Fr. Miscamble Can’t Tell Students How to Get a Catholic Education at Notre Dame

Fr. Miscamble Can’t Tell Students How to Get a Catholic Education at Notre Dame

[Did the ND administration intervene with the Holy Cross Fathers to order Fr. Miscamble off the website under obedience as a religious of that order?]


Earlier this month, the great Sycamore Trust created a website called which would assist Notre Dame students in finding those professors and courses on campus that could be counted on to deliver an “authentic Catholic education”
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Great idea, right?

On top of that, they had the great Fr. Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C., making his very well informed recommendations to students on the website.

Great idea, right? In fact, so many students thought it was a great idea that the website reportedly crashed on the first day.

Well, it seems to me the university’s administration didn’t like the idea.

The Sycamore Trust sadly sent out an email yesterday saying that Fr. Miscamble “is no longer associated with the website”

“I regret that I can say only that I am required to end my involvement with the NDCatholic site and am not at liberty to say why,” Fr. Miscamble told The Sycamore Trust.

Now, to be clear, he doesn’t say the administration got to him but it would appear that’s what occurred. (I could be wrong but who else would be against such a website?)

The Sycamore Trust reports:

On November 9, 2015, we unveiled the website, which is designed to assist students seeking a Catholic education at Notre Dame. They need this sort of help because of the alarming reduction over recent decades in Catholic representation on the faculty. The faculty no longer comes close to meeting the University’s own Mission Statement test of Catholic identity: a majority of committed Catholics on the faculty. Perhaps 25% to 30% of the faculty fit this description, as we will show again in a coming bulletin using the most recent data available.

The consequences of this steep decline in Catholic faculty have been described in concrete terms by Professor Emeritus Walter Nicgorski, who retired recently after more than forty years as one of Notre Dame’s most highly regarded teachers and scholars:

It is increasingly the case today that a young person going through the critical and formative years of a Catholic education at Notre Dame might not encounter a practicing Catholic informed and engaged by the Catholic intellectual tradition

The Trust will continue the work of the website and vows to build on their success.

So much for free speech on campus, right?

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8 comments on “Fr. Miscamble Can’t Tell Students How to Get a Catholic Education at Notre Dame

  1. Quote: “I regret that I can say only that I am required to end my involvement with the NDCatholic site and am not at liberty to say why,” Fr. Miscamble told The Sycamore Trust.

    That is very strange. Just the fact that students at Notre Dame would need a special adviser to guide them to authentically Catholic courses, in order to avoid PC or anti-Catholic ones, speaks volumes about how much damage the Land O’Lakes conference agenda has caused at Notre Dame and too many other formerly Catholic colleges and universities.

    It is also unjust and contrary to natural law to require a Catholic priest teaching at a Catholic university to remain silent on the anti-Catholic intrigues and skullduggery of the liberal administration of a supposedly Catholic university suppressing Catholic orthodoxy and Catholic teaching. This places Catholic priests and lay Catholic faculty under the control of anti-Catholic ideologues who have invaded and taken over Catholic property. He should ignore their directives and explain why. Faithful Catholic priests are under no obligation to obey the anti-Catholic ideologues and progressive modernist heretics engaged in the criminal enterprise of suppressing Catholic teaching and Catholic identity at Catholic universities.

  2. When I first saw the story, I thought to myself, “Well, Fr. Miscamble has about 5 days before he’ll be hauled into his Superiors and told to cease and desist.” I commend him for manning the battlements for as long as he did.

  3. If Notre Dame’s PC liberal fruitcake president (or any other liberal progressive modernist) ordered him to break his connection with he should have told them to go jump in a lake. The Pope has called for people to follow their own conscience and their own idea of the good. Various bishops and theologians (including Cardinal George) have weighed in on what they call “centered pluralism” which certainly leaves room open for all Catholic educators to discern how they can best promote Catholic identity and the new evangelization in Catholic education.
    If Notre Dame’s liberal progressive administration can give Obama an honorary doctorate, a Holy Cross priest can certainly promote Catholic identity, Catholic culture, and Catholic education at Notre Dame. If this is the double standard that is to reign under the fruitcakes of the Land O’Lakes agenda, every bishop still in communion with the true Catholic faith should speak out against this suppression of Catholicism and Catholic speech at Notre Dame.

