Sainthood price-tag?

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2 comments on “Sainthood price-tag?

  1. Vatican’s bill for sainthood €750,000 [$1,130,000]?

    Written by Michael Matt | Editor, The Remnant | Wednesday, November 4, 2015

    The Times is reporting the following today: “Securing sainthood is a commercial process that can cost up to €750,000 [$1,130,000] in fees paid to a Vatican department that refuses to account for its spending.

    “That is one of the revelations contained in Merchants in the Temple, a new book to be published tomorrow lifting the lid on financial skullduggery and corruption in the Vatican.”


    REMNANT COMMENT: Well, what of it! The folks at the Vatican have to eat, too. Besides, I’m sure this in no way detracts from the airtight process by which the post-conciliar Vatican secures halos for the holy. It’s just that everything is so expensive these days…including halos. Nothing to see here.


    St. Pope John XXIII [and St. John Paul II as well as the other 482 saints and 1,341 beati that JP2 proclaimed*], pray for us!

    [*There is an “overlap” in the number of saints and beati, because during his 26-year pontificate JP2 elevated some of the beati that he proclaimed to sainthood.]

  2. Is there are a discount for veterans ? I want to get a head start before I croak !

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