Synod Highlight: Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea’s Warning of “Cultural Marxism” Falls on Deaf Episcopal Ears

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On October 15, Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea, President of the Association of Catholic Doctors of Bucharest in Romania, gave this brief address to the Sin-Nod (my emphasis).

Your Holiness, Synod Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, I represent the Association of Catholic Doctors from Bucharest.

I am from the Romanian Greek Catholic Church.

My father was a Christian political leader, who was imprisoned by the communists for 17 years. My parents were engaged to marry, but their wedding took place 17 years later.

My mother waited all those years for my father, although she didn’t even know if he was still alive. They have been heroically faithful to God and to their engagement.

Their example shows that God’s grace can overcome terrible social circumstances and material poverty.

We, as Catholic doctors, defending life and family, can see this is, first of all, a spiritual battle.

Material poverty and consumerism are not the primary cause of the family crisis.

The primary cause of the sexual and cultural revolution is ideological.

Our Lady of Fatima has said that Russia’s errors would spread all over the world.

It was first done under a violent form, classical Marxism, by killing tens of millions.

Now it’s being done mostly by cultural Marxism. There is continuity from Lenin’s sex revolution, through Gramsci and the Frankfurt school, to the current-day gay-rights and gender ideology.

Classical Marxism pretended to redesign society, through violent take-over of property.

Now the revolution goes deeper; it pretends to redefine family, sex identity and human nature.

This ideology calls itself progressive. But it is nothing else than the ancient serpent’s offer, for man to take control, to replace God, to arrange salvation here, in this world.

It’s an error of religious nature, it’s Gnosticism.

It’s the task of the shepherds to recognize it, and warn the flock against this danger.

“Seek ye therefore first the Kingdom of God, and His justice, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

The Church’s mission is to save souls. Evil, in this world, comes from sin. Not from income disparity or “climate change”.

The solution is: Evangelization. Conversion.

Not an ever increasing government control. Not a world government. These are nowadays the main agents imposing cultural Marxism to our nations, under the form of population control, reproductive health, gay rights, gender education, and so on.

What the world needs nowadays is not limitation of freedom, but real freedom, liberation from sin. Salvation.

Our Church was suppressed by the soviet occupation. But none of our 12 bishops betrayed their communion with the Holy Father. Our Church survived thanks to our bishops’ determination and example in resisting prisons and terror.

Our bishops asked the community not to follow the world. Not to cooperate with the communists.

Now we need Rome to tell the world: “Repent of your sins and turn to God for the Kingdom of Heaven is near”.

Not only us, the Catholic laity, but also many Christian Orthodox are anxiously praying for this Synod. Because, as they say, if the Catholic Church gives in to the spirit of this world, it is going to be very difficult for all the other Christians to resist it.

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3 comments on “Synod Highlight: Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea’s Warning of “Cultural Marxism” Falls on Deaf Episcopal Ears

  1. Romanian doctor at Synod says Cupich, others giving encouragement to homosexuality is ‘criminal’

    Update: This story now includes a shortened, 18-minute video of the original 30-minute interview. The full 30-minute interview can still be accessed here.

    ROME, October 21, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) — Faithful Catholics have viewed her explosive presentation at the Synod on the Family in Rome last week as Holy-Spirit inspired, bang on target, unambiguous, courageous, brilliant. She has suddenly and unexpectedly come to represent a voice that is at extreme odds with the mediocrity, doctrinal chaos, and even heresy that many say is shamelessly being put forward by top prelates in the Church.

    … Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea, Doctor at the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment in the ‘Victor Babes’ Clinic and President of the Romania Association of Catholic Doctors, sat down for an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews on Sunday where she discussed what she believes is a great new crisis faced by families worldwide because of the “terrible” crisis that she says is being deliberately orchestrated by highly placed and influential enemies within the Church bent on destroying not only her doctrine and her beautiful teaching, but ultimately the Church herself.

    … [Dr. Cernea:]There will also be this whole discussion over homosexuality. There is nothing negative in the way it is being presented. There is a quotation from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but it’s not complete. You don’t get the message that it is sinful and that homosexual acts are, in themselves, intrinsically evil.

    See the link for the article and video interview

  2. Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! Cultural Marxism and the Church Synod…
    analyze using your usual superior Vulcan logic!

    Spock: A fascinating case, Captain. We have come a long way from the Benedict Option of Alasdair MacIntyre in the short time of the Bergoglio pontificate. The synodal Gnosticism of the progressive modernist application of Cultural Marxism and Frankfurt School social theory to marriage and the family is just beginning.
    Perhaps you will recall that in “The Enemy Within” when the transporter malfunctioned in beaming you back from planet Alpha 177 that you were split into two, the good Captain Kirk and the amoral, evil Übermensch Captain Kirk, prone to anger, rage, and impulsive rapacious lust without the benefits of reason or self-control, assaulting Yeoman Janice Rand in a fit of unrestrained libido.

    Captain Kirk: Yes, I remember, Mister Spock. But what does that have to do with the Cultural Marxism and Frankfurt School theory at the Synod?

    Spock: The evil Übermensch Captain Kirk doppelgänger was at war with the good but indecisive Captain Kirk, the Dionysian and Apollonian halves of the human psyche wrestling with each other. Perhaps the new gradualism of the synodal Gnosticism is a way of gradually re-admitting sinful selves to church ministry in a manner similar to the way we reunited the two Captain Kirks when the transporter was repaired.

    Captain Kirk: I hadn’t thought of it that way before, Mister Spock.
    But you may have a point.

    Father Mulcahy, S.J. Plato and Freud were keen on dualistic conflict in the dialectic within the psyche. I remember that Father Copleston, Father Avery Dulles, and Father Miceli thought that Gnosticism could take many different forms in modernity. We had a conference on that at Fordham and…

    Captain Kirk: Are you saying that the angry and evil part of my inner psyche should be rehabilitated for church ministry?

    Spock: It may have talents and gifts which could be useful in ministry, Captain.

    Captain Kirk: Are you sure all of the parishioners want to see that?

    Professor Sartre had to think about this…
    The reconciliation of opposites between the good Captain Kirk and the angry, amoral, evil Übermensch Captain Kirk would still leave all of the issues of Cartesian dualism, alienation, self-estrangement in modernity unresolved…
    It may take a while for the new gradualism to find its footing…

    Professor Jürgen Habermas: I’m glad you brought that up…

    Reverend Neuhaus: Forgive me for interrupting again as pushy and aggressive professional Protestant converts sometimes do, but this discussion of the Synod and Cultural Marxism might be a good time to discuss the Naked Public Square in modernity and Professor Charles Taylor’s secularization theories…

  3. After this synod, perhaps the best thing to say is Kyrie Eleison

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