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November 20, 2015 by Bill (himself)


Bill Donohue [himself] addresses recent attacks on Cardinal Donald Wuerl:

The crazies on the Catholic right have set their sights on Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington. Why? Because he is close to Pope Francis, and they hate the pope. The attacks are coming from The Church Militant, a loose gang of angry right-wingers who specialize in character assassination, and American Spectator hater George Neumayr.

Three recent hit pieces by Church Militant author Christine Niles set the agenda: [“Cdl. Donald Wuerl: A New Bishop of Bling,” November 9th ; “Deserting Christ: Cdl. Wuerl,” November 10th ; “Distorting Doctrine: Cdl. Wuerl,” November 13th ]. She says “today’s archbishop of Washington owns a penthouse in a complex valued at $43 million.” That is a lie. He owns not a centimeter of his third-floor “penthouse,” an apartment that sits atop Our Lady Queen of the Americas parish [although the archdiocese has “been paying from $50,000 to $100,000 in taxes for Wuerl’s mansion-complex each year” and “on the floors below the cardinal’s penthouse … lies a nest of Marxists, socialists, and liberals known as the Washington English Center”] – George Newmayr]. Like bishops all over the world, he resides in a spot that was specifically designed for the local Ordinary. There is nothing scandalous about this Church patrimony.

Church Militant head Michael Voris says his unidentified sources claim that when Wuerl was the Bishop of Pittsburgh his gay-friendly approach earned him the nickname “Donna the Girl.” I taught at a Pittsburgh Catholic college during Wuerl’s years and never once did I hear anyone tag him as such. Voris also says that Wuerl stole a “Catechism work composed by Fr. John Hardon by simply putting his name to it.” That’s another lie. I guess Wuerl was channeling Hardon when he gave his TV series of lectures on the subject.

Neumayr is so far gone that he accuses Wuerl of being a Communist because someone spotted [then-Fr. Wuerl as secretary to Cardinal Wright, with whom he went to the Vatican from Pittsburgh, “prominently displayed”] a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book in his office in the 1970s. That would make me Chairman of the Politburo: I have a copy of Das Kapital in my office right now.

These crazies are mad at Wuerl because he doesn’t believe in using the Eucharist as a weapon to smack liberal Catholic politicians. Wuerl has said that the refusal of Holy Communion “should be made only after clear efforts to persuade and convince the person that their actions are wrong and bear moral consequences.” Exactly. Wuerl is a great gift to the Catholic Church. These critics are as ignorant as they are malicious.

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  1. Donahue, at least for a month or so awhile back, almost sounded rational with some of the things he was saying.

    But you just knew that the true neo-Catholic and papolator fruitcake known as Bill Donahue would once again come to the surface.

    What an idiot!

    • Hey, I know some perfectly nice “idiots,” being a charter member at least 23 hours of every day, myself.

      Blabberin’ Bill Donahue ain’t even close to ’em.

      He belongs to that club made famous in a meme from awhile back featuring one of my all-time favorite actors, Sam Elliott – “Yeah, that makes you a really special kind of STUPID.”

  2. Donna was a friend of Dignity in Pittsburgh. He also created a homo-friendly sex-ed program entitled Catholic Vision of Love. About Wuerl from the Mothers’ Watch article:

    For years Wuerl, when Bishop of Pittsburgh had allowed Masses for the “Dignity” (homosexuals) group in his diocese. The Pittsburgh Dignity group had also announced that they had prepared a Liturgy whereby homosexual couples could participate in a “union rite.” Also, for many years, one of Bishop Wuerl’s master catechists for the Pittsburgh Diocese, Sr. Marguerite Kropinak had also been chaplain for the Dignity group, and staff member of their newsletter, Profiles in which was published their “Statement of Position and Purpose” which reads, in part, as follows:

    We believe that gay men and lesbian women can express their
    sexuality in a manner that is consonant with Christ’s teaching.
    We believe that we can express our sexuality physically in a
    unitive manner that is loving, life giving and life affirming.
    We believe that all sexuality should be exercised in an
    ethically responsible and unselfish way.

    It is from this environment that the Catholic Vision of Love program was born.

