The innocents of Paris who lost their lives and the injured, some of whom may be maimed for life, have only you and your buddies in the papacy since 1960 to thank for not following the the very simple request of the Holy Mother of God at Fatima to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. And so, Russia continues to spread her errors throughout the world and Islam perpetrates the most heinous crimes against us. How do you feel, Jorge? Are you the Pontiff who will perform the consecration, albeit late? Or, are you going to continue to persecute us for following Tradition? The choice is yours.

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2 comments on “THIS ONE IS ON YOU, JORGE

  1. its kinda funny to think the Novus Ordo promotes a New Evangelization when it’s 55 years and counting to just say a simple consecration with the word RUSSIA in it.

  2. From an AP report on rising European resistance to this invasion, reminiscent of the infamous ” Gilligan’s Island ‘liturgy’ ,” on the Island of Lumpadumpa, starring an Argentinian pop star…

    A Tunisian man sent back home after serving a seven-year prison term in Italy on terrorism charges returned to the country on a migrant boat. Mehdi Ben Nasr arrived in Lampedusa, Sicily, on Oct. 4 and was expelled again a week later. He had been convicted in Italy for being part of a network of Islamic extremists who recruited fighters to go to Iraq.

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