Remnant Press Releases a New, Excellent Traditionalist Novel

NEW from the Remnant Press: The Mosque of Notre Dame Written by
Thursday, November 12, 2015

A New Book from The Remnant Press…

With a storyline lifted straight from tomorrow’s headlines, The Mosque of Notre Dame is more than a novel:
It’s a predication, a prophecy, and a promise of things to come—if what’s left of the Christian West doesn’t wake up!
CLICK HERE to read more and to order your copy of The Mosque of Notre Dame today!

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One comment on “Remnant Press Releases a New, Excellent Traditionalist Novel

  1. I was genuinely privileged to be able to read “MND” in pre-publication.

    The English translation is precise, crisp, evocative and compelling. Originally published in Russian, the author’s native language, this novel already has a wide, appreciative audience in Russia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

    At moments, as I read it, I could picture the late, great Tom Clancy, superstar thriller author Brad Thor, Sir Frederick Forsythe and other outstanding contemporary military writers thinking, “Well done! Well done, indeed!”

    Believe me, friends, you WILL be in occupied Paris and you will be up to your neck in page-turning thrills, plot twists and excitement from page one, all the way to the incredible ending.

    Definitely destined to become a classic among not only traditional Catholics but a much wider readership in America and Canada which appreciates intricate plotting, powerful characters and a more-than-classic “true good versus incomprehensible evil” story.

    Get it. Talk it up. And help Elena Chudnova and our dear friends at The Remnant Press enjoy the same, stunned surprise an otherwise obscure Maryland insurance broker and the Naval Institute Press realized when “The Hunt for Red October” hit the shelves over thirty years ago.

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