    Here’s an excerpt from the CVOL Guidelines (barf alert):

    We are sexual beings….The dynamism associated with being
    sexual in this broader sense extends to all areas of
    life….sexuality speaks of all the emotional and affective ties
    that tend to bind human beings together in many kinds of
    friendships and affectionate concerns.
    In its narrower sense, sexuality refers either to the biological
    aspects of being male or female…or activities, emotions,
    feelings, or indeed anything clearly related to genital sexual
    activity or sexual pleasure.

  3. Bill Donohue is now a protector of pro-aborts?

    These crazies are mad at Wuerl because he doesn’t believe in using the Eucharist as a weapon to smack liberal Catholic politicians. Wuerl has said that the refusal of Holy Communion “should be made only after clear efforts to persuade and convince the person that their actions are wrong and bear moral consequences.” Exactly. Wuerl is a great gift to the Catholic Church. These critics are as ignorant as they are malicious.

    So, Bill, Communion for Pelosi, Biden?

    Bill, you’ve completely lost me now.

    • “Remember my name… remember… remember!”

      $300 grand a year+, Cyprian. $300 grand a year+.

      That’s Donna-Who?’s take home stash.

      It eases a lot of rigor, especially if one gets to bloviate at the rate of 1500+ words a minute, right to the stars, on EEEEEEW! TN while Raymondo – Error-o (who takes home $140 grand/yr) gives you a “Standing O” twice a month.

      • Also let’s not forget Battlin’ Bill’s take-home stash:

        Bill Donohue’s “Charity” is Mostly Himself

        Posted by Mary Ann Kreitzer
        SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2015

        Yesterday I blogged about Bill Donohue’s attack on those raising the alarm about Cardinal Wuerl’s lavish digs on Embassy Row. Out of curiosity I checked Donohue’s “charity,” the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Right. Charity Navigator has a breakdown that is most enlightening. One hundred percent of the league’s income is derived from contributions. Less than half of that goes to advance their agenda. Over 50% goes to administration and fundraising including a hunky chunk for Donohue’s $417,000 salary.

        No surprise that the man has no problem with Wuerl’s lavish lifestyle. He has his own personal “charity” to feather his nest. How many of those contributing to the Catholic League make anywhere near that kind of moolah?

        I used to support the Catholic League when it was run by its founder Fr. Virgil Blum, S.J. who was president from 1973 until 1989. Where did he live? In a room at Marquette University. Then Bill moved the Catholic League to New York City and started promoting himself. The kicker for me came when I saw him in a “debate” about abortion browbeating and yelling at an attractive pro-abort woman. My reaction? He should have found the prettiest young pro-life woman in town, maybe on his own staff, someone like Lila Rose to go on the TV show. But that would have deprived him of a moment in the “sun” under the TV lights.

        No, I don’t support the Catholic League. I have better things to do with my money — like defend Aden Hailu and other vulnerable individuals in danger of murder by the culture of death. In fact, I hope you boycotted the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) collection today. Why not use that money instead at Aden’s page and put a donation in the “basket” to help her family get her moved to a safe location. Her story is getting more and more typical around the country as U.S. medicine is transformed from patient oriented to cost/benefit oriented.

        Now wouldn’t it be nice if some of those big bucks Bill is collecting went for that?

        Think about it. How much is your life worth? A lot to you and your family; not so much to the number crunchers who would rather kill you than treat you. As for Bill Donohue…well….

  4. Some neo-Catholics have picked up Catholic League Bill Donohue’s “RIGHT-WING NUTS” meme and applied it to Rorate Caeli’s post “Pope Francis orders no conversions in Catholic schools” (see ); for example:

  5. Bill Donohue: Establishment Lapdog

    by Christine Niles • November 20, 2015

    In a column published Friday, Catholic League’s Bill Donohue goes after, characterizing this apostolate as a group of “right-wing crazies” writing “hit pieces” against his friend Cdl. Donald Wuerl. According to Donohue, our motive stems from Cdl. Wuerl’s alleged closeness to Pope Francis, and the fact that (in his words) we “hate the pope.”

    Anyone familiar with our apostolate knows this charge to be laughable. We have consistently defended the Holy Father against attacks, and have even been condemned by various groups for our steadfast refusal to publicly criticize the Pope. We pray for the Holy Father daily, love him, and have always been faithful to Peter.

