me.” Does this hapless English bishop — who is, alas, the beacon of truth and orthodoxy for many a “traditionalist” — deserve to be the Novus Ogre of 2015?

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6 comments on “Who should get the Novus Ordo Watch “Novus Ogre 2015” Award?

  1. My vote is for all of the above!

    • From the article above:

      “It may come as a shock to you, but we are deliberately excluding Jorge Bergoglio — “Pope Francis” — from the list of nominees. The reason is that we have a policy of excluding the currently-reigning papal pretender for the simple reason that he is obviously the most influential threat to Catholicism and so would naturally win the poll every year, and this would make the entire Novus Ogre Award contest pointless.”

  2. I vote for Bishop Williamson for worst. I blame his influence for at least two unfortunate circumstances. One is the split in our chapel around the ludicrous so-called resistance. Unfortunately some did not actually leave. They keep up a steady little assault on the authority of our pastor in the most annoying ways like flouncing out to the vestibule during the Sunday sermon and mispronouncing the word amen, which Father once asked us to render correctly in English as a-men, not ah-men as it would be in Latin (I don’t know if he sees these wicked jibs, and I hope he doesn’t!). Or they hold their missals up before their faces (so all can see) and read it during the sermon rather than listen to Father.

    The other influence is his peculiar Anglican response to the dress and behavior of women. Apparently we must dress like lace curtain Irish to be holy, and only if you cover your head ALL the time and never ever have an opinion on anything but cooking, you’re traditional. He’s been a rotten influence over the years and given tradition an ugly anti-woman cast that isn’t found in the bible’s depiction of the good wife or any Catholic definition of modesty. (The only concrete item in the splitters’ manifesto, if you saw it, was the horrible possibility that trousers might be tolerated on women. I saw their group protest two women who had come to our chapel from a novus ordo parish to pray the rosary with us in October on a day with gale force winds and ten degree temperatures, in pants of which two inches showed under long coats–“immodest,” the Williamson crowd sneered’; I am not making this up.)

    Good riddance to him, and I hope this poll outs him and exposes the protestant nature of his influence. Women are more free and more loved in Catholic tradition than anywhere, ever, and European dress does not constitute modesty.

  3. Blasé Cupich. Because of his worship of the unformed conscience.
    “Thus, during the 2015 Synod the Archbishop of Chicago held a press conference in which he uttered remarks about “conscience” and homosexuality that not only bordered on banal but were quite evidently in complete contradiction to the clear teachings found in Veritatis Splendor, John Paul II’s brilliant 1993 encyclical on moral theology. “The conscience is inviolable,” stated the American archbishop whose record as a shepherd has been mixed at best, “And we have to respect that when they make decisions and I’ve always done that.”–quoted from the The Off-the-Cuff and Out-of-Focus Papacy, December 01, 2015

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