    • “Cantered pluralism” only may be subscribed to by progressives and modernists. Traditional theological positions are viewed by the post-conciliar heretics as “contradictory pluralism” and therefore must be condemned and eradicated.

  4. No sane adult should expect neo-gnostic progressive modernist agitators to be logical, but…um…if “pluralism” at a supposedly “Catholic” university does not include any authentically Catholic positions or faculty, there is a BIG problem. I will have to check Cardinal George’s lecture at Georgetown on the topic, but one could suspect he meant for it to include Catholicism and Catholics.

    Now let’s get to the elephant in the room. Did the NDCatholic group, by any chance, ever criticize progressive modernist mischief on redefining marriage at Notre Dame? That’s probably the issue that Notre Dame’s progressive modernists objected to which, in their warped PC minds, required heavy-handed anti-Catholic tactics against this priest. If any modernist clericalists in the Congregation of Holy Cross issued an order of silence on this for that PC reason, it is all the more shameful. The controversy then was not really a legitimate Catholic academic issue at all but the PC spectre of fruitophobia, a damning offense in liberal academia and apparently quite serious for the liberal modernist lunatics running Notre Dame.
    If a Catholic priest can’t join in an effort to guide students to orthodox Catholic courses at Notre Dame, what is it these progressive modernists are telling everyone about their agenda?

    • The website was recently established primarily “to assist Notre Dame students who want to receive an authentic Catholic education at Notre Dame.” Thus, “progressive modernist mischief” at Notre Dame such as redefining marriage predates its existence and prescinds its purpose. Nonetheless, its Rationale section references Ex Corde Ecclesiae, and the following appears on its Welcome page:

      Pro-life students protesting president Obama at their own graduation ceremony

      The website is a project of the, a group of “alumni protecting Notre Dame’s Catholic identity” well-known for its criticism of the University’s secularization.

  5. Because of that connection (with Sycamore), if anyone connected with that offered criticism of liberal PC issues, such as redefining marriage by totalitarian progressive modernists and secularists at Notre Dame behind such heretical mischief, you could expect liberal hysteria and the usual heavy-handed tactics against orthodox Catholics, such as this priest, as has happened. It’s safe to assume that if the late Charles Rice had been a Holy Cross priest similar tactics to silence him would also have been used by these progressivistas. It is not the first time something like this has happened in Catholic academia. Father Fessio was subjected to hazing and persecution when he was trying to develop Catholic curriculum at the University of San Francisco quite a while back. Conservative and traditional priests in Catholic education have been forced off campuses. Progressive modernists resort to slander when they can’t get their way through usual channels. Gaslighting is common. They will suggest that the conservative or traditionalist in question is crazy, extreme, or in the current pontiff’s jargon, too rigid.

    It would be very surprising if Notre Dame’s flamboyant liberal president did not have a hand in this latest silencing operation.

  6. This is almost surely part of what prompted action by totalitarian progressive modernists and secularists at Notre Dame:

    From Sycamore’s website :


    “Sycamore Trust was born of intense concern over the loss by Notre Dame of its historic claim to a robust Catholic identity.

    The University’s honoring of President Obama in opposition to the policy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and in defiance of its own bishop, together with such other unsettling events as The Vagina Monologues and The Queer Film Festival, have raised serious doubt whether Notre Dame retains a vibrant Catholic identity. The dramatic shrinking of the Catholic faculty, measured against the school’s Mission Statement, confirms that it does not. While the school’s Mission Statement declares that its Catholic identity “depends upon the continuing presence of a predominant number of Catholic intellectuals on the faculty, the erosion of Catholic faculty has been so great that this test is no longer met. Thus, measured by its own standard, Notre Dame has lost the Catholic identity that it nonetheless continues to proclaim.

    Still, many of the school’s Catholic underpinnings remain, and it could over time regain its footing if those in governance were to act promptly and decisively. The time is opportune for alumni and others of the Notre Dame family to express both their intense concern and their support of actions designed to strengthen Notre Dame’s Catholic identity.”

    For PC academic progressives and secularists, this language would be construed as contributing to a “hostile environment” according to current speech codes and PC protocols on “diversity” as well as multiculturalism and sexual identity.

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