Vandals deface Santa Cruz Mission

Vandals deface Santa Cruz Mission

This marks the fourth attack on a California mission since Junipero Serra’s canonization

[No pattern or hate crimes here to justify state or federal (FBI) involvement; only random acts of mischief to be handled by local authorities]


Red paint was found splattered on the door of the Santa Cruz Mission on November 2.

The following comes from a November 3 Breitbart article by William Bigelow:

Salinas, CA – On Monday morning, red paint was found splattered on the door of the Santa Cruz Mission, with graffiti accusing Father Junipero Serra of genocide painted on the walls.

One young student at the school at the mission, Eli Moody, 8, told KSBW, “When we got to school everyone was talking about it.” He added that his teachers tried to explain why vandals would have targeted the church, but he and his fellow students were upset by the damage. He said, “It’s a church and you should respect it because God lives in there.”

Vandals have lashed out at Junipero Serra four times in northern California since his September 23 canonization by Pope Francis. The first attack occurred on the very day Serra was canonized, when black paint was poured on a statue of Serra at the north end of Carmel.
Another attack in late September featured vandals striking the Carmel Mission where Serra is buried, toppling statues and damaging gravesites, even painting “Saint of Genocide” on a headstone. A third attack occurred in mid-October, with the decapitation of the Serra statue in the Lower Presidio Historic park in Monterey. The last attack in Santa Cruz was the fourth.

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3 comments on “Vandals deface Santa Cruz Mission

  1. I used to live in the Carmel Area and loved the Carmel Mission and have visited many of the others. They are beautiful ! Who ever did this needs to used as bait for great white sharks in Monterey Bay.

  2. Even psychiatric manuals would be hard pressed to define exactly which form of insanity causes former cannibals and genocidal human sacrificers into modern Stalinist terrorists?

    The hard, far Left smelled blood in the water on March 13, 2013 and escalations against not only the Church but objective truth itself are only just warming up.

  3. Such are the fruits of encouraging “diversity” rather than assimilation. You get animals acting out as they would in their animal culture, which is, of course, just as valid as any other culture and therefore worthy of respect and honor.

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