Interview with Don Mauro Tranquillo (SSPX) Immigration

Interview with Don Mauro Tranquillo (SSPX) Immigration

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And ‘can dispel, Gospel in hand, the “dogma ecumenist” the welcome indiscriminate?

The path of human knowledge, the evolution of philosophical thought, the path of spirituality appear geometrically from the collective consciousness as dominant a ray that proceeds relentlessly towards “forwards”, without ever being held back by doubts that such a one-sided conception of “progress” can be misleading, reaching not coincide at all with the concept of improvement. Indeed, from a strictly logical point of view, it’s more likely to think that the error is behind the randomness of an innovation than among those folds that human experience has now acquired as a just and virtuous.
Just look at the current situation: Italy today is visibly less affluent, less secure, less prosperous, less beautiful than fifty years ago and yet the time has passed since then certainly not backward, and have always been so-called “progressive” holding court.
All this to say that good truths may either precede or follow truth less good, the ideal would be to choose the right ones, without ideological preconceptions. Instead, the interpretation of the Gospel message has in recent decades, say the Second Vatican Council forward, he walked toward a sort of indiscriminate opening to a somewhat ‘abstract and incomplete as modernism, ecumenism, and relativism; for charity, they could also discuss, except that the less willing to compare it is the “priests” of this progressive tack, that is exactly those who would touch provide the burden of proof on the goodness of the steps that have imposed, sic and simply, to the community. But, fortunately, to counterbalance this “absolutism ecumenist” there were those who knew how to say “no”, often at the price of severe ostracism (both canonical and media), he believed it was the other way follow the Gospel, namely that of “before” and not the “after”. Well, let’s hear what these “Catholics resistant” to hear a bell certainly not heard, especially on those issues that too often pull for lapel a Christian spirituality in which you try to extort ethical solutions (and practices) of questionable applicability. The following interview was released in exclusive QQ-Daily Qelsi Don Mauro Quiet, Fraternity “Saint Pius X” Albano Laziale .

Let’s start by commenting this stance of the church hierarchy to an immigration phenomenon that the Vatican itself rather severely discipline within their borders; Yet, Cardinal Scola said that “foreigners are the future of Milan and have changed the face of the city” (USA Today, April 13, 2014): This constant reference to the concept of “change”, especially in the key demographic obviously, has not a disturbing aftertaste, in your view?

