Major media outlets are covering this situation which has been ongoing now for a couple of hours. We know that three police officers were hurt confronting the shooter who is supposedly holed up in Planned Parenthood Clinic on the NW side (Centennial Blvd). Pray for those involved that this situation can be resolved without further loss of life or injury. Details will come later.

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    Seems not to be an attack on PP. The last thing we need right now is for some fundy whack job to go on a “pro-life” shooting spree — besides its not being justifiable.

    Paul, is this near you?

  2. Officers are reportedly in the PP bldg exchanging gunfire with the shooter; the end may be near. 7 civilians reportedly have been rescued.

  3. BREAKING: Massacre at Planned Parenthood abortion facility ~ babies butchered!

    Posted by Barona at on Friday, 27 November 2015

    Dear readers, I wish to draw your attention to the real brutality that is taking place on a daily basis that the vile media is silent about. The daily mass murder being conducted against innocent babies. Babies being torn apart, butchered with brutal savagery. This, the lying, vile media does not want you hear about. Today: babies have been butchered, there has been a massacre. The media does not want you to know that babies are torn apart; their brains vacuumed out etc.

    You will also notice, dear readers how the same vile media immediately place the Planned Parenthood incident (a Manchurian Candidate?) on their headlines: yet, they remain silent on the innumerable videos documenting brutal child butchery that would make a Nazi blush. These videos are deemed “controversial” because they show the truth about abortion.

    The vile media speaks about “unknown casualties” at the abortion mill incident. Dear readers, there are casualties: millions. Millions upon millions of dead, butchered babies.


    • Yet another reason why I “used to be” pro-life: heresy. I didn’t realize Olmsted continued this error begun decades ago: PP is equivalent to Calvary. NO NO NO! Calvary is the central point in all of history where mankind is redeemed. PP is simply willful murder, sin crying to Heaven for vengeance. There is no merit in it. The poor children die devoid of grace and are unable to enter Heaven.

  4. I must admit that, while I know that an attack on a Planned Parenthood installation would not help the Pro Life cause, I also have absolutely no sympathy for the Planned Parenthood people – they are butchers and child killers.

    However, it seems that there is something else behind this gunman’s attack, it does not seem like a pro lifer attacking the killers of children.

  5. The Shooter has been taken into custody and now the long process of investigation and prosecution begins. As far as I know, there were no fatalities.

  6. I should add “no fatalities except perhaps the unborn.”

  7. Details are few, but speculation is high. It’s looking like an attack on PP. Comments have been posted from the mayor, the governor, the US Rep, both US Senators, and NRTL. It’s only a matter of time before His Sincerity, the Dear Leader, chimes in to exploit this. I’m sure he’ll say that we shouldn’t brand all pro-lifers … not!

  8. We mourn the loss of all life because it is created by a good God, not a vindictive, cruel one. But the take being presented in the media thus far is intended to evoke sympathy for PP and that is something we cannot condone (prayers – yes; sympathy – no). We commend those who lost their lives to the Mercy of God and hope that this tragedy emphasizes the sacredness of all life from conception to natural death. The officer who lost his life was coming to the rescue of one of his fellow officers who was under attack and “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

  9. Here’s John Nolte of with sage advice. It’s good to see a staunch pro-life voice on Breitbart, and he’s not alone.

    In the Coming Wave of DC Media Hate, Pro-Life Voices Must Grow Louder

    As of this writing we do not yet know the motive behind the horrific murders perpetrated at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic Friday afternoon. No matter the motive, all decent people condemn this violence and pray for the victims and their loved ones. The indecent, like CNN’s Michael Smerconish, are already using a terrible crime to attack Planned Parenthood critics. Like his garbage-fire network, Smerconish isn’t going to wait for the facts to push his agenda.

    Brace yourselves, folks.

    As we have already seen throughout the past 15 hours, the ghoulish DC Media is thrilled over Friday afternoon’s events. Within a half-hour of the news breaking, before anyone knew anything, before anything was confirmed or even reasonably clear, left-wing outlets like CNN and MSNBC were already attempting to tie the clinic shooting to a series of abortion videos that not only proved Planned Parenthood was trafficking in dead baby parts, but that “doctors” were altering abortion procedures to salvage those parts.

    In other words, whatever the shooter’s motives, it will not matter to our media. Throughout next week, the incident will be used to bash traditional Christians, pro-lifers, and Second Amendment civil rights advocates like the NRA. If past is prologue, our Elite Media Ghouls will receive no small amount of help with their propaganda campaign from Democrats and the White House.

