Matt Walsh on ABC’s “Christmas-y Ode” to Infanticide

There’s a vile, idiotic, putrid melting trash heap of a television show called “Scandal” that airs on ABC every week. Many people have informed me that last night the show depicted a woman having an abortion. It was supposed to be an emotional and inspiring scene. The lead character’s baby was killed as the hymn “Silent Night” played in the background. Later, she goes home, sips a glass of wine, and stares at her Christmas tree satisfied and content.

The episode also featured an even more direct advertisement for Planned Parenthood. In another scene, a heroic lawmaker stops evil Republicans from defunding Planned Parenthood. The abortion giant, of course, applauded “Scandal” for having the guts to openly promote baby killing on network television at 9 in the evening.

Now, look, I realize mature adults don’t watch vapid prime time soap operas in the first place. But, still, THIS IS OPEN ADVOCACY OF CHILD MURDER ON A MAJOR NETWORK. The same major network that owns ESPN, which is the outfit that recently gave a mentally disordered cross dresser their “Courage Award.” What we’re seeing in pop culture isn’t just bias, but an all-out war against morality, decency, and intelligence. It does matter, OK? It does matter.

Forget about the bias in news media. Everyone who tunes into MSNBC knows they’re going to be watching a bunch of propaganda merchants desperately shill for the Obama Administration. The real danger is the progressive proselytizing from Hollywood and these “entertainment” outlets like ABC. If your children are brainwashed by anything they see on television, it won’t be Anderson Cooper or MSNBC pundits doing the damage. It will be mainstream sitcoms and dramas and awards shows and whatever else our pop culture produces.

But here’s the thing: ABC wouldn’t survive if so-called “conservatives” and Christians stopped watching. So, seriously, why are we watching? I’m not one to advocate boycotts usually, but why are we NOT boycotting ABC until they issue a formal apology for using their platform to promote the butchery of children? Why are we NOT targeting their advertisers? Why are we NOT unleashing the hounds of hell upon these sadistic, twisted perverts? That’s what liberals would do if the situation was reversed. Why don’t we? We could take down these media corporations and bend them to our will if everyone who is repulsed by child murder actually took action against those who advertise it. Yes, they have the “right” to propagandize for Planned Parenthood, but we have the right to fight back, don’t we?

This is not a small thing. It really isn’t. This is gross, extreme, radical left wing evangelism being advanced by humongous media corporations THAT WE SUPPORT. If we didn’t support them, they wouldn’t exist. There simply aren’t enough liberals to prop these companies up. I mean, speaking of MSNBC, their entire audience is made up of liberals. Guess what? They attract, like, 12 viewers a night. They barely exist. If these other networks were treated with the same disgust and disdain as MSNBC, they’d be teetering near bankruptcy also. And that’s how it should be. They should attract not a single conservative or Christian viewer until they dramatically change course and beg for our forgiveness. That’s what should happen.

I’m serious. ABC made a statement that they despise what most of us believe and stand for. They don’t want our support or our money, they’ve made that clear, time and time again. So why in the world would we keep giving it to them? There should absolutely be a boycott of ABC, Disney, and all of their media properties because of this. If there isn’t, it only shows that we still don’t get it. Or maybe we just lack conviction.

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