Mike Matt: Synod MUCH Worse than Expected

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One comment on “Mike Matt: Synod MUCH Worse than Expected

  1. This is just the first stage of synodal Gnosticism in the Bergoglio era of progressive modernism for the ever-evolving poltergeist Spirit of Vatican II. They are just getting started.

    This is a bad movie. The Shoes of the Fisherman meets the Kinsey Report.
    Kinsey, Gramsci and the Frankfurt School vs. Catholic moral theology. Hans Küng and Father Curran on steroids. Whatever happened to the Vatican II rhetoric about the new evangelization being more scriptural and biblical?

    Meanwhile, the parish bulletin of our local Novus Ordo parish is offering what it calls “workshops” on climate change and Laudato Si. Now there’s an area for divorced adulterers to become more active in church ministry. Polar bear outreach.

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