    Let me assure you that this weekend is being used by the DC Media and Democrats and the White House to coordinate attacks that will have one goal in mind: to marginalize and silence pro-life voices.

    While weathering the DC Media’s coming fascist hate-storm, we must keep the following in mind: that no matter the how and why behind Friday afternoon’s appalling and indefensible violence, the Truth is still the Truth, and this is the Truth…

    Abortion is murder.

    Abortion is an abomination.

    Abortion is a demonic act that butchers innocent children.

    Abortion is infanticide.

    Taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood is a moral outrage.

    Almost entirely for purposes of convenience, nearly 60 million innocent children have been butchered since the Supreme Court manufactured a Constitutional right to kill your unborn child.

    In the coming days, as the defenders of this barbaric practice get more shrill, we must not be intimidated. In fact, with the media spotlight on abortion and on the pro-life movement, we must use this opportunity to continue to make our case for the million-plus innocent lives that will be legally massacred next year.

    Outside or inside the womb, senseless violence must be condemned.

    Those who condemn one and not the other have no place in a civil society.

  10. Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting suspect Robert Lewis Dear is accused Peeping Tom who lived in cabin without electricity

    BY MEG WAGNER NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, November 28, 2015


    The accused Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter lived in a cabin without electricity or running water deep in the mountains of North Carolina and was previously investigated for domestic abuse, animal cruelty and Peeping Tom accusations, his neighbor said.

    Robert Lewis Dear mostly kept to himself, said James Russell, who lived close to Dear on Black Mountain.

    But when the 57-year-old did speak, he was scatter-brained and rambled, he said.

    “If you talked to him, nothing with him was very cognitive — topics all over place,” Russell said, adding that Dear never commented on religion or abortion. Police are still working to determine a motive for the Friday afternoon rampage.

    Dear’s cabin, which lacks both running water and electricity and is decorated with a cross made out of twigs, is a half-mile up a curvy dirt road about 15 miles west of Asheville. He split his time between the remote shack and a home in Swannanoa, N.C., his neighbors said.

    The North Carolina man, who lived in South Carolina between 1997 and 2007, had been the subject of a handful of police investigations on the East Coast, BuzzFeed News reported.

    Dear’s wife claimed he hit her and pushed her out of window in a 1997 police report. She did not file any charges.

    Walterboro, S.C., police investigated Dear after a couple complained he lurked in their yard on Memorial Day 2001. The Peeping Tom charges were eventually dismissed.

    Dear’s neighbor accused him of shooting his own dog in 2002. The neighbor heard a gunshot and a dog yelp before he found Dear’s pooch with a minor wound to its right side. He was found not guilty during a bench trial.

    It’s not clear how long the North Carolina native had been in the Colorado area.

    Planned Parenthood said all of its staff members at the clinic were safe. The organization said it did not know the circumstances or motives behind the attack or whether the organization was the target.

    After Dear was taken into custody, police turned their attention to inspecting the “items” the shooter left inside the clinic, officials said. By Saturday morning, police processed all of them and said they were not a threat, although officials did not elaborate on what the suspicious packages contained.

    Jail booking records indicate Dear is due in court on Monday.

  11. This guy is obviously a nut. Yet there still is no concrete proof that he went off because he’s “pro-life”, or because of PP. At least as far as I know as of now.

    We all know the libtard media and politicians will pounce on this to further attack the Second Amendment, Christians and pro-lifers.

  12. I’m not advocating violence, but the thing that astonishes me is that these mass murder centers are not attacked more often. How long can people be expected to sit idly by while courts and politicians thwart and twist justice so that mass murder can continue?

  13. Bill Bennett, neoCat neoCon, on his radio show today labeled one of the victims as a “hero.” The story is that Iraq Vet Ke’Arre Stewart was shot outside PP but went inside PP to warn others. Sounds OK so far. But Bill didn’t ask what the guy was doing there.


    “Amburh Butler, who spoke on behalf of 29-year-old Ke’Arre Stewart’s family, says he was accompanying someone at the clinic when he was killed.”

    It looks like he’s one of those guys we see at the mill waiting while a baby gets killed. If that’s the case, he’s no hero. He’s an accessory to murder.

    In his zeal to sound compassionate, Bennett likely praised a creep. Way to go, Bill.

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