Fr. Harrison: final doc “mendacious” … which means “lying”

Fr. Harrison: final doc “mendacious” … which means “lying”


[This comment from Father Brian Harrison on the Synod’s final relatio was useful, I think, in clarifying why it is unacceptable. HJMW]

I have just been reading (in the original Italian) the three paragraphs of the Final Report of the Synod (nos. 84, 85 and 86) that only barely scraped together the necessary 2/3 majority of votes. They all have to do with the situation of the divorced and civilly remarried.

It looks very ominous to me. These paragraphs are vague, and full of true, but one-sidedly ‘positive’ (and therefore tendentious) comments about Catholics in that bigamous (adulterous) situation.

Above all, the paragraphs manifest a deafening silence about whether these folks can be admitted to Holy Communion. By conspicuously failing to cite Pope St. John Paul II’s clear teaching in Familiaris Consortio #84 that they can’t receive Communion unless they live as ‘brother and sister’, while citing the more “compassionate” parts of that very same article of FC, the Synod majority sends a clear message: the Church is moving towards opening a door that John Paul (and all his predecessors) had firmly closed!

[I hesitate to dare to correct or even clarify so august a person as Fr. Harrison, but I would suggest that it is not true that “the Church” is heading in that direction. Bergoglio and his followers may be doing so, but over that cliff the Church, the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, cannot dive. HJMW]

When we look at the voting numbers of these three paragraphs, it is clear that they would not have received the required 2/3 majority if it were not for the dozens of ‘progressive’ cardinals and bishops with whom the Holy Father personally packed the Synod by direct personal appointment – both as Synod Fathers and as members of the drafting committee for this report.

Basically, it seems clear that the Synod battle – a battle in which the soul of the Church is at stake! – has been won by Pope Francis and the party of so-called ‘mercy’. The Supreme Pontiff has successfully imposed his will on the Synod and will probably now claim he has a green light, after having “consulted” and “listened to” the world’s bishops, to bring out a follow-up document that “decentralizes” this issue, i.e., that allows “regional” differences as to whether divorced-and-remarrieds can receive Communion.

If so, we will be a facing a terribly grave situation; for that kind of “diversity” on a matter which by its very nature demands uniformity throughout the Catholic world will be enough to start unravelling the whole fabric of Catholic doctrine: first in ‘morals’, then in matters of ‘faith’ as well. (“Faith and morals” go together.)

May heaven preserve us, and may the Holy Spirit move and guide the heart of Pope Francis so that he does not take this revolutionary step!

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3 comments on “Fr. Harrison: final doc “mendacious” … which means “lying”

  1. Thank you Fr Harrison for an honest summation.

    We are now really in very evil hands. Wolves at the very top places of the Church.

    Prayer, prayer, and more prayer.

    Blessed Lord,
    You promised to be with your Church until the end of time, please see our peril, hear our prayer and save us from the false teachings that are being introduced into Your Church.

  2. A Synod is an advisory body; it does not make doctrine or enforce rules. It is up to the Occupant of the Chair of Peter to interpret doctrine (not make it) and enforce rules. So, the pope (whichever one is really pope) cannot escape responsibility for whatever comes forward from this Synod. The current Occupant would like to dish off responsibility to the Synod but he cannot. We shall see what happens next.

  3. Is “mendacious” Hilary’s word? I can find it only in her title, but not in the article on her site. Did she leave something out?

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