Anyone familiar with the Catholic Faith knows that in the early Church, Christian-Catholics were being persecuted for their beliefs, both by the Roman authorities and the Jews. So, they took it upon themselves to hide in the catacombs when they were practicing their Faith overtly. It seems almost analogous to present times with one big exception – the persecution in modern times comes from the Church itself. What’s that you say? Well, in order to save space on this blog, I invite anyone interested to view the most recent textual addition to my website at (You won’t have to go far on the site, the new text immediately follows the opening pictures.)

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4 comments on “THE NEW CATACOMBS

  1. Interesting website at the link. It’s a little hard to read, with that single column setup.

    The space picture on it prompts me to mention that I have catacombs in my new phi sci fi novel Run about Catholics on the first space colony. The Combs is what they have named an interior space between the living quarters of the colony on the inside and the exterior hull. It was constructed to shield from radiation, but it has become a hiding place from colony authority in the interior–the cameras and surveillance that make up modern life. They call it the Combs, and some suggest it was named after Mike Combs, the visionary who designed the first colony models, but the Catholics say it’s for the catacombs, and they hold their first mass there, the first mass in space, as soon as they get their brave young priest.

    We are short Earth years away not only from outer space but also our new persecution as Catholics. We are illegal right now. The synod was about whether we will get on the right side of the law, or maintain our traditional teaching, which is now in conflict with civic secular authority in very many places of the world.

    Come check out the novel, and prepare for the future. There’ll be a Combs in it.

  2. Jan,
    Don’t have this problem at all using Windows 7 and Dell laptop. When I click on the link it goes to the website in full-screen mode.

    • I am using Windows 7, Chrome, and a very large Dell monitor, and I think I am looking at the same screen, and with this hardware and software the text is a single, very wide column, which I find difficult to read and keep my place in, and others may too, even on a smaller monitor. But the content is very interesting and I plan to plow through it later today. I say plow not because of the writing or the content but because my dry eyes makes it more a little taxing to read anything. The site is rich in content!

  3. Jan,
    Now I understand the problem. Can you narrow up the window at the edges to
    ease the burden on your eyes? I would narrow the window to just the width of the opening graphics and see if that helps. God bless.

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