Off The DEEP End….Doctor Of The Church

As a veterinarian, I think I should be made a “Doctor of The Church” as well as any Catholic DVM, MD, DDS, or PhD.  Why not?!?!

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3 comments on “Off The DEEP End….Doctor Of The Church

  1. The modernists will never give up trying to elevate their heros in the minds of Catholics but we trads will never give up opposing their agendas. The fact that they want to give this additional honor to the person who kissed the Koran and permitted heretics and worse to occupy the Shrine at Assisi says all that needs to be said about their motives.

  2. I’ll vote for you, Dr. Tim, and for Dr. Brian Kopp.

    I wonder if there will someday be a chapter in Church history about the alternative press and the Internet. In more sane times, a bunch of Catholics voicing their opinions and analyses in public fora would be frowned upon. As we know today, the choice to remain silent, in word or in deed, is not an option.

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