Is this the faith you’ll die for?

Is this the faith you’ll die for?

NOV 16, 2015 by HILARY WHITE in What’s up with Francis-Church?

Indonesian bishops.

Portugal in a country parish.

[Bishops dancing at World Youth Day 2013 – choreographed by Fly, a professional dancer who has posed nude for sodomite publications but was clothed for this occasion]

[A post-Communion “meditation” in the form of a tango performed at a Buenos Aires Mass presided over by then-Cardinal Archbishop Bergoglio]

In the face of our deadly enemies, this is what the men of the Church offer us: a “religion” that would insult the intelligence and faith of a retarded toddler.

Meanwhile men fear their towns will be overrun with Islamic savages, their daughters and wives will be kidnapped and raped, their sons recruited, their neighbors beheaded, their homes burned. A friend warns that without sane moral guidance, the kind that the Church is no longer capable of providing, strong and determined people will have no choice but to turn to a revived fascism to answer this appalling peril.

And he is right. I’ve seen it already. Young people are tired of being told that patriotism is immoral and are already seeing their communities starting to be overrun with savages whom they are ordered to welcome and whose savageries they are instructed to tolerate. The warning that they will turn to ultranationalist groups is simply factually the case. I know some of them.

What choice do they have, in the moral vacuum that the Church and secular society have become, than to re-invent a moral landscape for themselves?

The weak-kneed, limp-wristed, grey-ponytailed 68ers, smiling out from behind the ancient altars at their dwindling crowds of old ladies, in their tie-dyed polyester ponchos, waving their hands and making dated speeches about peace n’ lurve, are jokes to them, and rightly so.

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One comment on “Is this the faith you’ll die for?

  1. The tune reminds me of my Baptist childhood, when at Vacation Bible School we would sing “I’ve got the peace of Jesus, peace of Jesus down in my heart,… down in my heart to stay..” This is a pretty terrible video. I just do not understand these priests. How can they live a priestly life…it’s just too confusing for me. So I ‘ll stay in my traditional world.

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