Pope Francis: The Great Clarifier

Pope Francis: The Great Clarifier

You can’t play Catholic in NuChurch: So what now?

Written by Hilary White
The Remnant
Thursday, November 26, 2015

One of the things I keep saying over and over is that we are entering a period of great clarity in the Church. It is becoming impossible to continue to adhere to what I have called the “Catholic conservative compromise” – events and persons are forcing closed that comfortable conservative middle ground. (Noteworthy: this Catholic “conservative” phenomenon is mainly an American thing, born out of the political alliance between Protestants and Catholics over the life issues during the Reagan era. It is practically nonexistent in Europe where there are only two categories and not much in the way of pro-lifeism.)

We can no longer hide behind the nostrums of American Catholic conservatism that carefully ignores the contradictions in the data.

But this assessment, that it is becoming easier and easier every day to see what is really going on, seems to be one that not everyone has noticed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people write, “This time is so confusing…” and I wonder what they can be thinking. What’s confusing?

I predict that this period in the Church will be called by historians the “great clarification.” After decades of confusion and arguments over this or that interpretation of the outcome of Vatican II, we now see unfolding before us the indisputable results of it. The Church we have now in all its institutions from top to bottom is a product of the neo-modernist incursion that, it can no longer be disputed, became the most important issue in the Church of the late 20th century onwards.

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One comment on “Pope Francis: The Great Clarifier

  1. She states the following: ”
    The papacy grants absolute power, and it is currently in the hands of a mental incompetent who evidently passionately hates the Faith. No one is safe: not bishop nor abbot, and therefore no one who has sheltered under their protection. This is the reality.”
    Perhaps the SSPX will cave and the escape route and haven they have offered will be lost. There have been more rumours lately of another “reconciliation” offer that is “about to be signed.”
    Comment: Unfortunately Francis is mentally very competent and very un-Catholic.

    ‘If they accept the New Religion what will happen to the millions of Catholics who have gone to them for shelter? I don’t know. Some have taken shelter under “good” bishops. Some are even allowed to form religious orders that observe the ancient rites. These pockets still exist. For how long, of course, is anyone’s guess and everyone in these situations is painfully aware of an axe over their heads.”
    Comment: Scary words, which I hope don’t come true

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