In the church hierarchy, or the “conservative Italian” Scola or the “innovator of Latin America” ​​Bergoglio have a Catholic vision of how society should be ordered. It demonstrates how to agree in positive opinion on the company that seems to be necessarily multi-cultural and multi-religious. They do not seem to worry that if a population no longer takes the form from the Catholic religion, if a company is organized around the church, no longer corresponds to what God requires and walks away from his Creator, as well as individual souls away from End their eternal. For many decades the contrary hierarchies have undertaken to accommodate the multi-religious society and to give credit to all types of worship, based on the principle of religious freedom proclaimed by the Council. If Milan is no longer the city of St. Ambrose, who was close the churches Aryan, but to cardinals who support the construction of mosques, do not think is a sign of “continuity” of faith. According to what logic the Vatican hierarchy endorse the multiculturalism and relativism? Assuming (and not granting) the conditions exist evangelicals do not realize that the different faiths and denominations are not merchandise interchangeable, and that if Christians become demographically minority in their countries, Christianity will die out as the whole of Western civilization ? I fear that Western civilization, in the sense of Catholic civilization, is already extinct for a long time, and we survivors live among the ruins and tombs. The current Western civilization is the most anti-Catholic imaginable. Of course it is curious that the Pastors of the Church have become the supporters of this new multi-religious society, but apparently are servants of the powers who wanted it as a substitute to Christianity. The new multi-religious society is made ​​to feed the relativism of faiths, so that it becomes completely indifferent to what is believed. I think they make great account of this, if we think that the same Pope Francis few months ago in the parish of the Sacred Heart in Rome has called on Muslims to read the Koran and the Bible Christians, as if it were equal. So they all work in the same project. Hierarchies are not independent and free but enslaved, it is the only explanation to what is happening in the Church for decades. The Pope can also say the bishops not to seek support in the powerful, but in reality even in the century of iron Papacy was so in tow of the secular power. Are presenting the Catholic Church as a sort of body of ecumenical spiritual animation of the new world order. The evangelical concept of “neighbor to love as ourselves,” provides the first empire to love themselves and their communities, in fact, considering that “proximus” is the one that is closer, so that there is more like, a proposition that combines Homer (“like attracts like”) to St. Benedict (the love yourself as a first step to being able to love others ). Well that’s the point that “indiscriminate love” so fashionable today, so easy to trumpeting as unable to take charge of naturalness that always should govern all civil coexistence within the laws territorial (the “Redde Caesari” pronounced by Christ)? L ‘ invoke the Gospel in support of hospitality indiscriminate is sophistry fallacious for several reasons. First, it is true that there is an order in charity, that is no way to help each other damaging. Especially those who govern a company can not ignore the common good, that you are not necessarily entering the masses of people in need in a society in crisis. Also true charity can not lose sight of the eternal salvation of souls, that you have to get through membership in the Roman Church. The entry of people of other faiths in large numbers does not facilitate the conversion but feeds the indifference, even if they do not take control of the company and not the shall base their faith. There is a clear plan behind the entry of Muslims in Europe, which is to give the final blow to what little remains of Christian identity. I do not think that those who govern the Church can ignore a matter so obvious, so I conclude that they are accomplices. The images of the Church of Palermo with the naves used as dormitories and holy water stoups used as drying racks, as Christians, that the feelings you have suggested? No It is entirely incongruous that in extreme necessity the poor are housed in churches, but here it is clear that we are facing a media operation rather vulgar. There is no shortage to the Italian Church or the Vatican huge facilities and more practical, equipped with the best of those available in a Church. Wanting to put the camp beds in the Church seems to me only a very political propaganda; why not accommodate them in some convent or seminary? After all priests and bishops in recent decades have been very good at that kind of empty buildings. Maybe you can put immigrants because they serve better as luxury hotels or similar? I suggest to Pope Francis, who makes house the immigrants in Santa Maria Maggiore, to give them the Paul VI Hall (as the hearings are all in place now), or their empty apartments. Why occupy and lordare the basilica? Considering that any good in nature is finite by definition, and therefore, in view of the good Christian, by God’s will, how can you identify the ethical concept of “goodness” with the discrimination of “close” in favor of the far? Well, judging by the large number of suicides by poverty and elderly abrade the garbage, to our local caritatevolezza no shortage at home to attend to a flock; why, then, it has only continued to look for the poor around the world? God, in his great wisdom and logic, not perhaps governed in full harmony with the environment their pastors, dislocandoli within their peoples according to the needs of each of them? If we talk about the aid to people in extreme need, This undoubtedly has to be indiscriminate. But extreme necessity means the immediate danger of life. Another thing to make a long-term policy that allows to give to each his due, and to the citizens of a country that it is up to them. Easy to play on the confusion between the aid to the individual who risks his life (as the shipwrecked in the Mediterranean) and the policy of a government that must ensure due to their citizens without damaging them in favor of others. How can we resist this continuous an attempt to alter the orthodoxy of traditional values? How can you think that what has existed for thousands of years it can be circumvented when not reversed? Under attack of globalization is the history, language, knowledge, beauty of the West: What can Christians do today to protect their cultural heritage? Our society is already far away from Christianity and also from our culture and Roman Catholic, we must not delude ourselves. However, the faith and the presence of Jesus Christ are actually living, life-giving, able to revive what the wickedness of our enemies and their accomplices destroyed. It is up to every Catholic cultivate his union with God, knowing that they are struggling more than ever stranger to the world. We must start from the reconstruction, even in small, really authentically and fully Catholic, in the profession of the true faith, in worship, teaching, transmission of our culture three thousand years, fighting in the apostolate of spreading the Gospel, which is the true charity we can do in a world without truth. We need to rebuild a social network, a union of families with priests of orthodoxy tried to start from the beginning, although rich baggage of centuries. We do not think of find support somewhere, they shall be our own authority to hinder us. Especially, as the first Christians, we must be prepared to remain faithful even before the sacrifice, without the illusion of living in a Christian world, as was a few decades (or centuries) ago. Live as Christians, even in the simplest things, will require greater sacrifice. Let us rejoice, because this promised us our Lord, and fight for restargli united and to re-establish all things in him. And? You can dispel, Gospel in hand, the? dogma ecumenist? of? reception indiscriminate? |

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