    Cardinal Wuerl’s Playbook

    With his smear, Donohue is in fact working out of Cdl. Wuerl’s playbook, whose modus operandi includes discrediting theological opponents as enemies of the Pope. As we noted here:

    After several Synod Fathers expressed concern over possible liberal manipulation at the Synod, Wuerl — instead of addressing the substance of their claims — did what any shrewd politician would do when caught: He impugned his opponents’ integrity.

    In an interview with America magazine, Wuerl cunningly mischaracterized fellow bishops thus: “I wonder if some of these people who are speaking … just don’t like this pope. I wonder if that isn’t part of it.”

    The comments, predictably, put orthodox prelates on the defensive, who scrambled to publicly deny the charges. “Creating a distraction,” we wrote, “the focus would no longer be on addressing their legitimate concerns but rather on their personal character and trustworthiness. For Cdl. Wuerl, it was mission accomplished.”

    Donohue, like his cardinal friend, doesn’t address the substance of our claims, choosing instead the low route of personal vilification, falsely painting us as “angry right-wingers” who “hate the pope.” Perhaps for Donohue, too, it’s mission accomplished — but such cheap shots have no place in intelligent discourse, and are beneath the dignity of Catholics.

    But Donohue has a history of making cheap shots, once disparaging the faithful as “piety police” when they expressed shock that Cdl. Timothy Dolan had no problem with an activist gay group marching in the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade, another time comparing a journalist to a left-wing dictator because the journalist supports the long-established Church practice of denying Communion to manifest public sinners, as mandated by canon law. More on that later.

    We privately asked Donohue to retract his false charge. He has failed to do so.

    Attack Dog for the Establishment

    In his Friday column, Donohue goes on to claim we dissembled when we wrote that the archbishop of Washington, D.C. owns his penthouse. “That is a lie,” Donohue argues. “He owns not a centimeter of his third-floor ‘penthouse.'”

    But the facts prove otherwise. As we showed in our report, public property tax records show the building at 2200 California Street, NW in D.C. — the location of Cdl. Wuerl’s residence — is owned by “The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Washington,” a corporation. Incorporation records name “Donald Wuerl” as the current “governor” of the corporation, with a controlling interest in the property and the power to direct it and dispose of it as he wills. Cardinal Wuerl, in his capacity as governing board member of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Washington Corporation, technically owns the property. We stand by our claim.

    There is perhaps reason for Donohue’s defensivenes. He sits as head of a non-profit with $35 million in assets, and is personally paid a handsome salary of nearly $500,000 per year, according to latest records, with compensation of $417,500 plus “other compensation” of $57,376. His company describes its mission as working “to safeguard both the religious freedom rights and the free speech rights of Catholics whenever and wherever they are threatened.” Among his outfit’s duties, it seems, is its president’s defense of high-profile prelates when they exhibit questionable behavior.

    As we noted in our previous article, Cdl. Wuerl came under fire in 2012 for punishing a priest who attempted to protect the Blessed Sacrament. Father Marcel Guarnizo, a visiting D.C. priest, quietly withheld Holy Communion from an active lesbian Buddhist at Mass, safeguarding the Sacred Host from profanation as well as protecting the communicant from bringing greater judgment on her soul. He acted as any faithful priest should — yet Cdl. Wuerl swiftly brought down the hammer, stripping Fr. Guarnizo of his priestly faculties and banning him from active ministry in his diocese. Wuerl apologized to the lesbian Buddhist while leveling unfounded charges of “intimidation” against the priest (who was never given a chance to defend himself).

    Donohue evidently had no problem with any of this, instead jumping to the cardinal’s defense. After journalist George Neumayr wrote a column critical of the affair, rightly condemning Wuerl for exposing the Eucharist to sacrilege, Donohue issued a public statement scolding Neumayr for his “scary” dogmatism and labeling him a “right-wing fanatic.” (That seems to be Donohue’s go-to pejorative when it comes to orthodox Catholics who criticize his high-profile colleagues.) Donohue concluded by saying “Wuerl is a real man” and “I have nothing but respect for him.”

