Spain: Municipality removes Stations of the Cross, says they show “lack of respect” for Muslims

Spain: Municipality removes Stations of the Cross, says they show “lack of respect” for Muslims


Expressing one’s own culture and heritage, you see, demonstrates a “lack of respect” for Muslims. In order to show proper “respect” for Muslims, one must change one’s behavior to suit their sensibilities, and never, ever ask them to change their behavior to bring it in line with Western customs and mores. Everyone in the West today knows that, except for a few obstinate “Islamophobes.”

Seventh Station of the Cross: After and Before (not Photo-cropped)

Stations of the Cross Removed: ‘Lack of Respect for Unbelievers and Muslims,’” The Eponymous Flower, July 20, 2015:

(Madrid) The Socialist Natalia Nuñez was elected last May 24th as the new Mayor of Cenicientos in Spain. The municipality in the Autonomous Community of Madrid has a population of 2,073 inhabitants. One of the first acts of the PSOE representative was the removal of the Stations of the Cross in the small town by the pilgrimage church of Nuestra Señora del Roble, the city’s patron.

The Mayor charged the Way of the Cross with a “lack of respect” towards non-believers and those are who “profess the Muslim religion and culture.” Nuñez described the Way of the Cross in interviews dismissively as “those stones”.

The destructiveness of the “Alcaldesa” of Cenicientos caused quite a stir in Spain. The more so because the Way of the Cross represented by the stone steles were only represented by the Roman station number, but without a cross or other religious symbol. Their placement was financed by the citizens with a support of the Culture Programme of the provincial administration for 3,000 euros. It was at no cost to Cenicientos. Only three months after its construction, now that the local elections had taken place, they were again removed.

“If Stone Steles Offend a Muslim, Will You Want Tomorrow to Demolish the Churches and Chapels?”

A citizens’ committee presented a collection of signatures, which were handed over on July 17 at the City Hall. The committee addressed the mayor the question whether the destruction of the Cross, even presented in this simplicity, shows no “lack of respect towards the Catholics.” It calls for the return of the stone steles to their place.

Father Jorge González Guadalix, priest of the Archdiocese of Madrid, referred to the activism of the Mayor as “sectarianism”. There is a “will not to respect Catholics and to insult them”. InfoCatolica quoted the priest with the question: “How could stone steles without any religious symbol insult a Muslim. He doesn’t even know their importance. If naked stones already offend, how much more must then churches and chapels ‘insult’? Will they demolish them tomorrow?”…


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One comment on “Spain: Municipality removes Stations of the Cross, says they show “lack of respect” for Muslims

  1. And we all know just how concerned Muslim countries are not to offend Christians.

    A colleague of mine works in one of the more “enlightened” Muslim countries, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and he has told me that Catholic Churches there must not have their cross in any sort of prominent position.

    Once again we are the gutless ones, we give in on Faith. The Muslims just sit back and watch us surrender.

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