    But the D.C. prelate isn’t the only one Donohue has shielded. New York cardinal Timothy Dolan has also benefited from Donohue’s protection. In Donohue’s own words, “Cardinal Dolan has no more rabid supporter than Bill Donohue.” When Dolan invited President Barack Obama to be a keynote speaker at the annual Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in 2012 — a $2,500-a-plate affair at the Waldorf-Astoria organized by the New York archdiocese, where cardinals rub shoulders with well-heeled, pro-abortion Democrats — the faithful were outraged, many thousands signing a petition asking that Dolan follow the example of his predecessor cardinals and rescind the invitation or refuse to attend. After all, not only is Obama the most radically pro-abortion, pro-homosexualist president in the history of the nation, he was, at the time, locked in a bitter feud with the Church over the HHS contraceptive mandate, trying to force the Church to go against Her teachings and bend to his executive will.

    Dolan discounted their pleas, and Donohue went on Lou Dobbs’ Tonight and “vigorously defended Dolan’s decision,” writing off faithful Catholics aggrieved by the matter as “piety police” — a phrase that brought about sniggering from Dobbs.

    Michael Voris comments on the 2012 Al Smith Dinner and Donohue’s remarks

    And in 2014, when the New York cardinal further scandalized the faithful by agreeing to be Grand Marshal of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, in spite of the fact that parade organizers were allowing an activist gay group to march officially under its own banner for the first time in the parade’s 250-plus-year history, Donohue again went to bat for his friend. In a September 3 column, he wrote that “there should be no controversy” and he hoped the gay activists would “conduct themselves in a manner that honors St. Patrick” — nevermind the fact that they loudly promote sodomy and same-sex “marriage,” entirely antithetical to Church teaching and everything St. Patrick stood for.

    In fact, Donohue had struck a Faustian bargain: As long as parade organizers would let a pro-life group march, he’d offer no complaint about the gay activists. The parade committee agreed — only to later renege on their promise and choose to exclude the pro-life group. Furious, Donohue issued a statement saying he was “finished” with the parade.

    But the faithful could see it all from a mile away; when you make a deal with the devil, don’t be surprised when the devil fails to keep his end of the deal. Unsurprisingly, next year, not only will the parade not include a pro-life group, it will have not one but two gay activist groups marching under their own banners — while parade committee chairman John Lahey hopes to remove St. Patrick altogether as patron saint of the event.

    A Question

    The top canonist in the world along with the top doctrinal chief in the world have both publicly said Holy Communion must be denied to manifest public sinners, as mandated by canon 915 as well as long-established Church practice. Cardinal Raymond Burke, while head of the Vatican’s supreme court, and then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, have both said the clear language of the canon requires this result. But Cdl. Wuerl has defiantly taken a contrary position — and Donohue, his ever-faithful media crony, is right by his side on this.

    In 2009, Wuerl upset the faithful when he said he would not deny Holy Communion to then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who — as a self-professed Catholic — has spent her entire political career running on a pro-abortion platform. Wuerl didn’t want to “wield Communion [as a] weapon,” he said — and Donohue is parroting Wuerl. In his recent complaint against, Donohue claims, “These crazies are mad at Wuerl because he doesn’t believe in using the Eucharist as a weapon to smack liberal Catholic politicians.”

    The “Eucharist as weapon” argument has been soundly refuted by both Burke and Ratzinger, who wrote in a 2004 memo to the U.S. bishops:

    This decision, properly speaking, is not a sanction or a penalty. Nor is the minister of Holy Communion passing judgment on the person’s subjective guilt, but rather is reacting to the person’s public unworthiness to receive Holy Communion due to an objective situation of sin.

    And Cdl. Burke has noted that it’s not the minister who wields Communion as a weapon, but rather the pro-abortion politicians “using the Eucharist as a political tool” in their obstinate refusal to respect the Sacrament.

    Bill Donohue has made a lucrative career (to the tune of nearly half a million dollars a year) out of purportedly defending faithful Catholics from attacks in the media — but who’s there to defend against Donohue when he goes on the attack against faithful Catholics whose particular brand of orthodoxy he dislikes? When he decides it’s more convenient to protect his friends of high rank by disparaging the lowly faithful as “piety police”?

    From his powerful, well-paid perch, Donohue looks down his nose at faithful Catholics scandalized by the hierarchy, mischaracterizing them while enabling the establishment to continue its work of eroding the Faith and harming souls. His irrational screed against only proves the point. Catholics need to start asking themselves whether his is an outfit deserving of their support.

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